‘There Shall Be Signs’: Heavens & Earth Unhinging Before His Return

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:31 AM
January 17, 2013

      Among the several indications that man’s control of this world is ending, a few loom most overtly obvious.  This next series of blogs will cover these indicators and their relevance to the end of man’s reign on earth, including:

1)  Earth physically whirling out of shape and orbit; 2) Unending warfare and massive preparations for more wars; 3) Economic collapsing even among First World nations 4) Galloping rise of diseases and plagues;

5)  Erosion of morality in all societies and cultures; 6)  Break of man’s covenant with God to care for all non-human life; 7) Avoidance of Biblical prophecies and standards among pseudo-Christian churches; and 8) Signs in the earth, sun and moon as promised by Christ Jesus.

As for earth’s dangerous re-shaping:  A year ago, I wrote in earthend-newbeginning.com:  “Global Warming is in the process of dislodging both the shape and and orbit of Planet Earth.   In everything from rapidly melting glaciers at polar nodes; to several high-intensity level earthquakes; to the multiplying destruction of continuously violent storms, to extreme winds and other whacky weather––Mother Earth cries out in the pangs of coming apart.”

Scientists conclude melting polar ice caps, as well as increasing numbers of earthquakes and volcano eruptions, now push various areas around the planet into strange unshapely bulges.  In ‘Earth Bulging Around Center,’ Katharine Gammon adds: . . . Greenland and Antarctica were indeed the biggest contributors to the Earth’s growing spare tire, as the huge amount of water was pulled to the equator.”

This flattening planet affects its relationship with the moon, in turn affecting ocean tides.  Scientists now admit that just as Global Warming has caps also increased the validity of unprecedented storms such as Hurricane Sandy.

In ‘Did Climate Change Cause Hurricane Sandy?’ Mark Fischette writes:  “Scientists . . . are starting to . . . link climate change directly to intense storms and other extreme weather events, such as the warm 2012 winter in the eastern U.S. and the frigid one in Europe at the same time.

“Recent research by Charles Greene at Cornell University and other climate scientists has shown that as more Arctic sea ice melts in the summer—because of Global Warming—the NAO [North Atlantic Oscillation] is more likely  to be negative during the autumn and winter. A negative NAO makes the Jet Stream more likely to move in a big, wavy pattern across the U.S., Canada and the Atlantic, causing the kind of big southward dip that occurred during Sandy.”

Bible historical books warn man’s mis-shaping of earth initiates horrendous judgment from God’s infinite force:  “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (Genesis 1: 2).”  We must change and attack Global Warming.

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