‘There Shall Be Signs’: Unending Warfare and World Preparations for War

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:15 AM
January 18, 2013

    Flashes from various sources gives notice that significant end-time wars now break out in notable parts the world. While some of these conflicts seem recent, most are of long standing historical and Biblical importance.

Since many dictatorships in the Middle East have fallen in the last few years,  attention to the civil war in Syria is insufficient. Indeed the outcome of this battle may well usher in the reign of the Antichrist.  Indeed Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible digs deeply into historical Bible Books to establish Syria as main of four nations––including Iran, Iraq and Turkey––from which this evil one comes.

Further, esteemed Bible scholar Finis Dake, writes that World War III will be tri-continental to include the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.  And considering present conflicts afoot, his studies of Biblical prophecy is confirmed.

France’s attempt to drive Islamic rebels out of Mali in North Africa will soon be joined by Italy, Germany and other European nations.  Revelation 16: 12 speaks of a dry River Euphrates over which “the kings of the east” may enter these wars.

Thus, the die is cast: The French in Mali, Syria’s hot war with over 60,000 now dead, China and Japan continuing their World War II clashes over supposedly over valueless rock islands, and Germany’s drive of Europe into poverty that will lead to World War III.

China is obviously preparing for serious nuclear war.  According to the government-run ‘Global Times,’ China has reinforced its subway systems in order to “withstand a nuclear or poison gas attack.”

In reporting on China’s frankness in this regard, Extinction Protocol (EP) explores America’s response:  “A U.S. official said the disclosure of the subway’s capabilities to withstand attack is unusual since it highlights Beijing’s strategic nuclear modernization program, something normally kept secret from state-controlled media. The strategic nuclear buildup includes the expansion of offensive nuclear forces, missile defenses, and anti-satellite arms.”

EP adds that Russia is not only expanding its nuclear forces with new missiles and submarines, “it is also constructing some 5,000 underground bomb shelters in Russia’s capital in anticipation of a possible future nuclear conflict.”

China is also stockpiling tons of food, especially rice, to supplement its extensive military build up preparing for a Pacific war against Japan and other Asian nations.  Reuters News reports huge quantities of food in storage vaults as well as strange mounds of copper and other metals to be available for war use.

While the Bible does not speak of the United States as being a participant in what is to be the final world-wide conflict, France is already asking our assistance in Mali.  But, as we try to exit Middle East wars, our nation is in no mood to enter such catastrophic events.  Obviously, Christians must pray in these last days!

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