It’s Not Just About Schools, It’s About Guns: Planned Evils of U.S. Murders

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:42 PM
January 21, 2013

        A 15-year-old boy in New Mexico yesterday murdered his parents and three siblings with an AR 15 semi-automatic rifle and other loaded guns found in his father’s closet.  Further, the boy had planned to travel to the local Walmart and carry out more murders there, until a friend convinced him to talk first.

These murderous, violent rampages in our nation must stop.  These slaughters are not just about putting guards in schools.  They are not just about the National Rifle Association, or liberal or conservative politicians.  They are about guns––too many guns and killing weapons of war too easily accessible!

Nehemiah Griego took loaded rifles and guns from his father’s closet and killed: his father, Greg Griego, age 51; his mother, Sara Griego, 40; his brother, Zephania, 9; another brother Jael Griego, 5; and his sister Angelina Griego, 2.

In combined reports from Reuters, Associated Press (AP) and KOB-TV in New Mexico, NBC News writes:  “Police found multiple weapons, including an AR-15 style semiautomatic rifle, near the scene of the shooting . . . The victims all had multiple gunshot wounds, and there appeared to be multiple weapons, including an assault-type weapon,” Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department deputy Aaron Williamson said.”

Albuquerque station KRQE-TV adds that––like Adam Lanza, the Newtown killer–– Nehemiah waited for his mother to fall asleep.  AP writes says that the teen was annoyed with his mother.  At about one in the morning, he crept into his parents closet taking at least the AR-15 rifle and a .22 caliber pistol and killed her.  Later he confessed taking a picture of his dead mother to his girl friend.

When Zephania, sleeping beside his mother, woke up, his brother filled him with several bullets as well, and as the other kids ran into the room he killed them too.  Pat Vasquez-Cunningham of the Associated Press writes that the father, Greg, did not come home until 6 a.m. at which time his son killed him with his own murderous Army killing machine, the father kept openly stacked in a closet.

Like the Newtown killer,  Nehemiah Griego was home schooled. But, in contrast, this most recent murderer was not permitted to play video games, or even watch violent television shows.  However, he did walk the roads in army fatigues, and according to Cunningham, had long fantasized about murder/suicides.

No.  Its not just about guards at schools, or video games, or movies, etc.  Its about the forces of evil, and extremely negligent people who keep loaded guns in unlocked places so that troubled people––under the influence of these evil forces––can get to those weapons and kill with ease!  It should not be so.

These evil forces could be conquered if true churches would spend more time praying in battle against them.  But even if not, common sense about guns would help.  Christians must wake up to these evil forces. Historical Books of the  Old Testament instructs us in fighting against evil to pray mightily (Psalm 35, 91, etc. and Revelation 12: 11 and 15: 2, etc. in the New Testament).

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