Difficult Divorce: Vatican Curia, Italian Culture, Mafia and The Pope

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:53 AM
March 12, 2013

    Divorce is always difficult, but in some cases it is impossible.  Before his ‘retirement,’ Pope Benedict appointed new money-laundering experts to ‘cleanse’ the Vatican Bank.  Now others suggest that the Curia––the central hub that runs Vatican affairs, including its bank––should be ‘de-Italianized.’

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith tells The Catholic Herald.co.uk that the solution to Vatican banking intrigues is to “internationalize” the Curia––i.e. appoint other than Italian clergymen.  Of course, Italians greatly resist such thinking as heretical.

“It will take a mightily strong Pope to achieve what Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI all hoped but in the end failed to achieve. If change comes, these are the early signs to look out for: first of all, a non-Italian, even non-European Pope, . . .  appointment of new officials will bring with them . . . a new way of doing things, which will reflect that Italy is no longer the centre of the world, . . .”

The Vatican Bank has been suspected of Mafia ties for almost a century.  The Mafia Today writes that this bank,” . . .  the Institute for Works of Religion (the IOR), acquired a sulphurous reputation in the 1970s when its American head, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, went into business first with Michele Sindona, a Cosa Nostra-linked financier who would end up convicted of bankruptcy and murder, and then Roberto Calvi, who would be found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London following the fraudulent collapse of his Banco Ambrosiano.

“But the bank’s reputation for skulduggery goes back further, almost to its inception in 1942. According to American intelligence documents . . .  a group of leading Italian industrialists met in Turin in 1945 to discuss how to conduct the forthcoming war against communism in Italy.  One of their first moves was to deposit a large sum . . . presumably in the newly-founded Vatican Bank.”

Apparently, the Vatican Bank produces funds necessary to keep the whole place running:  “ . . .  the secrecy of the IOR’s 35,000 accounts, $7.5 billion in assets and the $55 million a year the banking business produces for the church.”

According to ‘capo’ of Mafia Today in ‘Dirty Money, Dirtier Tricks,’ last March, even the “U.S. State Department, for the first time, included the Vatican in the list of states deemed to be ‘vulnerable’ to money laundering operations.”

Secret, deemed shady, bank dealings; suspicious deaths of past Vatican bank officials; and strong resistance to open strangely-kept bookkeeping––all lead to suspicions of Mafia involvement in Vatican financial affairs.

Author ‘capo’ writes:  “The reason for its “vulnerability” stems from the fact that it is recognized in international law as an independent state: money, therefore, can be freely moved abroad, side-stepping Italian regulations.”

In some extreme divorce cases, parties would rather destroy all their holdings––i.e. burn the ‘house’ down––before sharing wealth and power.  Cultural studies war history indicates such possible endings for rejected divorces. Certainly, such is that Great Divorce the prophet depicts in Revelation 17 and 18.

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