U.S. and Its ‘Enemies’ Getting Ready For World War Three––Now? Pt. 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:14 AM
March 25, 2013

The U.S response to North Korea’s rants gives China fear that our nation is circling that giant land instead of the puny half of Korea. ‘Aggrieved’ Chinese leaders insist that America work to solve nuclear proliferation through diplomacy.

But as the American Forces Press Service (AFPS) responds in ‘In Japan, Carter and Eto Discuss Common Issues,’ those are lofty-sounding platitudes but last month North Korea conducted its third nuclear test.

“And last April, “North Korea displayed what looked to be a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile and in December launched a Taepodong-2 missile that put a satellite into orbit. Such exploits demonstrate North Korean progress in developing long-range missile technology.”  Such weapons could reach California!

To answer North Korea’s aggression, strategic-culture.org writes in ‘US Missile Plans Against North Korea Target China:’  “ . . . the U.S. is pivoting concentration of its imperial agenda to the Asia Pacific region, [and] the U.S. has now announced it will strengthen its missile systems in Alaska, increasing its capacity significantly by near 50 percent . . .”

While China joined the United Nations in censoring N. K., its spokesmen avow China is N.K.‘s closest ally.  What did they think the U.S. would do. Reuters says in ‘China Criticizes U.S. Anti-Missile North Korea Plan,’ that “China has expressed unease at previous U.S. plans for missile defense systems, as well as sales of such systems to Taiwan and Japan, viewing it as part of an attempt to ‘encircle’ and contain China despite U.S. efforts to ease Chinese fears.

“China has responded by developing an anti-missile system of its own, announcing the latest successful test in January.”  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei claims:

“Actions such as strengthening anti-missile (defenses) will intensify antagonism and will not be beneficial to finding a solution for the problem.  China hopes the relevant country will proceed on the basis of peace and stability, adopt a responsible attitude and act prudently.”

The LORD Jesus says that evidence His coming includes, “ . . . ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24: 6).”  But is what we are watching now just a rumor, or is the U.S. getting ready for nuclear war against what list of enemies and semi-enemies: North Korea, Iran, Iraq, China, Syria, Russia, etc.?

And where do our ‘sometime’ allies––i.e. Germany and the rest of the nations in the European Union, South Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan, Turkey––stand? Talk abounds that Iran is building a strategic war-ready relationship with Venezuela.  Which Latin American and African nations stand with us?

Those thinking World War III will only involve a few ‘major’ nations should review Axis and allies history world war, for nothing is less true.  Prayer and faith must accompany defensive war preparations, for billions of lives are at stake.

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