No One Wants to Be Nazi––Ignore the Past to Navigate the Future Pt 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:21 PM
May 24, 2013

Communism-with-NazismRussian pundits and politicians squirm all up in arms because scholars are equating Communism with Nazism.  And now Germans express uproars because a new book reveals that more post-World War II politicians, scholars and industrial leaders were Nazis than anyone ever imaged––or at least talked about in public!

After illustrating such Russian jokes as Jews made into lampshades as not proving anti-Semitism, in ‘Are Totalitarianisms Like Snowflakes?,’ Masha Gessen aligns the joke with another Russian excuse:  “Just because both Nazism and Soviet Communism were totalitarian regimes does not mean they are comparable.”

Citing Russian positions, Gessen adds:  “Such arguments, counterarguments and variations of them have dominated Russian blogs, social networks and some of the traditional media for the last week. Nothing ignites a storm in Russia like suggesting a moral equivalence between the Soviets and the Nazis.”

The ruckus started when Leonid Gozman, a political liberal, assessed a television show presenting ‘Smersh,‘ (translated ‘death to spies’) Stalin’s counterintelligence agency, as honorable.  Yet Gozman writes “the officers of Smersh were just as criminal as the S.S.” But while Russia glorifies its S.S., Gozman explains, today Germans are still ashamed of the Nazi identity.

Speaking for the Kremlin, Sergei Markov tries to discredit Gozman’s point: “Sure, Nazism and Soviet Communism are two kinds of totalitarianism.”  But he argues, while they “chose inappropriate, inhumane means, Communists were attempting to build a humane society. Nazis set inhumane goals from the start.”

Well, yes and no.  Yes, most Germans avoid the nation’s Nazi past, but not all.  Some celebrate it, and yearn for its return.  Simultaneously, according to a recent controversial book, most Germans hide their family’s Nazi past.

Malte Herwig, a Suddeutsche Zeitung magazine reporter, has researched information for his book, ‘Die Flakhelfer,’ which Die-Flakhelfer-bookhit the bookstores in Germany last week.  In ‘New Book Reveals Postwar Germany’s Nazi Party Ties Cover-Up,’ Liesl Schillinger reviews Herwig’s work:

“A new German book reveals that prominent postwar German leaders hid their Nazi past with the acquiescence of the U.S. government.  Malte Herwig talks about his hunt to reveal the truth—and why so many Germans never owned up to their Nazi Party membership.”

Schillinger cites the author’s views:  “ . . .for half a century, the German leadership sought to suppress the names of prominent citizens who were Nazi Party members . . . while pretending to seek them, and while simultaneously pursuing the . . . process of coming to terms with Germany’s grievous history.”

However, as Bible historical books point out, God knows the total truth.  Thus, one of the ‘I Am’ Names for The LORD Jesus Christ is:  “I Am The Way, The Truth, and The Life . . .” All other nations must understand the last part of that verse, “. . . “no man cometh unto The Father, but by Me (John 14: 6).”

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