Worlds Fall Apart: Syria, Turkey, Brazil & Gasp! No Olympics? Pt. 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 14:14 PM
June 21, 2013

The-Brazilian-Revolution-2013        Multi-nation wars in the Middle East bespeak the unraveling of any peace agreements, as upheavals in Brazil threaten the collapse of ‘usual’ world expectations.  No one mentions it, but that nation may cancel both the World Cup and the Olympics! Does it all mean civilization as we know it is over?  Yes!

People in Brazil and Turkey, for two, can’t take any more of sly governments pushing them into poverty with grandiose ideas of moving up in world esteem.  Turkey threatens to use its armies against its people, while Brazil’s police crack down so heavily on protesters, you would think that force is an army.

What is this all about?  To paraphrase a line from Star Trek:  “The needs of the many out-weigh the wants of a few.”  Or, how about ‘governments have left the citizens they are suppose to be governing’?

And the U.S.?  I.B. Wells writes in our sister cite that 87% of economists predict this nation’s Stock Market will crash next week.  Do you mean the money boys can’t live it up forever, while Main Street, and its alleyways, collapse further into poverty and neglect, as ‘liberal’ politicians vote to cut food stamps.

Think I’m wrong?  Read Jenny Barchfield’s Associated Press article ‘Brazil Leaders to Meet as Protests, Violence Grow:’  “Police and protesters fought in the streets into the early hours Friday as an estimated 1 million Brazilians swarmed through more than 80 Brazilian cities in the biggest demonstrations yet against a government viewed as corrupt at all levels and unresponsive to its people.”

A million people is a huge number to ignore!  “People in the protests have held up signs asking for everything from Brazil-people-protestingeducation reforms to free bus fares while denouncing the billions of public dollars spent on stadiums in advance of the World Cup and the Olympics.”  One girl cries out:  “We pay a lot of money in taxes, for electricity, for services, and we want to know where that money is.”

And I guarantee you those leaders meeting in Brazil are more concerned with rantings from World Cup and Olympic organizer––“You guys better keep it together please!  We’ve got games to play there!”––than about those protesters.

That’s the problem: ‘games’!  World leaders seem to be asleep at the WWIII switch.  Or are they fiddling like Nero while their nations burn?  The crescendo’s about to upchuck on the sports parades, because the whole game is almost over.

As Apostle Peter wrote in historical Bible books: “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer (1 Peter 4: 7).” Anybody truly praying yet in Brazil, in Syria, in Turkey, in the United States?

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