Welcomes for New Pope––Vatican Bank, Child Rape Cases, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:55 AM
July 31, 2013

Protestors-against-Catholic-Church    In addition to the latest Vatican Bank scandals, and the U.N.’s move against child molesters in the Catholic Church, is U.S. Cardinal Dolan’s admission of hiding millions in church funds to ‘protect’ it from child victims––and, by the way, it is joined by the new Pope’s position on homosexuals serving as Catholic priests.

Of course, it is well known that during his trip to Brazil this week, Pope Francis seemed to sanction homosexuality with his words:  “Who am I to judge?”
While most news releases do not indicate if the Pope mentioned sexual relations among priests, Rachel Donadio of The New York Times points out:

“Vatican experts were quick to point out that Francis was not suggesting that the priests or anyone else should act on their homosexual tendencies, which the church considers a sin.”  She also writes:  “. . .  bishops are divided over whether to accept priests who are gay but celibate.”  Question:  How would they know?

Also questions for the new Pope:  Are priest no longer required to be celibate?  The primary dictionary definition of celibacy is:  “Abstinence from sexual intercourse, especially by reason of religious vows.” So is he saying that priest can be homosexual with ‘adult’ men without sexual intercourse? Or what?

Donadio and other reporters contrasts Pope Francis’ position with that of Benedict, his predecessor, still residing in the Vatican as a lauded ‘ex-pope,’ who said that men with homosexual tendencies should not seek the priesthood.

Reporters also mention the underlying reason for the Pope’s visit to Brazil:  With 123 million members, Brazil once had brazil-pope-world-youth-day-2-630x420more Catholics than any nation in the world, but Evangelicals there have made significant inroads into that number.

In other news on the homosexual front in the Catholic Church, there is no public response to demands from the United Nations. However, while he had denied hiding church funds to keep money away from victims of priests’ sexual abuse, it was revealed this month that Cardinal Timothy Dolan had hidden $57 million in church funds in a trust to keep it from abuse victims.

Jon Swaine of The Daily Telegraph reports:  “Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, told Vatican officials in a 2007 letter that the transfer offered “improved protection of these funds from any legal claim.”     The letter was part of 6000 documents released showing ‘substantiated’ allegations against Milwaukee priest going back some 80 years.

John L. Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter’s Vatican expert, says Francis erases images of the papacy:  Francis has “completely changed the narrative about the church.” Donadio adds: “Benedict’s papacy had been marked by scandals—a sexual abuse scandal, a leaks scandal and trouble with the secretive Vatican Bank.”   Someone should tell Allen and Francis those images have not gone away!

Those inviting The LORD Jesus Christ into their hearts as Savior must adhere to His Words in Bible historical books:  “I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life, no man cometh unto The Father but by Me (John 14:6).”  No mediator is necessary––not priest or pastor. It is solely a relationship between you and Jesus!

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