Doomsday Realities: Wars, Bombs, Robots––Warnings of the Beast

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:35 AM
August 17, 2013

DOOMSDAY2        At the end of 2012, because of the Mayan prophecies and other world-wide notices, several prognosticators presented theories on what people will experience on Dooms Day.  Unfortunately all of those possibilities seem only too possible.

For instance, summarizes theories about Dooms Day.  They include credible scenarios that people face in this post-modern, post-industrial age, i.e.:  Financial Collapse, EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) Attack, World War III, Disease Pandemics, Natural Disasters, Meteor Strike, Food Supply Disruption, Zombies, and Nuclear Fallout.

Finance scholars write daily that collapse is possible considering economic weaknesses in both Europe and China.  An EMP Attack means complete disruption of all electrical power, which would mean the end of  developed civilization.

This blog, as well as its sister, warns constantly about the nearing of World War III, viewing especially factors in Europe, the Middle East and China. Our sister blog especially zeros in on coming pandemics that may take out millions of people at one time.

Again, our sister blog provides constant information on natural disasters and possible disruptions of food supplies, as well as spiraling food costs that especially affect the poor.  Scientists, along with military and space personnel work to develop defenses against meteor strikes.  It seems by ‘zombies,’ Simply Hike refers to alien beings.  And of course Japan provides ample lessons about nuclear fallout.

AFP News and Terra quotes the International Energy Agency at the end of 2011 that the ‘World Has Five Years to Avoid Severe Warming.’ Thus by 2017, IEA says catastrophic climate change will be irreversible.

Number five in Andrew Handley’s list, ‘10 Doomsday Predictions Beyond 2012,’ adds ‘The Robopocalypse’:  “Bill Joy, 4killer robot VoR 2who co-founded Sun Microsystems writes . . . technology is evolving so fast that it will eventually overtake human evolution and bring about the extinction of our society. Specifically, he believed that in about 30 years robotics would reach an intelligence level that would be sufficient to allow it to operate without us, rendering humans obsolete.”

What’s the point of these rehearsals you ask?  Our Planet Earth, this world’s complex systems, and various mad men, who want to destroy everything on the planet, are not slowing down. While doing everything possible to avoid such events, each person must get ready for time’s consequences: eternity.

And that preparation is through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  It may sound altogether too simplistic for this complex age, but God’s Word has been True from the beginning of time:  “ . . . from eternity to eternity Thou Art God!”

Mark 1: 3 reads in historical Bible Books:  “ . . . prepare ye the way of The LORD, make His paths straight.”  In other words, make it easy:  Confess your sins before Him.  Ask for forgiveness.  Then ask Him to come into your heart and life!

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