Chemical, Biological Weapons and Syria: Get Ready for World War III

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 2:04 AM
September 1, 2013

chemical-warfare       The next world war will not be fought with nuclear weapons.  Land scorched by nuclear bombardments lies useless for centuries––not live-able or arable.  And the ‘mega-gazillionaires’ who plan to depopulate the earth so they can rule it alone ––with a few remaining as the servant/slave class––want to preserve all the earth.

Thus, they will have to use weapons capable of killing millions, yet leaving land masses as much in tact as possible.  Of course non-nuclear bombs and other conventional warfare will be used.  But the most effective arsenal will probably be chemical and biological disbursements capable of killing millions at a time.

The use of chemical weapons in Syria allows ‘antagonists’ to gauge world reaction to their horrors. Barry R. Schneider in ‘Biological Weapons in the World Wars,’ explains that, after World War II, world leaders attempted to solve the problem in the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) in 1972:

“Of the more than 190 members of the United Nations, only a dozen or so are strongly suspected of having ongoing biological weapons programs. However, such programs can be easily hidden and disguised as vaccine plants and benign pharmaceutical production centers.”

However, Schneider points out, “a small . . . state might successfully embark on a biological warfare program with a small capital investment. . .. In fact, a biological weapons program might also be within the technical and financial reach of a terrorist organization. In summary, the degree of biological weapons proliferation is highly uncertain, difficult to detect, and difficult to quantify.”

He says further that Al-Qaeda operated an anthrax laboratory in Afghanistan before they were over-run by U.S. and IraqMobileProductionFacilitiesAlliance forces in 2001-02.  And in the U.S. five people were killed and 22 other hospitalized through Anthrax-laden letters.

Of course massive amounts of chemical and biological weaponry would overwhelm medical facilities.  Even now around the world such organizations as Doctors without Borders fight to hold back deaths on massive scales.

Other chemical and biological weapons available for use in WWIII include: the Plague, Lyme disease, Yellow Fever, Agent Orange, Smallpox, Ricin, Vesicants (i.e. Mustard Gas), Smallpox, Viral Fevers, Nerve and Incapacitating Agents, etc.

There is no easy call about what to do about Syria.  Peaceful nations are tired of war, but the world marches steadily towards WWIII anyway.  So some risks may have to be taken in hopes of forestalling that War.

As Axis and Allies history world war repeatedly illustrates now is not only the time for military preparedness, and astute diplomacy, but for the sincere ‘kneeology’ of Christian prayer.  Apostle James instructs:  “ . . . The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (5: 16).”

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