Hitlerian Control: Endless EU Austerity, Increased Police Presence

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:10 PM
November 22, 2013

greece-protests_1921392cJust as oppressive bureaucratic rules smack of neo-Nazi fascism, ceaseless clampdowns of economic austerity pushing European nations into unwanted tight fiscal controls, along with new police omni-presence––do the same.  These patterns mimic Hitler’s steps toward World War II.  They also lead to WWIII.

As Marshall Auerback writes in his study ‘. . . Europe’s Rising Neo-Fascism . . .’: “Bringing countries together in the European Union was supposed to make violent nationalist conflict a thing of the past. Member countries were supposed to prosper economically. But now countries like Greece and Spain are fracturing politically and falling into a downward economic spiral.”

Auerback explains that as Europeans went about their everyday lives they took little notice of increasing regulations coming out of Brussels, only finding them “annoying and occasionally inconvenient.”  But then the 2008 Recession hit.

Austerity wrecked havoc on Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal, and gave the ‘non-elected’ International Monetary austerity-2Fund and European Central Bank justification to establish arbitrary fiscal rules.  “So highly paid unelected bureaucrats in Brussels pull magic numbers out of the air, and then policy makers use them to call for nations to cut welfare, wages, jobs and the like.”

When those hard rules came down on populations, riots broke out in hard-hit countries, while an openly Nazi candidate in France won a large portion of the French vote.  As Auerback explains, instead of the euro ‘dollar’ being a unifying force, as was promised, it became a wedge for rebellion within member nations.

Moreover, new Nazi parties now rise up all over Europe:  Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, etc.  In these and other EU nations, strong Nazi roots and WWII survivors have trained the next generation.

Also, Samuel Blackstone writes in ‘For The First Time Since World War 2, Germany’s Military Is Authorized To Deploy Armed Troops On The Street:’
“At the end of World War II, Germany’s military was reduced to almost nothing. . . German troops could not be deployed with guns on German soil. Now that has changed, albeit to a very small degree.” Just like the other clues, one step at a time!

Ah yes.  The excuses;  “The decision to deploy the troops must be made by the federal government and public demonstrations do not apply.  In the minds of the judges during this decision was the possibility of a large scale public terrorist attack with the capability of inflicting mass casualties.”

Auerback also posits that unless the American people take stronger stands for freedom, democracy, and economic equality, the same slow economic growth and ‘hidden’ Hitlerian controls can also erupt in the United States.

Americans must increase vigilant prayer asking God to protect the nation from such savage trickery, and to bless its good and faithful rulers and its future.  As Bible Historical Books predict:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish: . . . (Proverbs 29: 18).”  The same can be said where there is little prayer!

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