Be Aware of These Times: More Goes On Than Most Comprehend!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:15 AM
December 24, 2013

Earth-end-2012-movie        Followers of this BLOG, as well as, should be aware that our writers stress research on a few main areas that not only signal World War III, but also other end-time events foreseen in Biblical prophecies.

These areas include:  1) Global Warming as destroyer of earth, including human beings and animals; 2) The European Union and the Roman Catholic Church as revival of the Roman Empire; 3) Syria, Greece, Egypt and Turkey, as re-emergence of Alexander’s Empire; 4) Realignment of nations such as China, North Korea, Israel, the United States, etc.; and 5) Continuation of, and reparation for, all types of wars––i.e. economic, propaganda, political, cultural, in-space, etc.

Media presents these conundrums as if people and nature were the only participants. However, the Bible’s foretelling depict them with God either watching, tangentially involved, or as the Main Character.

Why would God be just A Watcher?  Because He gave this earth to Adam and His descendants to rule for a limited period of time––i.e. some 7,000 years.  However, Adam chose to give the power to rule earth over to the seducer, Satan.

Even under these circumstances, a few patriarchs––i.e. Noah, Enoch, Moses, David, Isaiah, etc.–– consciously decided to follow God instead of that devil. Some 2,000 years ago God sent His Son to allow those people who accept Him as Savior to step out from under evil’s domination and look to God as Protector and Provider.

Several times, both before and after Adam and Eve, God had enough of man’s sinfulness and weaknesses and completely destroyed the earth as men knew it.  As early as Genesis 1: 1 – 2, God upended the very perfect earth He had made, turning it into a planet “without form and void.”

Before the earth was divided into continents, men so yearned to worship Satan and to reach him, his angels, and demons among the stars that they built a city, Babylon, centered around a tower to reach into the stars (Genesis 10 and 11). Knowing they were in direct disobedience to God’s will they hurried in construction because they feared they would be scattered around the globe.

At that time, millions of people spoke one language, and practiced one completely moral-less pagan Earth-After-Pole-Shiftreligion––known today as Hellenism.  Again, to stop such rebellion, God:  1) Put confusion among them, changing languages so one could not understand another; 2) Used massive upheavals of waters beneath the earth to create seas and oceans, and thus divide the earth into continents; and 3) Fulfilled their fears by separating them into far-flung regions everywhere.

One concept of this phenomenon could be what we know today as a Polar Shift––a natural event caused by Global Warming that many earth-scientists, cosmologists and other fear today.  Major signals for that Shift are the rapidly melting Arctic and Antarctic Poles, as well as other iced mountain regions.

John White’s thorough study of this issue in his book ‘Pole Shift’ sites more than a dozen references from Bible historical books to prove that earth comes nears such judgments now.  Man’s propensity to sin, his meddling among the stars, and collective practices of pagan Hellenism calls for such judgment.  So we must add that as Number Six to the above warnings of coming end-time judgments.

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