Russia Interferes Again: Ukraine, Now An Unstable Nation, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 6:00 AM
February 20, 2014

Fierce-Fighting-Ukraine        According to one medic working among the dead and wounded in Ukraine’s near-civil war, 70 to 100 protestors and some policemen have been killed, and hundreds are injured. Such violence upsets leaders in the U.S.and the E.U.

One of the best summaries of Ukraine’s uprising is from The Guardian’s Ian Traynor: “Three months of confrontation in Ukraine between the president and a large protest movement reached its peak on Tuesday night in the worst bloodshed since the country separated from Moscow more than two decades ago.”

One of the opposition leaders, Vitali Klitschko, once the world heavyweight boxing champion, said of last night’s violence:  “The government has deliberately organized a provocation to clear Independence Square with blood and violence and to destroy the protests and the activists.”

Representatives from Poland, France and Germany are in the troubled battle zone working to negotiate a settlement. The President and Vice President of the United States have told Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s President, that his government bears “special responsibility to de-escalate the situation.”

Of course, Russian President Putin resents such ‘outside’ influence. Speaking for Putin, Dmitry Peskov says Ukraine protests is a ‘coup attempt.’  “What’s going on is the direct result of the policy of connivance on behalf of Western politicians and European structures . . . encouraging them to engage in escalation and provocations against the legitimate government.”

The West isn’t buying such twisted logic.  Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt expresses:  “We must be clear: Ultimate responsibility for deaths and violence is with President Yanukovych. He has blood on his hands.”

While some of them gather to pay respects to their dead fellow protestors lying covered with sheets on rocky Paying-respect-dead-protestorsstreets, others have captured 67 police officials because they do not believe Yanukovych’s rhetoric about a truce. Supporting that distrust are snipers firing at protestors from roof tops.

The mayor of Kiev (capitol city of the major disruption), Volodymyr Makeyenko, has resigned from Yanukovych’s party, and insists the city is independent that that government:  “We must be guided only by the interests of the people, this is our only chance to save people’s lives.”  Around the country, at various military bases, soldiers are surrendering to protestors without violence.

This confirms Yanukovych’s greatest fear that military members will not fight against citizens, even if he ordered them to attack fellow Ukrainians.  Two of Ukraine’s athletes have left Sochi Olympics in solidarity with protestors, saying:

“As a protest against lawless actions made toward protesters, the lack of responsibility from the side of the president and his lackey government, we refuse further performance at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Game.”

Of course, this blog site avers Ukraine’s uprising is part of the end times.  Note that Russia is the chief agitator in Ukraine, just as he is murderous Syria’s major supporter.  While Putin may not be the ruler ‘Gog’ of Ezekiel 38, as some Bible scholars insist, he nonetheless aligns himself with that evil ruler.’s traits.

Yet as Dake’s writes in his Annotated References on Bible historical Books: “Many teach that Russia is the king of the north in Daniel 11. [But] Antichrist will conquer. . . countries and become the ruler of Russia by conquest, not by being a native of Russian.”  So at best, Putin is just a ‘dry run’ of the last evil one!

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