Hidden Problems Behind Russia’s Aggression: Refugees & Taxes

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:15 PM
August 7, 2014

snapshot459-Refugees-Lugansk    While Russia’s president Putin has flooded East Ukraine with soldiers and arms, his nation has also been flooded with the refugees he created with that war, and, naturally, he expects his countrymen to pay the tab for these excesses.

It has always been suspected that one of the reasons Russia took Crimea by force and now threatens to do the same in East Ukraine is to increase the shrinking  size of the Russian population. While major media pays scant attention, through thousands of refugees spilling into Russia, Putin has accomplished that goal.

Writing for AFP News Service, Maxime Popov and Olga Rotenberg claim: “Russia is struggling with a flood of refugees as more than half a million flee the fighting in eastern Ukraine and it seems many are increasingly likely to stay.

“Widely viewed by the West as having fomented the conflict by providing support to pro-Russian separatists . . . Russia now faces the growing challenge of caring for the refugees.” Konstantin Romodanovsky, Russia’s migration head adds: “Since April 1, over 515,000 people have arrived from southeastern Ukraine.”

Although they have constructed about 400 refugee camps to house the newcomers, financial and bureaucratic burdens to deal with the influx has become troublesome, and officials fear that when winter comes, things will only get worse.

Russia’s propaganda agency ITAR-TASS claims the “Russia’s Federal Migration Service says displaced persons fromimigranti_b Ukraine now in Russia number almost two million.” Andrei Zalensky, from region emergencies ministry adds:
“People will have four meals a day and we’ll help them find a job.”

But some rich and middle-class may Russians wonder: “Whose going to pay for that?”  Lidia Kelly of Reuters answers in ‘Russia May Ask Rich to Help Foot Bill for Crimea with ‘Solidarity Tax’–– “you will of course!”

Reporting from Moscow, Kelly explains:  “Deputies from the State Duma lower house of parliament, which is dominated by backers of President Vladimir Putin, have drawn up a draft law that would increase income tax for people earning more than more than 1 million rubles ($28,700) a month.

“It would affect less than 2 percent of the working population but the amounts could be huge for some individuals because the daft proposes they pay up to 30 percent of their earnings compared to the current flat rate of 13 percent.”

Putin’s puppets posit the funds are also needed to support Russia’s ‘new territories,’ by which they mean Crimea. Kelly says further: “The need to help support Crimea’s economy and its 2.3 million population has put a new strain on Russia’s federal budget at a time when the country is sliding towards recession.
Some state employees say they have already been asked to donate a day’s pay to help Crime––a demand some have balked at.”

Ahh, in pure Putin style, this is all so mindful of the old Soviet Communist days when czars would relocate Russians by the millions whenever and to wherever they wished.  Second ahh, as King Solomon––another king who knew how to ruin a country––said in historical Books of The Old Testament: “ . . . there is no new thing under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1: 9).”

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