‘Redeeming’ Failed History: In Putin’s Mind, He Has No Choice

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:53 AM
October 13, 2014

countries_europe_map    One leg of the new Axis enemies the United States faces in World War III is Russia and the determination of its leaders––particularly Vladimir Putin––to re-establish domination of nations in the old Soviet world.  Such fantasies of a mad man hell-bent on taking back failed history inevitably lead to another world war.

Putin is surrounded.  He cannot expand further to the North or East because he cannot take on China, his comrade in Communist arms. Thus, if he is to get back the ‘Mother Russia’ of the Soviet years, he must re-take all those states which escaped from Russia’s grasp at the fall of Communism.

One of Putin’s biggest problem is that the European Union has done what Soviet Communism failed to do––that is most of the countries Putin would like to reintegrate into Russian domination have joined the European Union of their own free will, not by force or coercion.  And most of them are under the military protection of NATO––i.e. in the safe haven of the United States––as well.

Now these countries prosper, much more than if they had remained without economic partnerships.  This is the argument of Ukrainian people: They wanted the same prosperity as their neighbors in the EU, and Russia’s economic strangling prevented such prosperity.  The only way Putin can possibly fulfill his domination fantasy is to get these nations back through war, starting with Ukraine.

In his mind they all belong to Russia.  And unfortunately, driven by Putin’s determination to take back these nations, most Russians in his native land are goose stepping with him into World War III.

Of course, if Communism had not insisted on its irreligious godless identity of making the ‘state’ its god, Russian leaders may have unified these nations through the Russian Orthodox Church. But it did not. In fact, some say the soul of the Russian Church itself did not even survive the Communist years.

Germany, EU’s head and brain-child, has no arms to speak of.  It is solely head of an economic power. Its only military strength is through NATO.  And NATO’s real muscular strength is the United States. which is why Putin takes practice ‘nuke’ runs on both American shores: EU and NATO, box Putin in.

These post-Soviet nations know what Putin wants.  Ask leaders in Estonia. Two days after the U.S. President visited SovietArmyEstonia, Russian guards illegally crossed Estonia’s border, kidnapped a security official and accused him of spying. After all, doesn’t Estonia know that it ‘belongs’ to Russia?

Ask Polish leaders who radically push the EU for greater economic sanctions against Russia, particularly Putin’s billionaire oligarchs.  Or ask Lithuanian officials who now scramble to increase their military budgets because they know war is coming. In fact, ask any ex-Soviet nation, because they know.

However, an inherent problem is that American people––particularly its Christian population––apparently do not grasp just how close World War III is. (In fact, some analysts fear, it has already begun).

In his desire to get back failed history, Putin drinks of evil’s insanity. Only God’s omnipotent power, evoked through strong faith-filled prayers can hold back such evil. As The LORD told Isaiah in Bible historical books:  “ . . . watch in the watchtower . . . anoint the shield . . . set a watchman [to] declare what he seeth (21: 5 – 6).” Watchmen may declare, but the people must believe it and act upon it.

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