The Shame and Threat of Europe: Neo-Nazis in Estonia and Elsewhere

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:13 AM
August 23, 2012

       Rising Nazism in Estonia brings the European Union one of its greatest problems in international relations with Russia, and other nations that warily wonder why the EU is so tolerant of neo-Nazi activities.  Like Estonia, many pro-Nazi nations––i.e. Latvia, Ukraine, Baltic States––were once ruled by Russia.

Not only do Estonian officials support neo-Nazi holiday rallies, they celebrate the Estonian 20th Waffen-SS division, raise monuments and rename streets for national Nazi heroes, arrest any who oppose these events, and ban non-Estonian anti-fascists from these rallies, and even from entering the country.

Although Russia asks the EU repeatedly to intervene with Estonia and other EU members carrying out such practices, EU officials generally have no comment about these obvious signs of rising neo-Nazism in their midst.

However, during these rallies and other events, Russia seethes because they insult the 20 million Russians whom Nazis killed during World War II.  On the other hand, Russia refuses to admit that there is another side to this history.

Russia is so incensed over Estonia’s continual glorification of Nazism that it sponsored a bill that passed in the United Nations against such practice.  Itar-Tass reports:  “The document states that any attempts to revise the history [of] war, the Nuremberg decisions and to whitewash former Nazis must be considered as violations of the UN Charter and the principles on which it was established.”

The UN document reads that neo-Nazism fuels “racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.”  But while 120 nation states approved the Resolution, 31 members abstained and 22 countries––including the Baltic states––voted against it.  Thus, nearly 50% of UN nations voted ‘No’!

Estonia and other post-Soviet nations also hold much against Russia.  The explains:  “Some Estonians . . . look upon the German army as liberators and the 20th Estonian SS division as freedom fighters . . the Soviet Union occupied Estonia in 1940 until the Germans invaded in 1941. . . During that occupation, tens of thousands of Estonians were deported to Siberia or summarily executed, Stalinist ‘destruction battalions’ terrorized the countryside.”

That blog concludes:  “This is the morally ambiguous landscape that has fueled the growth of the Neo-Nazi movement during the last 20 years in the Baltic states and is now spreading throughout Europe.”

However, the world is running out of time to untangle this ‘landscape.”  Unless men and nations turn toward forgiveness and reconciliation, whatever battles were won or lost in WWII, will only be fought again in World War III––and not just with guns, but with nuclear weapons, germ warfare and unseen alien forces!

Mankind only has one enemy, and that is the devil––Mr. Evil himself.  Whether he used Russian soldiers or Germany Nazis to “kill, steal, and destroy” as John 10: 10 in Bible historical books says––the author of death was still calling the shots.  All nations must resist Satan’s plan to kill billions more in World War III.

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