Nazism’s Ancient Evils: UFOs, Hitler’s gods & The Underworld, Pt. 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:58 PM
September 25, 2012

    Upon exploring symbols sported by Nazis and neo-Nazis one soon finds that they serve some sort of ancient gods or spiritual beings not recognized by the Christian world.  Scholars have traced Hitler’s connection with Asian and Middle Eastern occult religions, and authenticated his fascination with underworld gods.’s ‘The Nazi-UFO Connection,’ avows: “. . .Adolph Hitler read a book by Rosicrucian Grandmaster E. Bulwer Lytton, titled ‘The Coming Race,’ about a subterraneous race which possessed supernatural technology and who, according to the novel, were intent on one day claiming the surface world for their own. . . .these underground beings consist of three main types: human like sorcerers, reptilian humanoids . . . and short grayish cybernetic drones.

“Could Hitler’s numerous Nazi ‘expeditions’ throughout all parts of the globe in search for caverns/mines/tunnels leading to an underground world have actually succeeded in bringing Nazi agents into contact with an insidious reptilian race which inhabits the bowels of the earth . . . ?”

In his DVD ‘Underground Bases:  Reptilians and the Battle for Humanity––The Phil Schneider Chronicles,’ the author likewise describes some of the gods Hitler and other occult followers deliberately worship in the underworld.

The History Channel’s 2008 and 2009 series on USOs––Unidentified Submerged Objects––authenticated extraterrestrial alien activities as part of the UFO arsenal trafficking from realms of underground rulership.

Scriptures make clear that Satan’s world is both beneath (Psalms 55: 15, etc.) and above ground (Revelation 6).  The History Channel’s ‘UFO Files: Deep Sea UFOs: Red Alert’ and discuss USOs seen at Catalina Island near Los Angeles, as well as some eight USO and UFO sightings aboard the USS FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) aircraft carrier during its 20 years of Navy service.

Christians do not worship angelic beings. Their adoration is reserved for The Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit!  Angelic armies in the spiritual worlds of good and evil, are arranged in order of rank, assignment and hierarchy––just as in the human world.  Scripture speaks of Archangel Michael, as chief of God’s angels (Daniel 12: 1), and points to other archangels and angels serving under him (Revelation 12: 7).

Historical Bible books identify Apollyon as the head angel in Satan’s kingdom (Revelation 9:11).  He is among that third of God’s angels expelled from heaven during Satan’s first revolt (Genesis 1:1-2, Isaiah 14:1-14), Jeremiah 4:23-26).  Serving under Satan’s angels are lesser spiritual beings called devils or demons (Luke 10: 17-20).

These devils comprise the underground alien beings identified by Schneider and other UFO witnesses. Such ‘lower-level’ satanic devils are also the first spiritual contact that Hitler, Thule Society members, and other occult worshipers encounter as they delve deeper into Satan’s petrifyingly dark spiritual world.

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