Pyramids, Sphinxes, Numbers, etc.: Secret Mysteries in Plain Sight

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:53 AM
October 29, 2012

Those who follow Hitler’s forms of hidden ‘religious’ mysteries believe in the mysticism of symbols, numbers and inverted beliefs in secret associations with deepening layers of evil.  Knowing what others don’t becomes self-serving power as adoration of unknown gods leads ignorant worshipers to shrouded eternities.

    Those symbols include pyramids, sphinxes and numbers, often overlaying in images and significance.  Most of these symbolic mysteries remain open in plain sight in nations around the world, and especially on the U.S. dollar bill.

Obvious questions are:  1)  Why would a pyramid be on the most common paper currency in this country when there are no obvious pyramids here? 2) What does the eye over the pyramid represent?  3) What does the space between the eye and pyramid mean?  4) What are the meanings of the Great Seal on the dollar?, etc.

In ‘Satan on Our Dollar,’ writes:  “Why is there a Pyramid on our $1 note?” The religion of Freemasonry and some of it’s mysteries have descended from ancient Babylon whose mysteries descended from ancient Egypt. The Great Pyramid has of old been a fascination of Freemasons. It is a pagan temple of Satan worship. Aleister Crowley, Freemason and chief Satanist of the 20th Century performed a satanic ritual in the Kings Chamber.”

One critic comments on Ralph A. Epperson’s book, ‘The New World Order,’ writes: “Historian/author Ralph Epperson has spent many years researching the history of the Great Seal, and has discovered that those who designed the two circles committed America to what has been called ‘A Secret Destiny.’ This future ‘destiny’ is so unpleasant that those who wanted the changes it entails had to conceal that truth in symbols.”

In ‘The Great Pyramid Architect Had A Secret, Joseph Turbeville M.S. explains that the pyramid on the dollar bill is a replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza:  “It is the author’s contention that . . . the unknown pyramid has the same exterior dimensions as the Great Pyramid of Giza, as measured in British Imperial feet, and that [it] had to have been used by the architect to secretly select the unit he would use for his design of the pyramid.”

‘Satan on Our Dollar,’ states further:  “The capstone has not come down on the Pyramid. This means that the plan is not complete. Only when the New World Order is established upon all nations and the world leader is enthroned the plan will be complete.”

This site’s name is true; The LORD Jesus Christ is man’s Only Savior.  God’s invitation to eternal salvation is plain for all to understand:  He loves us so much that He gave His Only Son to save us from our sins, and from Satan’s lies.  In Bible historical books it is not hidden:  “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3: 16).”

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