Others See: Europe Flirting with Fascism––Again, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:13 AM
July 27, 2012

Of course it is encouraging that other commentators inside and outside of Europe recognize the rise of neo-Nazism in Europe.  The problem is that Europeans––especially European politicians––must recognize it too.

But they seem to say or do little about it, which leads to one of three conclusions:  1)  They are too busy building a European Union which they think will survive; 2) They have little respect or regard for young neo-Nazi gangs terrorizing cities while spouting Hitler’s praises; or 3)  Too many of them are part of, as well as hidden protectors of, the neo-Nazi movement.

Liz Fekete, Executive Director of Britain’s Institute of Race Relations, and author of neo-Nazi and far right terrorist underground systems across Europe:

“Today we are witnessing the resurgence of old hatreds, with the Roma, particularly in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, again scapegoated for the economic crisis.  Another stain on Europe’s conscience is the constant barrage of attacks on ‘visible Islam’ — the promotion of enemy images of Muslims against the backdrop of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

In ‘The Rise of the Extreme Right Wing in Europe,” Gavin Shoebridge points out “extreme right-wing governments don’t get voted in by themselves.”  For example, he lists the public’s approval of new anti-Semitic laws in several nations in the continent, such as France’s burqa ban, the mass exportation of Roma peoples (Gypsies) from France to Romania, the ban on Mosque minarets (towers) in Switzerland, and mass media keeping ‘hate-foreigners’ stories in the news.

But most important, Shoebridge hit on obvious facts that hinge on the cover and encouragement that major European politicians give to neo-Nazis.  First, Angela Merkel announced a few weeks ago:  “Multiculturalism has failed.”  And second, David Cameron also said that multiculturalism is nothing but fuel for extremists.  Is this not telling neo-Nazis that its open season on non-Europeans.

Moreover, as two conservative government leaders, both Merkel and Cameron are staunch believers in cruel austerity methods.  These are not uninformed politicians.  Surely they know that three years of tough budget cutting has created the precise economic climate––with 50% unemployment among men of 25 and young––that encourages the rise of neo-Nazism.

Do people in European nations agree that multiculturalism has failed?  Yes!  Do they believe that immigrants steal jobs and drain national economies?  Yes!  Are they fearful of immigrants changing their historical cultures?  Yes!  This is why a growing percentage of Europeans yearn for a Hitler-type Fuehrer.

The desire to define one’s race, culture or nationality as superior, and those of other races as inferior demands a unifying Fuehrer, and it also calls for war against those who are ‘different.’  Most people are either ignore of, or don’t believe, that neo-Nazis are marching their nations and the world into WWIII.  But, like Christian suspense fiction, WWIII is coming even to those who choose to believe that neo-Nazism is just a passing childish fad.

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