Pope Resigns: Malachy’s Prophecy Says Next Pope Will Be The Last One!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:26 PM
February 11, 2013

       Pope Benedict stunned everyone with his decision to resign as head of the Roman Catholic Church. Most on the bloggersphere do not buy media’s reasons of poor health.  Both secular and sacred prophecies, as well as Vatican politics, belie the notion that the first papal resignation in 600 years is voluntary.

As The Extinction Protocol cites in its title on the Pope’s decision, ‘Pope Benedict Stepping Down, Cites Poor Health: World Shudders at Malachy’s Prophecy of the End of the World,’ scholars who know expect ‘all hell to break out’ during the reign of Benedict’s successor.

In ‘St. Malachy, The Prophecy of the Popes and Doomsday 2012,’ Joncrown444 writes:  “This story begins in 1139, while on a visit to Rome, when St. Malachy reportedly had a vision seeing the succession of the 112 popes who’d follow Pope Celestine II until the end of time.

“Although the prophecies are cryptic and esoteric to some, many historians believe they’ve proved remarkably accurate in describing each successive pope.
Now, after many centuries, the sobering truth is that we’re down to the last popes in the prophecy. The current pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI is the 111th pope, and the next will be The Final Pope in Malachy’s prophecy––the 112th pope.”

Writing for United Kingdom’s Telegraph, Nick Squires claims this week that Cardinal Paolo Romeo, archbishop of Palermo in Sicily, predicted during a visit to China in November of 2011 that the Pope would be assassinated within a year.

Romeo so startled those who heard him that they reported his remarks to the Vatican.  By the end of that year, Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos delivered those commends in a top-secret report to the Pope.

A blog in this site on June 26, 2012 detailed struggles within the Vatican when Italian cardinals resisted the Pope’s attempts to clamp down on their relationships with various ‘corrupt vast financial dealing with Italian businesses.’

According to Squires, Romeo went on to say during his China visit that Pope Benedict would be succeeded by “Cardinal Angelo Scola, the archbishop of Milan ––meaning the papacy would return to an Italian after the German Benedict and his Polish predecessor, John Paul II.”

Although Romeo strongly denied he ever made such remarks, they are indicative of ongoing power struggles within the Vatican.  Apparently Italian cardinals worked hard behind-the-scenes to oust the priest Benedict had named to investigate alleged laundering of criminal money within the Vatican Bank.

Christian non-fiction prophecy books, such as Finis Dake’s ‘Revelation Expounded:  Eternal Mysteries Simplified,’ identify Mystery Babylon in Revelation, chapter 17, as the Catholic headquarters in Rome which the Anti-Christ’s kingdoms will destroy by fire––exactly as St. Malachy predicted!

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