Are You There? Matthias Stormberger––Predicted Today’s Truths Pt 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:12 PM
August 7, 2013

Stormberger        Stormberger did not experience his visions simultaneously.  As he grew older, he witnessed very accurate visions of the end of earth. When a young man hundreds of years ago, he had amazing visions of  railroads, airplanes and other facets of modern life. But when his visions turned to world wars, they grew darker.

In addition to accurately stating the beginning of World War I, Stormberger foresaw The Great Depression following that great war:  “ . . . immediately after this terrible war will come a time where the money will have no value.

“200 Guilders will not enough to buy a loaf of bread; there will the famine and men will the quest for survive. Money will be made of iron, and gold shall become so valuable that for a few gold coins a small farm can be bought.”

Most important for this present generation are his visions of World War III: “And after the end of the Second Great War, a third universal conflagration will come, so that it will determine everything. There will be weapons totally new.

“In one day, more men will die than in all the previous wars. The battles will be accomplished with artificial weapons. The third war will be the end of many nations. . . . “You, my children, won’t experience the largest mischief, you, my grandchildren, won’t also experience it, but the third stock.”

The prophet continues with hair-raising descriptions that sound even like what informed world sees today:  “Gigantic catastrophes will happen. With the open eyes, the nations of the planet will go through these catastrophes. They won’t know what is happening, and those that know and tell, will be silenced.

“Over night it will take place––in a pub in Zwiesel (a German city known for its glass) many people will be together, and outside the soldiers will ride over the bridge. . . . The people become ill, and nobody can help them . . .”

His prophetic visions astound more than any horror films today, culminating: “However it will continue, and what follows then, is the end of the world. Sky and earth burn, because it is the time when everything comes to an end.”

Finally he adds:  “Everything will be different from before, and in many places the Earth will be a great cemetery. The viajes_weber_verhaengnisthird war will be the end of many nations.  When the people fall off the bank like the flies off the wall, the last time begins. It will be horrible.”

In other words, Stormberger sees the end of earth, and even time, as people know them today.  Yet he sees a better beginning:  “After these events it will be a miracle, if one still sees two or three rulers going together, after these events the clarity will be anew, and those who survived, will face a good time for hope.”

His final vision agrees with God’s final promise in Christian non-fiction prophecy books: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away . . . (Revelation 21: 1).”

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