Signs of the End Times: Dogs May Not Always Be Tamed Pets, Pt. 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:36 PM
January 22, 2014

Wolf-Shutterstock    Thanks for those protest emails.  Apologies.  We meant no ill to pet poodles, Pekinese, or collies. And forgive reference to The National Dog Show, when the most popular dog stars are in the Westminster Dog Show, which proves the point that ‘love for dogs’ is commercialized to make a few people extremely rich.

But about growing threats from feral dogs, please consider other reports on the subject, i.e. the 2009 story about Sherry and Lothar Schweder, a couple in Georgia, mauled to death by a pack of feral dogs. Sherry was out looking for their missing pet dog.  After she was gone for hours, her husband when searching for her.  The dogs that attacked and killed her, set their kill sights on him as well.

Police believe 16 dogs were involved. When they found the bodies, the dogs stood guards around them.  However, several details seem ‘fuzzy’: 1) These ‘wild’ dogs were obviously well fed; 2) Howard Thaxton, an amputee who was the Schweder’s neighbor, claimed he didn’t own the dogs, but he and another neighbor came back to his property every other day to feed them;

He and another neighbor insisted the dogs had shown no violence towards them; 4) Other neighbors said there had been witchcraft activity in the wooded areas around this neighborhood for some time.

Perhaps such ambivalence explains why attacking dogs so closely associate with evil explained in Scriptures from Christian non-fiction prophecy books in Part 1 of this subject. Most subjects in Bible prophecy become multi-layer symbols.

Thus, Revelation 22: 15 mention “without are dogs,” the term is associated with “sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” Thus, symbolically evil dogs identify with evil people.

Certainly, the image of 14 to 16  dogs standing at attention around two dead bodies indicates that someone ordered them to do so, just as dogs are commanded to attack people, or each other in a dog fight.  What else had them guard the dead?

As Tim writes in ‘Feral Dogs Man Made Killers, A National Epidemic,’ “I found  . . . documented attacks of dogs on humans is reaching epidemic proportions. He insists on several man-dog facts:

Once dogs lose fear of man, “ . . . it see[s] man . . . as it’s prey . . . Feral dogs will watch you, hunt you and kill 002350-SB1you;” 2) The hierarchy of a pack consist of the Alpha male and female. They are . . . leaders of the rest of the pack; 3) “Any animal . . . displaying feral tendencies . . . [must] be destroyed.”

Tim and other authorities have little respect for dog lovers insisting on shelters, adoptions and spading instead of euthanizing.  He and others claim other cities, such as Budapest, Romania, prove such methods prove inadequate:

“Romania’s Parliament has voted to allow Bucharest to capture and kill tens of thousands of stray dogs in the capital [city].  In recent years, a Bucharest woman was killed by a pack of strays, and a Japanese tourist died after a stray severed an artery in his leg. Last week, a 4-year-old boy was fatally mauled.”

In “Mexico City Officials Blame Pack of Wild Dogs for String of Gruesome Deaths,” Jo Tuckman of the Guardian writes:  “. . . a teenage couple were found dead last weekend, the flesh torn from their bones. A week earlier, a young mother and her baby were found similarly mutilated. . . . ‘There have also been reports in local media that evidence of ‘satanic rituals’ have been found in a cave in the hilly park complex’.”  Like Bibles and bloggers aver, attack dogs run with evil people!

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