Shade of World War III Raises Its Ugly Head: Europe’s Anti-Semitism

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:28 AM
May 26, 2014

Anti-Semitism-Europe    As the far right-wing prepares for a huge win in European Parliament elections this weekend, and amidst complaints from Jewish people on the continent about rising Anti-Semitism there, a shocking attack on the Jewish Museum in Belgium has resulted in three murders, and severe injuries in a fourth victim.

A passer-by got the license number of the car that supposedly sped off with the shooter. The driver may have been arrested, and the shooter still at large. But stories conflict on this detail. Reuters News quotes: “The Israeli foreign Ministry that “[T]wo of the dead, a man and a woman, were Israeli tourists from Tel Aviv.” Another woman, said to be non-Jewish, was also murdered at the scene.

The massacre may have been triggered because, as Andrew Higgins of The New York Times reports, “Belgian authorities banned opponents of Israel from holding a conference in Brussels that Jewish groups condemned as anti-Semitic. The conference, known as the European Congress of Rebellion, had been organized by a far-right member of the Belgian Parliament.”

The shooting is the first terrorism against Jews in Belgium since World War II. Higgins adds: “Far-right groups, some of which are tainted by a history of anti-Semitism, are expected to perform well in voting for the European legislature . . . of the 28-nation European Union.

“In Belgium and most other European countries, however, anti-Semitism has in recent years been rooted more on the left and in Muslim immigrant communities than on the right.” Raya Kalenova, from the European Jewish Congress says: “anti-Semitism had grown much worse in Belgium over the past decade, because of a rise in hostility toward Israel, and authorities had ignored the danger.”

Groups, from the left of the political spectrum, who support Palestine were holding a concert and rally to denounce Israel at the time of the shooting. They are said to organize around growing Muslim populations in Europe.

Bethany Bell of BBC News claims all types of anti-Jewish symbols now pop-up near synagogues and other Jewish Anti-Semitism on the Risesites.  A 2012 Fundamental Rights Agency survey of  eight nations said to be home of 90% of the EU’s Jewish population reported: “. . . 5,847 Jewish people said 66% of those who responded considered anti-Semitism to be a problem. Three out of four respondents, 76%, believed anti-Semitism had increased over the past five years.

“There was particular concern about anti-Semitism online. About three-quarters of respondents considered that to be a problem which is getting worse. The survey found 29% of those surveyed had considered emigrating because of concerns about safety, with particularly high figures recorded in Hungary (48%), France (46%) and Belgium (40%). In France 52% of people surveyed described anti-Semitism as a “very big problem, in Hungary the figure was 49%.”

Christian non-fiction prophecy Books commands Christians to pray for the peace of the Jewish capital:  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee (Psalms 122: 6).” Presumably this would include all Jews.

While obedient Christians must follow His instructions, it is urgently vital in this pre-World War III era, as persecution of Jews in these last days of heightens and includes coming persecution of genuine Christians.

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