The Gray Beings From Outer Space in Their UFO Craft, Part 2!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:04 PM
March 16, 2012

 Government disinformation, Hollywood buffoonery, and public willingness of disbelief––all twisted testimonies of credible witness about gray aliens into insane, publicity-seeking lies.  But in fact, the United States government may be using alien technology to advance its air power superiority in the same way that Hitler, the Nazis, and their occult advisers did during World War II.

 Ufologists and other researchers believe that the U.S. government hides the truth about gray alien beings in order to:  1)  Hold down public panic about these usually invisible forces;  2)  Allow time to reverse engineer everything that can possibly be learned from alien UFO technology;  3) Prepare for what officials know will be World War III between alien beings and military forces on earth, etc.

 There is just too much evidence, too many witnesses for everything to be lies.  For instance, retired military officer, Colonel Philip J. Corso, in his book “Day after Roswell,” explains how he saw a dead gray alien after a UFO crashed was taken to Roswell Army Air Force Base.  As he advanced in his career, the government used him to put information gathered on alien technology into the public sphere so that American companies could use it in for reverse engineering.

 Corso had impeccable credentials as a military officer.  So how can anyone deny his testimonies about gray alien autopsies, their advanced brain circuitry, and physical shapes as UFO pilots.  As one reviewer says:  “the sheer weight of governmental sources and documentation presented by the former Army intelligence officer is not easily dismissed. Once you understand the historical context (in the midst of the Cold War soon after World War II), . . .  the military deciding to cover up a real-life alien ship becomes more credible.”

 Once Corso pried open one of several “above top secret” sealed boxes and exclaimed:  “The contents, enclosed in a thick glass container, were submerged in a thick light blue liquid. At first I thought it was a dead child they were shipping somewhere, but this was no child.

 “It was a 4ft human-shaped figure with arms, bizarre- looking four-fingered hands – I didn’t see a thumb – thin legs and feet, and an over-sized incandescent light bulb-shaped head that looked like it was floating over a balloon gondola for a chin.” If all gray alien descriptions from around the world from people who have no connections with one another sound so similar, how can they all be lies?

 And if there are no such beings, what does the Bible speak of when it mentions: demons, devils, familiar spirits, spirits more wicked than, unclean spirits, seducing spirits, doctrines of devils, spirits of devils, etc.  Bible inspired writing treats these beings as real, and often as having bodies visible to the human eye.  Or does everyone think that the Bible is lying too?

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