Who Really Supports Emerging Nazi Wars Creeping Over Europe?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:18 PM
May 30, 2012

As we delve into the backgrounds of possible forces pushing the emergence of a new generation of Nazi soldiers, sympathizers and politicians in Europe, we must recognize that some of those invisible forces are quietly forging a war throughout Europe.  It is an economic war.  And the first losing victim is Greece.

Surely leaders leaders who are up front, and those behind the scenes, are aware that Greece’s present crisis causes its citizens to increasing vote to place Nazi politicians into power.  In fact, it is quite possible that the Nazi Golden Dawn Party may well have a majority in parliament after the coming vote on June 17th.

And as Greece falls over the German-inspired euro-cliff, it is obvious that Spain may not be far behind.  Yet German officials, as well as euro-bankers seem resolved to harden their stance against any softening of its push for total austerity.

Thus, it seems clear that hidden forces have great influence over visible leaders.  One day German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems willing to give Greece leniency and assistance, and a few days later she is shouting absolutely not!

And, as if on chorus, all banking officials outside of Greece staunchly turn their backs on the struggling nation.  In fact, Christine Lagarde , interim head of the International Monetary Fund, says she has more sympathy for starving children struggling in Africa, than she does for the Greek people.  Now that is strange, harsh language from a woman about whom Greeks saypays no taxes at all herself!

When reading of dire depression-level sufferings among the Greek people, it is shocking to also read of the heartlessness with which politicians from other nations respond.  Lately as if, again, in a single chorus, they tell Greece:  “Pay your debts to us.  Keep up austerity’s sacrifice.  Or get out of the eurozone!”

As editorials around the world––especially in the United States––beg them to be merciful,  Germany and other euro-nations blithely ignore them.  Again, it all seems as if an economic war is proceeding on the world stage, but no one has acknowledged its presence.  And only the Greek people cry from its pain.

Perhaps there are some unspoken latent centuries-old sentiments that various European nations deeply hold against Greece:  She is the only member of the European Union that was not a part of the historic Roman Empire.  Rather her heritage is as the springboard home of that great warrior, Alexander the Great, making Greece more historically aligned with Turkey rather than Western Europe.  And other European Union nations never did allow Turkey to join their Union.

Moreover, Greece is a major seat of the wave of Christianity that Paul and other apostles swept across Europe.  The original New Testament is in the Greek language, not Latin or German.  And, neither Catholic or Protestant, Greece has its own Orthodox Church.  Indeed, as Christian non-fiction prophecy books point out, when this cold economic war turns hot Bible prophecy then comes to pass!

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