Alexander the Great’s Four Nations Highlighted Towards Unification

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 21:15 PM
July 11, 2013

The-Empire-of-Alexander-The-GreatBiblical prophecies in the Books of Daniel and Revelation make clear that in the end times the four nations that once comprised Alexander the Great’s kingdom will re-emerge on the world’s stage as part of the anti-Christ’s base of operations.

Those four nations are Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Syria, and clearly the year 2013 sees them all most prominent in the news.  Egypt and Turkey have continuous street rebellions over political leadership:  rebellions that could lead to civil war.  Greece rankles under continuing austerity taxation punishment by the European Union.  And Syria has killed 100,000 protestors in its Civil War!

As of today’s reports, it appears that the overthrow of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi was planned by military, bureaucratic and wealthy connections with its former 30-year ruler, Mubarak, as well as other Middle East leaders who do not like the idea of rule by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ben Hubbard and David D. Kirkpatrick explain in ‘Sudden Improvements in Egypt Suggest a Campaign to Undermine Morsi‘: “Working behind the scenes, members of the old establishment, . . .helped finance, advise and organize . . . to topple the Islamist leadership, . . .”

Sebnew Arsu says (‘After Protests, Forums Sprout in Turkey’s Parks’), once Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan and the courts rescinded his order to take over a main city park, heavy police crackdown ensued, so protesters disbursed:

“Those attending them say a heavy-handed police response to the protests — tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets were used to disperse crowds, and four people died—has united them despite political, sectarian, ethnic and social differences.”  So now protesters discuss grievances in open forums.

Protestors accused both Morsi and Erdogan of heavily changing their cultures to toward strict Islamic law.  But protestors in Greece strongly voice their discontentment with harsh austerity measures from the European Union (EU).  Graeme Wearden from writes the EU’s new loan means:

“Some 6,500 teachers or education ministry staff are either to be fired or put on a “reserve” and sacked at the end of next year if no alternative work has been found. This makes up more than half of the 12,500 public sector jobs on the line, which also include 3,500 police posts. Police officers anxious for their jobs staged protests in Athens at the weekend.”  So Greeks march in the streets!

Several bloggers point out that protestors in these three nations stay in touch through social media, and believe they have inherent ancient connections.  And they undoubtedly keep up with protests in Syria that eventually led to civil war.

Daniel’s vision of this kingdom is first in 7: 6:  “After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.” Imagery changes to “four notable ones,” who produce the little horn, Syria, which grows “exceeding great,” sending forth anti-Christ and the fourth horseman calling for earth’s destruction.

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