Nazis, neo-Nazis and Islamo-Fascists: Little Need for Women

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
August 12, 2013

islam-carteles-londresAnother similarity confirming connections between Nazis, neo-Nazis and radical Islamists is the near-absence of women among their fighting ranks.  In both past and present societies among those groups women stand for breeding purposes.

‘History on the net’ says Nazi’s ideals for women included not wearing: trousers, makeup, or high-heeled shoes. Also women were not to dye or perm their hair, or go on slimming diets. And most of all they were not to work for a living.

Instead women were paid to have children, and their job as mothers were to indoctrinate children about Nazism.  According to Koonz, German women “were the ones who incrementally brought Nazism home . . . They indoctrinated their children in anti-Semitism. They were the ones who would tell their children to stop playing with the Jewish children down the block.”

As for fascism in Italy, writing for the ‘Journal’ in 1922, Maurice de Valeffe cites Mussolini:  “During the serious economic crisis beginning in 1930, Mussolini ordered that women should leave their places of work. Because he saw women as “thieves who reach out to steal men’s bread, and responsible for men’s unproductiveness.” Valeffe also says women’s workplace opportunities were few.

Of course, even today’s Islamic world is much harsher on women, but the principle is the same.  In “Islamo-fascism’s Hatred of Women,” a blogger writes: “Women’s rights are compromised by a section in the Koran, sura 4:34, that has been interpreted to say that men have ‘pre-eminence’ over women or that they are ‘overseers’ of women. . . . hundreds of Muslim women die in ‘honor killings’.”

In “The Islamist War on Muslim Women, Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe adds:  “More than 25 such “honor killings” have been confirmed in Britain’s Muslim community in recent years. Many more are suspected.

“ . . . in Basra, Iraq, of women who wear Western-style clothing. Iraqi police say that more than 40 women have been killed [in 2007] . . . In San Francisco, a young Muslim woman was shot dead after she uncovered her hair and put on makeup in order to be a maid of honor at a friend’s wedding.”

As for Muslim mothers’ indoctrinating their sons, the best example for U.S. readers is the Boston Marathon mother-of-the-Boston-Marathon-bombersbombing.  The Daily Mail and Associated Press wrote shortly after the bombings: “The mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was put on the CIA terrorist watch list 18 months before the tragedy.”

Speaking of the older bomber, Rep. Michael McCaul, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said  “The mother in my judgment has a role in his radicalization process in terms of her influence over him (and) fundamental views of Islam.  Zubeidat Tsarnaev (the mother) is now considered a ‘person of interest’ in the federal investigation into the attack.”

In Islamo-fascists-Nazi worlds, all women are good for is to rape, kill, or have children and raise them to be killers. Well does the prophet who revealed the fourth horseman identify a final evil woman of death as “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Revelation 17: 5).

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