‘Wicked’ Month: Pole Shifts, Economic Haywire, Tornadoes, etc. Pt 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:25 AM
October 10, 2013

the-great-depression-Free-Coffee    For readers skeptical about our last blog on October as a satanically wicked month, background information gives more light.  The Extinction Protocol asks:  “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when investors hear the word October? Ghoulish Halloween costumes? Nope. Stock market crashes? Bingo! When it comes to wealth suddenly disappearing, October can be diabolically frightful.”

For example the Stock Marked Crashed in October 1929, and that led to the Great Depression, and eventually to World War II.  Kimberly Amadeo explains:  “The stock market crash of 1929 was the most significant crash in U.S. history. . .

“The crash began on Black Thursday, October 24, 1929.  Over the four days of the stock market crash, the Dow dropped 25%, losing $30 billion in market value. (That’s worth $396 billion today.) Although we are used to trillion-dollar losses today, back then the public was terrified. This was more than the total cost of World War I!”  To some working behind the scenes today, this is economic war!

In another article for About.com, Ms. Amadeo claims a similar crash occurred in October of 2008:  “On Monday, October 6, the Dow dropped 800 points, . . . The Federal Reserve fought the ongoing banking liquidity crisis by lending $540 billion to money market funds, coordinating a global central bank bailout, and lowering the Fed funds rate to just one percent. . . .

“. . . the LIBOR bank lending rate rose to its high of 3.46%.  The Dow responded by plummeting 13% throughout the month. By the end of October, the BEA released more sobering news––the economy had contracted .3% in the third quarter. The nation was in recession.

“The Labor Department reported that the economy had lost a staggering 240,000 jobs in October. The month revealed more bad news. The AIG bailout grew to $150 billion, Treasury announced it was using part of the $700 billion bailout to buy preferred stocks in the nations’ banks, and the Big 3 automakers asked for a Federal bailout, as well.”  Wow. And 2008 is not that long ago!

Thus, Stock Traders Almanac advises:  “October is known as the jinx month because of the crashes.”  The Extinction Protocol adds that the ‘Atlas Shrugged II’ movie––sub-titled, ‘Ayn Rand’s Epic Novel of A World on the Brink’ / ‘Everything Has A Breaking Point’––was released in October of last year.

Some politicians advocating the present government shutdown, and perhaps hoping for a U.S. Debt Default, say Ayn large_george-washingtonRand is their favorite author.  Political watchers claim the present crisis was months in the planning.  Let us pray that part of that plan is not a final financial collapse in October, 2013.

While politicians and newscasters reporting on them often cloud or confuse facts, God’s knowledge and understanding about politics and wicked plans for  October is infinite.  As those preparing for the fourth horseman attest:  “Great is Our Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite (Psalm147: 5).”

God moves in nations when He is invited in.  Many nations fall because they do not seek His interference.  The fate of nations lies among those who seek His will through prayer.  In I Kings Elijah was just one man, but he prayed for God’s help to turn his nation around.  Together God and Elijah changed a generation.  That’s the kind of praying faith Christians must exercise during Octobers.

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