Roman Catholic Church, Mafia, Masons, Fascism, etc., Part 4

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:23 PM
June 28, 2012

Some other characters should be considered when trying to track the newest Catholic Church scandals, many of which seem to stem from ingrained power struggles between Vatican power brokers, Mafia figures and whistle blowers.

These characters include: Archbishop Carolo Maria Vigano, fired ex-deputy-governor of the Vatican; Vatican State Secretary Cardinal Tarciscio Bertone; Father Ninni Treppiedi and Sicilian Mafioso Matteo Messina Denaro.

Adam Taylor and Samuel Blackstone of Business Insider point out that Archbishop Vigano “reportedly tried to put a stop to corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and the awarding of contracts to friends of officials at inflated prices.”

However, when he tried to take a full report on the corruption to the Pope, Vigano was summarily fired. In ‘Morning Catholic Must-Reads,’ reports that Vigano begged Benedict not to fire him because he “exposed financial corruption.”

In her New Times article, “Transfer of Vatican Official Who Exposed Corruption Hints at Power Struggle,” Elisabetta Povoledo says Vigano “appeared to have been making headway in cutting costs and controlling spending. . . he turned the Vatican City’s budget deficit into a surplus in a year.” Povoledo adds that Vigano wrote Pope Benedict about “nepotism and corruption, price gouging and waste and he leveled accusations that some bankers who assist the Vatican with its finances were acting more in their own interest than in the church’s.”

Hmmmm. So bankers are involved in this too!! John L. Allen Jr. counters in the National Catholic Reporter: “Viganò’s new controls produced backlash among administrators of individual departments, such as the Vatican museums and Vatican gardens, long accustomed to operating in semi-autonomous fashion.”

Taylor and Blackstone conclude that the ultimate backlash may be against second-in-Vatican-command, Cardinal Bertone, who dismisses the current public relations debacle as “just the result of journalists pretending to be ‘Dan Brown’.”

They point out that, rather than exposing Pope Benedict’s weak leadership, the scandals put the spotlight of weak leadership of Cardinal Bertone who is “also the head of the opaque and archaic Vatican bureaucracy, the Curia, which is dominated by Italian clerics such as Bertone and can effectively overrule the pope. Benedict XVI had planned to reform the church, but instead found himself under its power, despite a growing backlash.”

If the last pope is to be No. 112, instead of Benedict who is No. 111, that last pope could well be the Italian Bertone, who may usher in the fourth horseman in Revelation, chapter 6, and complete destruction of the Catholic Church as prophesied in Revelation 17 and 18. More on other characters in the next blog!

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