Neo-Nazis Continue Hitler’s Cult and ‘Scientific’ Worship

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:04 AM
September 17, 2012

       Speaking of ancient cults, Nazis and neo-Nazis were and are ardent occult practitioners.  Such quasi-spiritual connections––including European racial superiority, nationalism, anti-immigration, anti-multi-culturalismm, etc.––are part of what historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke calls Neo-völkisch movements.

Discussing Neo-völkisch movements, Wikipedia says neo-Nazis use spiritual terms ‘National Socialist Satanism,’ ‘Fascist Satanism,’ and ‘Traditional Satanism’ found throughout Europe in Britain, France, New Zealand,” etc.

A website devoted to the late Robert E. Howard, author of the Conan series, writes of neo-cultists:  “. . . Norse, Celtic, and other ancient religions being practiced today.  Many of these pagan religions have taken slightly new forms under the care of ‘re-constructionists.’ This means that the religion is not practiced exactly as it was in ancient times, but is a blending of new influences and old.

“In fact, many aspects of ancient rituals and myths have been lost over the ages due to various holy persons’ refusal to document religious wisdom and custom . . . Thus the need to re-construct. . . a few Norse religious groups are heavily influenced by Nazis or Neo-Nazis, and have taken up where Hitler left off by reconstructing their religion with racist dogma.”

However, these identifications are incomplete without recognition that their belief tenants not only heavily guided Hitler’s war efforts in World War II––including the Holocaust––they also linked scientific knowledge to the spirit world.

In his 1978 novel, ‘The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism,’ Chilean diplomat, Miguel Serrano, claims that Hitler was an ‘Avatar of Vishnu,’ and was in communication with ‘hyperborean gods’ in an Antarctic underground base, from which he would establish the Fourth Reich.

The History Channel’s Nazis and UFO series’ reveal research now being done on UFOs and USOs (underwater UFOs)––i.e. the infamous flying Nazi Bell UFO, to variously sighted USOs moving in and out of deep sea waters.  Hitler’s Bell UFO, is hidden in the Henge in Poland  which was a vast underground scientific testing station in which apparently UFOs and USOs were built.

The early work on Hitler’s Nazi spiritism, is ‘The Morning of the Magicians,’ by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier.  Of the völkisch movements, they write:  “In partnership with the Thule Society and the Nazi Party, the Vril Society developed a series of flying disc prototypes. With the Nazi defeat, the society allegedly retreated to a base in Antarctica and vanished into hollow Earth to meet up with the leaders of the advanced race inhabiting inner Earth.”

Such research is not in Alan Nourse books of science fiction.  It includes data intended to prepare knowledgeable warriors for the coming World War III.  God’s warriors must seek knowledge about that coming war from Him, “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2: 3).”

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