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Switzerland Doesn’t Want That Can of German Worms Opened Either!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:27 PM
November 21, 2013

Hitler-art-showing    When viewing the billions in fine arts stolen by the Nazis during WWII, one cannot avoid the relationship between Germany and Switzerland.  In fact, as Donald Waters’ book explains, Switzerland was one of ‘Hitler’s Secret Allies.’

Jonathan Petropoulos’ also detailed that relationship in his article, ‘Co-Opting Nazi Germany: Neutrality in Europe During World War II,’ exposing the heavy involvement that four so-called neutral nations had with Nazi Germany:

“It is time for Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal and Spain to acknowledge that there were no truly neutral countries on the . . . continent during World War II . . . to acknowledge that they were part of the Nazis’ New Order and that they bear some responsibility for the tragic history of the Thirties and Forties.”

“The Swiss bolstered the Nazi regime in many ways, ways that can be summarized by the following categories: border policies, opportunities for trade, and financial transactions.”  Specifically, “The Germans traded their coal for Swiss steel (among other products); Swiss armament producers, such as Oerlikon (known for multi-barrel antiaircraft guns), also sent their wares northward.”

Also, as Lance Morrow explains in his Time magazine article, ‘The Justice of the Calculator,’ Swiss railway officials wholeheartedly worked with Nazis to transport items through Switzerland to Italy and further abroad.

Petropoulos details how Switzerland specifically cooperated with Hitler to get stolen Nazi art out of Germany.  “The Lucerne art dealer Theodor Fischer, for example, who held two auctions [in 1939] of modern art purged from German state museums, corresponded directly with Martin Bormann in the party Chancellery, Joseph Goebbels in the Propaganda Ministry, and Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, among other important individuals.”

Fischer also dealt directly with German art dealers who served Nazis. Usually there were no taxes on art sales.  Additionally, stacks of art works were stored in Swiss banks.  In ‘Consolidated Interrogation Report No. 2: The Goering Collection,’ Theodore Rousseau explains that Swiss bankers colluded with Nazis to smuggle and store the art by transferring works of art through diplomatic pouches.

Moreover, Johanna McGeary reveals in ‘Echoes of The Holocaust:’  “A Nazi official responsible for foreign exchanges estimated after the war that German assets worth 15 billion Reichsmarks entered Switzerland,” which can translate into the trillions of dollars, and which includes other valuables such as gold bullion.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that ‘art thief inheritor’ Cornelius Gurlitt was caught on a train ride back from Switzerland Nazi-Looted-Artwhere he had just sold a ‘priceless’ work of art that his father ‘stole’ from Nazis, who confiscated them from Holocaust victims.  Gurlitt well knows that the WWII path his father and fellow Nazis used to get stolen wealth from Germany to Switzerland is still very much active and alive.

In His efforts to warn mankind against starting World War III, God will no doubt reveal even more hidden trillions of Nazi wealth strewn around Europe, parts of Latin America, and in the coffers of companies traded on the U.S. Stock Exchange.  As He promises in His Christian nonfiction book list:

“. . . This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that stealeth shall be cut off as on this side according to it; and every one that sweareth shall be cut off as on that side according to it (Zechariah 5: 3).”

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Leaders ‘Sacrifice’ Citizens to ‘Gain’ From the Sports Money ‘God’?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:28 AM
October 25, 2013

Activists demonstrate in front of riot police outside the Mane Garrincha National Stadium in BrasiliaWhile some world leaders serve the ‘make money’ God of sports, their citizens resist such decisions, and in one country citizens wonder why such excess is celebrated with the nation barely fighting poisons that can kill them, and even the rest of the World.  It seems that world sports excitement is going out of style.

In ‘We Don’t Need The World Cup’: Brazil Erupts In Protests Against Cost Of 2014 Tournament,’ Travis Waldron explains: “Mané Garrincha is the symbol of Brazil’s World Cup excess.

“Brazil’s World Cup bid said the country would spend less than $1 billion, mostly from private financing, to renovate seven stadiums and build five more.  But Mané Garrincha’s renovations cost $750 million alone, while the total cost of the 12 stadiums is expected to exceed $3 billion, almost all of which has come from the public.”

And such funds come from people who have many basic needs. Over 80 percent of Brazil’s schools are ruled ‘inadequate’ with students ranking below average. Bloomberg News informs that Brazil’s school rankings fall under that of Mexico, Russia and Mongolia.  Seventy percent of water supplies in major cities are untreated, while public hospitals suffer from over-crowded conditions.

Waldron summarizes protestors case well:  “The unifying message of the protests is clear: a country with faltering infrastructure, low wages, crowded hospitals, and a crippled education system should be spending money not on soccer stadiums, but on efforts to improve the lives of ordinary Brazilians.”

In addition to beefing up police forces, Brazil––part of the BRIC economic group, which includes Russia, India and FBL-WC2014-CONFED-PROTESTChina––is importing some 4,000 doctors, most coming from China to assist medical facilities also rated below standards.

As it prepares for the 1944 Winter Olympics coming in just a few months, Russia keeps watchful eyes over its Muslim populations at home, in the Caucasus’s, and in Syria.  As Nicolas Miletitch quotes Grigory Shvedov of web magazine in ‘Russian Rebels in Syria ‘Pose Threat to Olympics’:  “Fighters from Russia are acquiring urban warfare experience in Syria. If they come back to Russia and get organized, it will be extremely dangerous.”

Already Muslim warlord Doku Umarov called for attacks during the February games.  In recent years Umarov carried out several deadly attacks in Russia, both in subways and at airports.  Even President Putin admits the danger:  “We can guarantee [about] these bandits.  It is a real threat for us.”

So then why welcome the Olympics to his country? As Miletitch hints, its about the money:  “The $50 billion Sochi Olympics project has been mired in scandals of corruption, overspending, and rights violations.”

Such money may also entrap Brazil and Japan.  The latter will host the 2020 Olympic games. But even Japan plans these events in the midst of horrific circumstances.  It has the largest leakage of nuclear waste in world history, and that is predicted to get far worse, endangering its citizens, as well as the rest of the world.  When will world leaders decide this Sports Money god demands too much?

Apostle Paul advises in Christian non-fiction prophecy books: “For the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6: 10).” Leaders following the god of Sports Money greed need to heed the rest of the verse:  “which while some coveted after . . . pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

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Threatening ‘Mushrooms’: Islamic Growth and Decline of Nations

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
September 30, 2013

christian-church-in-helsinki-defaced-with-muslim-slogansLike ominous mushroom clouds following nuclear bomb explosions, Muslims are growing in strength across Europe, reaching even into Russia.  Just as Nazis did, Muslim men impregnate multiple women to produce new, younger warriors. But, like bloating fallen empires, Europeans lazily do nothing to resist.

Growing older, native European populations follow leaders who appear blind to these threats as they work to strengthen the European Union, and resurrect the Holy Roman Empire. Comfortable in apparent success, they dismiss encroaching Muslims as nagging interlopers to be deported at first chance:

“Europe, in denial, afraid to face the truth about the Islamist threat, has taken the coward’s way out and stuck its head firmly in the sand. Even as the radical Islamist networks threatening to take over Europe entrench themselves in the violent enclaves within the swelling Islamic communities in the cities,

“ . . . the EU’s politicians, with their elastic sense of morality and double-jointed value system, outdo themselves in attempts to reassure their constituents, and defang the Islamist terrorism about to explode in their back yards,’ Ali Salim argues in ‘How Islam Conquers Europe.’

Soeren Kern writes in ‘Iceland to Get its First Mosque’ that even in far North Iceland, Muslims have gained a foothold.  With construction funds they admit comes from foreign donors, two Muslim groups have gained approval from the Reykjavik City Council to construct a Mosque in an upper-class neighborhood.

Sharing some 800 members, the Muslim Association of Iceland and the Islamic Cultural Center of Iceland fight for Mosque control. While only 0.4% of Iceland’s population, Muslims have increased by 10,000% since 1990.

Moreover, great Russia watches its hundreds of beautiful Eastern Orthodox churches shunned by those who lean more toward Islamic beliefs. As Clifford May posits about Russia’s changing population in his review of Ilan Berman’s new book, Implosion:  The End of Russia and What It Means for America:

“Within this population is an ‘expanding Muslim underclass.’ And even those who are better off tend to see themselves as Muslims in Russia––not Russian Muslims. A growing minority embrace bellicose interpretations of Islam.”

The fault in nations lies with spiritually cold Christian churches.  Describing Muslims bragging about their burnings of church+burning-CopticCoptic Churches in Egypt, Raymond Ibrahim says:  “This anti-Christian fury has taken on genocidal proportions. ‘Allah willing, the day is coming when no Copt will ever again tread the ground of Egypt––and no churches. We will no longer allow churches to exist.’”

Apparently, Christian churches around the world––especially in the United States––are sleep while under attack.  Throughout Europe and Africa, as Muslims massacre Christians and destroy their churches, officials in power say little.

They should remember that, while Samson had far more power than his enemies, his allurements with the world put him to sleep, allowing his enemies to enchain him.  Thus, as Christian non-fiction prophecy books warn:  “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep (Romans 13: 11).”

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‘New World Order’: Robots, Endless Unemployment & Poverty, Pt 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:05 PM
September 25, 2013

Help_Wanted    When you ask those long-term unemployed persons who have dropped out of job-search pools if announced unemployment rates are accurate, they would shout ‘No!’  Economists and other researchers would agree.

In ‘Why The ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate Is Higher Than You Think,’ Dan Diamond of ‘Forbes Magazine’ writes:  “ . . . the ‘official’ unemployment rate doesn’t count . . . discouraged workers who have settled for part-time jobs or have given up looking altogether. Tracking those individuals, under what’s called the ‘U-6’ rate, gives a very different . . . unemployment rate: 14.3%.

“There’s a strong argument that given the Great Recession’s damage to the economy . . . the U-6 rate is a more accurate reflection of national employment. Like the ‘official’ rate, the U-6 essentially doubled between 2007 and 2009; unlike the official rate, it’s not coming down as fast.”

Rex Nutting of ‘Market Watch’ agrees in ‘Why the Unemployment Rate Is So Misleading’:  “ . . . 6.8 million people who said they wanted a job but weren’t even looking, perhaps because they were discouraged . . .

“In addition, 8 million people said bad economic and business conditions limited them to part-time hours even though they preferred to work full-time.  If you count those discouraged workers and involuntary part-timers as unemployed, the unemployment rate jumps to 14.3%.

“About 40% of unemployed people have been out of work longer than six months, far more than at any time since the Long-term-unemployedGreat Depression. . . . the vast majority of working-age adults, men and women, are working or looking for work. But it also means that many millions have given up hope of finding a job. Some of them will never work again.”

Nutting concludes that long-term unemployment is our country’s biggest problem.  “ . . . if we don’t do something quick, it’ll cause permanent damage to our economy, and ruin the lives of millions of people.”

This blog site has discussions of increasing robotic control over American jobs.  Ben Ways just-published book ‘Jobocalypse,’ substantiates  the findings that robots will touch all aspects of daily life, especially employment.

Ways has a chapter, ‘Police, Military and the Rise of the Machines,’ which reinforces one of the ‘nine characteristics’ of the Final ‘New World Order.’ Roland Pease’s BBC article, ‘U.S. Robot Builds Copies of Itself,’ contradicts assumptions that jobs for humans to build robots would at least be available.

Americans should have said something when tape recorders replaced phone operators.  They should have said more when robots took jobs off auto assembly lines, and they should have screamed in the streets when jobs exited overseas, only to come screeching back with the same work being done here by robots.

But as Christian non-fiction prophecy books foretell:  “It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence . . . (Job 4: 16).” The image is no doubt robotic and human reaction is mute.

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Anyone Listening? Matthias Stormberger––Predicted Today’s Truths

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:22 PM
August 5, 2013

Most Christians believe that only the prophets writing within God’s Holy Bible of Christian non-fiction prophecy books are fully inspired and sanctioned by His Holy Spirit.  Yet the world has seen some amazing prophets come and go.

Of course some of these professing prophetic seers are better known than others:  Michel de Nostradamus, Leonardo daVinci, Edgar Cayce, etc.  But generally these men had backgrounds of formal education.

stormbergerMatthiasHowever, Matthias Stormberger, a rather poor under-educated farmer living in 18th century Bavaria, has an unblemished record of prophecies that have unfolded as ‘truth’ for the last 300 years.

Because he rightly predicted that the fall of Hitler, the Nazis burned most of Stromberger’s prophecies.  However, fragments remain.  In his visions, this seer ‘saw’ both World Wars I & II, even predicting the dates between the two:

“Two or three decades after the first war it will come one a Second War still larger. Almost all the nations of the world will be involved. Millions of men will die, without being soldiers. The fire will fall from the sky and many great cities will be destroyed. And after the end of the Second Great War, a third universal conflagration will come, so that it will determine everything.”

About World War III he adds:  “There will be weapons totally new. In one day, more men will die than in all the previous wars. The battles will be accomplished with artificial weapons. Gigantic catastrophes will happen.

“With the open eyes, the nations of the planet will go through these catastrophes. They won’t know what is happening, and those that know and tell, will be silenced. Everything will be different from before, and in many places the Earth will be a great cemetery. The third war will be the end of many nations”.

Moreover, the spiritually astute prophet also envisioned decline of the Roman Catholic Church:  “”The catholic faith will almost completely disappear, the religiousness will be quite badly respected, they will not earn any respect due to their way of living, there won’t be many good Christians among the people, . . .

“. . . the Commandments of God are no longer respected by the aristocracy as well as by the smallest worker, one will not think the greatest unfairness to be a sin. When the faith disappears also the love of the next one will completely lose itself, one will not estimate the justice, often the poor one will not be given right and he will be less respected than a dog. After this a mischief will arise that has to be regretted, there will be no order among the people.”

As Gregg Braden argues in ‘The Isaiah Effect,’ would to God that more Christians gave God the spiritual time needed to The-Isaiah-Effectlikewise worn people today about what is to come.  As promised in the Books of Joel (2: 28) and Acts:

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams (2: 17).”

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Real Problems in Egypt: Near Famine Not Stopping Stubborn Militancy

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:17 PM
August 2, 2013

egypt-massacre-2    Perhaps pro-Morsi supporters threatening chaos in Egypt’s streets do not realize how close the nation came to starvation.  An ex-Mursi aide now admits that through bad political management the Muslim Brotherhood leader was down to two months’ supply of wheat, and Mursi had cancelled all other wheat shipments.

Maggie Fick and Ehab Farouk write in ‘Halting Egypt’s Wheat Imports was Mursi’s Biggest Mistake’ that deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi erred when stopping wheat imports.

Mohamed Abu Shadi, Egypt’s new minister of supplies, says that Mursi’s inexperienced food minister made “incorrect calculations . . . based on guesses, not on facts.” Abu Shadi concludes these errors brought Mursi’s government down.

Those wrong calculations caused Mursi to cut the nation’s wheat imports by 10 percent last April.  Egypt is the world’s biggest wheat importer buying some 10 million tons a year.  But, according to the April 3rd Daily Star:

“. . . two years of political turmoil and economic crisis have eroded hard currency reserves at a rate of about $1 billion a month, raising questions about Egypt’s ability to purchase in open tenders.”

Yet a month later, Daily News Egypt wrote that President Mohamed Mursi planned to achieve self sufficiency in wheat production within four years. Experts said this was impossible.  One explained:  “the land allocated for agriculture is limited, so increasing production will be limited as well.”

By mid-July, ousted former Minister of Supplies Bassem Ouda finally admitted only a two month supply of wheat was left in Egypt’s coffers. 84 million people in Egypt depend on imported bread to live.  Along with Ouda’s confession, Reuters quotes U.N. Food officials that Egypt faces food security concerns.

Now, rather than admit Mursi’a failed leadership, his followers would rather fill their nation’s streets with blood: “We r-EGYPT-large570will protect our President Mursi with our necks. We are all willing to sacrifice our necks and souls for him,” Brotherhood General Guide Mohammed Badie told hundreds of thousands of demonstrators at Cairo’s Rabaa Mosque recently.  So what they want is war and starvation?

Like politicians in the U.S. often find, to campaign for high office is one thing, but to govern a nation is another. Officials should be appointed to positions ––such as food and agriculture––based on their expertise, not political allegiances.

Hopefully, the interim military government can hold them in check.  If not, Egypt will not have bread or peace. Such foolishness is what the forces of evil want.  As Christian non-fiction prophecy books forecast, Satan’s rider cries:

“And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine (Revelation 6:5 – 5).” Famine indeed!

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The Enemy of My Enemy Is Not Always My Friend, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:32 PM
May 29, 2013

Tamerlan-received-welfare        Admittedly, the United States and other Western nations may owe some descendants of Muslims from small Turkish countries repayment, yet these indebted countries should take care in retribution through immigration policies.

Some bloggers suggest that for political reasons law enforcement is not viewing possible Islamic criminals a close look.  In ‘Conciliatory FBI Policies Toward Islamism Hampered Probe into Boston Bombers, Experts Say,” Bill Gertz of Washington Free Beacon quotes conterterrorism expert, Sebastian Gorka:

“The fact is religion has been expunged from counterterrorism training.  The FBI can’t talk about Islam and they can’t talk about jihad.”  Gertz says that even after the Boston Marathon bombings, the government refers to the Tsarnev brother as Chechens, rather than radicalized Islamists.

Question:  why are people who have nothing of value to add to American culture so easily welcomed here. For instance Ibragim Todashev, another Chechen and a close friend of the older Tsarnev, is now believed to have joined him in drug-related murders of three young men in Boston months before the bombings.

Like too many immigrants, Todashev entered the country on a student visa.  But after dropping out of school, he stayed in the U.S., moving from Boston to Florida, without interest by immigration officials. Last week, a FBI agent killed Todashev after he turned violent over interrogation on the Boston murders.

Desiree Stennett and Jerriann Sullivan, reporters for the Orlando Sentinel, add to Todashev’s background:  “Todashev, a mixed martial arts fighter, knocked a stranger unconscious in a bloody fight over a parking space at the Premium Outlet Mall earlier this month and was arrested on aggravated battery charges.”

They add that Todashev’s Boston training partner “said Todashev frequently got into fights with people outside the gym and verbal disputes with other members.”  That trainer added this Chechen “had been kicked out of several gyms for getting into altercations on the street.”

In ‘Slain Russian Ibragim Todashev ‘Intimidated’ Former Neighbors,’ Laurel J. Sweet, O’Ryan Johnson and Antonio Planas of the Boston Herald write that neighbors of Todashev when he lived in Cambridge “said he was nasty.”

They add:  “At the time of yesterday’s shooting, Todashev was free on a $3,500 bond, according to Florida court  Todashev-terroristrecords, after being arrested May 4 by sheriff’s deputies at gunpoint at the Premium Outlet Mall in Orlando on a charge of felony aggravated battery after a mall security guard reported a fight in a parking lot that left a man battered and bleeding.”

So why were Todashev and Tamerlan Tsarnev––both with proven violent tendencies––welcomed to this country and certified to stay here.  Such lack of wisdom in immigration policies must end.  As the Christian nonfiction book list insists:  “The fear of The LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction (Proverbs 1: 7).”

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The Enemy of My Enemy Is Not Always My Friend

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:17 AM
May 22, 2013

So Beate Zscape, her two dead compatriots, and the rest of her posse on trial for murdering Germans of Turkish descent were angry because they only want ‘pure’ Germans in the homeland?  Strange such a ‘noble’ German didn’t know her country’s decades-long history of using, and abusing, those from Turkish countries.

Tsarnaev-brothers-bombers        And U.S. Bostonians are shocked that two brothers, recent immigrants from the Kyrgyzstan Republic––a small wholly-Muslim nation which has been fighting Russia for their freedom for centuries––shot up their town on Marathon day.

And . . . few press persons or government agencies have publicly coordinated the brothers’ confession––they killed Americans because Americans were killing Muslims overseas––with other recent mass killers in the U.S.

For example, last month Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood psychiatrist-killer told a judge:  “”Your honor, in the name of almighty Allah, I am a Muslim.”  That was his excuse for murdering 38 Americans.

Yes, of course, it is far too simplistic––and downright wrong––to paint all Muslims in America with the poisonous brush these killers welded.  But like Beate, Americans are far too ignorant of their nation’s use of Muslims from various Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries before and after World War II.

The truth is that Germany, the United States, Russia and other European nations have treated Muslims from these small Turkish countries as covert pawns throughout most of the 20th Century.  At times, their nations were part of Germany.  At other times, they were part of Russia.  Generations of such pounding left one consistent identity factor––religion rather than race or nationality.

In ‘A Mosque In Munich:  Nazis, The CIA, and the Rise of The Muslim Brotherhood in the West,’ Ian Johnson explains that as early as the 1930s Germans and Americans were strategizing with Muslims from the Middle East and Central Asia at an obscure mosque in Munich.

Johnson writes that founders of the small mosque on the outskirts of Munich had no interest in Muslim immigrants coming to Europe.  Rather each group had a different goal, and those often conflicting goals would continue into this century:

“1) Some were Nazis who wished to use Muslims to win WWII; 2) Others, from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency hoped to recruit Muslims to fight Communism; 3) Radical Islamists saw the structure as a recruiting stronghold.” He says the Mosque was not a place for worship, but rather for political activities.

In his well-researched study, Johnson––who is a full-time correspondent for the Wall Street Journal––explains how Johnson Booka Baltic-German, Gerhard von Mende, purposely organized Muslims in Germany for these and other manipulative uses.

History cannot be changed, but it must be known and understood.  And, while true Americans want our nation to get out of this ‘international’ mess with honor, we must hold our government responsible for the truth.  As Christian non-fiction prophecy books explain: When we know the truth,  the truth shall indeed set us free (John 8: 32).

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The Better Way to Know Realities of Heaven and Hell!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:20 AM
April 17, 2013

woman-in-hellHitler and his various Nazi consorts were said to visit Hell often, going through special portals in various secret places around the world. They formed the Ahnenerbe Think Tank to find ancient entrances into Hell’s lowest regions in earth.

Several Nazi scientists admitted that ‘other worldly’ beings instructed them on how to build advance weaponry, aircraft, bombs and the mystic Nazi bell. There is no known written record with Nazi chiefs describing their nether regions.

But if those goons really wanted to find out about Hell, they should have read the best source on the subject––God’s Holy Word. And if they desired to find out about ‘other worldly beings,’ The Bible could have informed them of that as well. But alas, those lost souls chose the evil way. As The Word says “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God (Psalm 9: 17).”

The Bible speaks of two realities other than on this earth. One is in Hell, in the hot fiery center of the globe. The other is Heaven soaring far above this planet.

Certainly, there is more than one reality in space. And certainly there are many realities, or bases of ‘truth,’ among societies and cultures on earth. These authentic worlds often collide in realms usually invisible to physical eyes, but nonetheless just as real––in fact more so, because most of these are eternal.

Two Biblical writers went into Hell and came back to tell about it. One, Jonah––who died eaten within a whales belly––cried out, asking The LORD to forgive his disobedience. After three days, the whale spewed repentant Jonah alive onto the shores of Nineveh, the spot where God wanted him to go in the first place. 02-heaven

The other, more famous Person, The LORD Jesus Christ, went “to the lower parts of the earth” to preach to a group of chained angels (2 Peter 2: 4; Jude 1: 6), who had cohabited with Eve’s grand daughters, creating giants in the earth (Genesis 6), including Goliath slain by champion David several generations later.

The LORD’s other mission was to lead Abraham and his redeemed children out Sheol, their temporary safe house in in Hell’s caverns: “Wherefore He saith, When He ascended up on high, He led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. (Now that He ascended, what is it but that He also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that He might fill all things) (Ephesians 4: 8 – 10).”

But why did Abraham and some of his descendants have to be in those caverns, waiting to be set free? Good question! They could not get out of that ‘temporary house’ until the price for all human sins had been paid. And that infinite price was paid as The LORD poured out His Body and Blood on the Cross.

If Hitler and his Nazis had only known that the rituals they celebrated in Catholic mass as boys represented true realities. If only The LORD’s Body and Blood had been in their hearts by faith, instead of disrespected distant ritual memories in their heads, they would have found much easier ways to discover those other realities! Such is the purity and danger of Heaven and Hell!

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Why Study Hitler and World War II? A Good Question!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:50 AM
December 31, 2012

It is fitting, at this end of the intrinsically telling year of 2012, to reflect on why this Blog studies Hitler’s Germany to such an extent.  While discussing several facets of this question, suffice it to say we have delved into Hitler’s Third Reich in Germany for three major reasons:

1)  Because Hitler was the second anti-Christ (Napoleon, whom we have not studied in depth being the first); 2) Because Germany initiated the First and Second World Wars, and now instigates the next one; and 3) Because we want readers to understand the signs of this coming Third War, to be led by the Third and Last anti-Christ, looming just off stage, soon ready to reap his vicious cruelties upon all the world with special intended destruction of the United States, and thus Israel.

Anti-Christ is a term for those especially satanically-empowered men who proclaim themselves to be god-rulers over regions of the world, to stand in place of, and thus prevent, the return of God’s Chosen Ruler––His Son Jesus Christ.

Of course, there have been other such inane persons––ancient pharaohs, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Nero and fellow emperors who anointed themselves as gods, etc.  But none had technologies of modernized killing power.

Adding his slaughter of thousands in Haiti to his rampages in Europe, self-appointed emperor, Napoleon killed some 50,000.  But by his day, Hitler, who scrapped and connived himself into being Chancellor of Germany, caused the deaths of some 100 million and untold more among warriors and civilians.  But modern instruments of war will allow the last anti-Christ to kill billions.

Some signs of these present end-times leading to the rise of the final anti-Christ include:  1) Men of enormous stolen wealth seeking to manipulate leaders in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East; 2) Such manipulation especially leading to economic and moral collapse within and among nations of power; 3)  Weakened and superficial representations of Christianity in the U.S. and Europe;

4)  Rise of occult, pagan and non-traditional religious worship; 5)  Adoration of violence, simultaneously accompanied by advanced powers of killing technology; 6) Worship of death-ritual human sacrifice, especially that of children; 7) Great decline of morality and decency crossing the boundaries normal civilized humanity and civility; 8) Other modern ‘scientific achievements’ leading to manipulation and/or destruction of Natural Order––such as in Global Warming, Robotology, ‘life’ transplantations among humans and animals; technology-modified foods; reorientation of earth’s waters, forests, and other wild life; etc.

The goal of Satan and his anti-Christ is to obstruct Earth’s blessings, and the accompanied human and natural order that God created, turning it into a place of perpetual self-destruction.  As Christian non-fiction prophecy books assert:  to kill is the devil’s self-bestowed assignment.  The LORD Jesus said of Him in John 10: 10:  “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.” The question now is will knowing believers hold this ultimate pretender off in 2013?

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