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Neo-Nazis: America’s Inner War With Itself, History and WW2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
August 13, 2012

        Unfortunately, so much about the neo-Nazi murderer who attacked the Sikh Temple killing seven victims (including the killer) and wounding others in Wisconsin earlier this month is mindful of the simultaneous rise of neo-Nazi politics, crimes, murders––and official cover-ups––now going on in Europe.

Just as law enforcement agencies suppressed the truth about the rise of neo-Nazis in Germany, officials in the United States have done the same.  Just as authorities had tracked the Sikh killer, Wade Michael Page, for years so had federal authorities in Germany tracked three neo-Nazis who murdered minorities in that country.  And in both cases that suppression eventually led to multiple murders.

On June 14th, after the arrest of three neo-Nazis for nine murders in Germany, this blogger ran a story, “Neo-Nazis: Germany’s Inner War With Itself, History and WW2 Identity,” which pointed out:

“Public pressure escalated when German media revealed that intelligence agencies had been watching this Neo-Nazi group ‘for years,’ and even found a bomb-making factory in their garage back in 1998.”  So . . .  Why was so much police attention given to the Turkish mafia, while ignoring Neo-Nazi murderers?

“But a deeper problem in the German psyche is that it refuses to acknowledge the dangerous power of the burgeoning Neo-Nazi movement, and that this psyche may hide deep-seated longing for that movement’s ideology. . . .”

In fact, other blogs at this site also pointed out that when the head of German law enforcement tried to tell the truth about neo-Nazis in the belly of the nation’s underground, certain politicians, who wanted national investigations centered upon Muslims immigrants, promptly pushed him out of office.

And in the United States, in 2009 after Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, tried to warn the nation about the rise of neo-Nazis in this country, she was rebuffed by American politicians who also preferred federal investigations to center on Muslim immigrants.

Daryl Johnson, the agent who reported to Napolitano about the threat of neo-Nazis in the United States, had been researching domestic terrorism for some 15 years.  But he was also eased out of his job a year after his report publicly warned about the rise of neo-Nazis in the United States.

In future blogs, we will discuss Mr. Johnson’s findings, the connections between neo-Nazi activities in Europe and the United States, and urgency of some politicians to deny their realities.

As cultural studies war history relates:  “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known (Luke 12: 2).”  Thus authentic scholars, journalists and researchers always work to uncover the truth!

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Vile Nazism As Strong as Ever in Heartland of the Ukraine

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:23 PM
July 13, 2012

    From Nazi flags sported by hooligans at the euro 2012 soccer games, to new school textbooks glorifying Hitler and the SS, to professional advertisements on the streets––it is clear that neo-Nazism is alive and growing in the Ukraine.

Sol Campbell, a former famed footballer on Arsenal and Totterham Hotspur teams in England warned British fans and players alike to “stay away from the European Championships because they “could end up coming back in a coffin.”

Campbell insists that because of the levels of Nazi racism in Poland and the Ukraine, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) never should have scheduled the 2012 games there.  Indeed events during the games proved him right.

A BBC documentary shows Ukrainians giving Nazi salutes, making monkey noises in front of Black players, and chanting anti-Semitic slogans.  Neo-Nazis have 18 organizations throughout the Ukraine, in city where games were played.

Ukrainian Nazi youth warned British players and fans of African and Asian descent, “come on we’re waiting for you.” According to Farrell Dobbs of, most of the hard-core Nazi hooligans were trained at paramilitary camps run by ‘The Patriot of Ukraine’ on ways to inflict mayhem during the matches.

One of those football hooligans boasted about how they would riot and hurl racist abuse at black England stars.  Dobbs says, “The group’s leaders said the hooligans were seen as “foot soldiers” that would proclaim their contemptible message of racial hatred to the world during Euro 2012.”

In Lvov, posters praise Ukrainian Division Galichina, the 114th voluntary trooper division on the SS manned by Ukrainians who fought against Russia and pledged an oath to Hitler.  City officials call the ad posters ‘social advertising,’ but Russian News services say that those same officials actually paid for the posters.

In an article on how Ukraine’s new history books glorify Nazism, says Ukraine’s new textbooks present the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists as fighting for the liberation of their country, not necessarily fighting for Hitler.  Pravda says that Ukrainian authorities believe that those who fought with Nazi Germany should be seen as heroes, not criminals.

Political analyst Vladimir Kornilov adds:  “Ultra-nationalism has radicalized in Ukraine. That’s because for five years it had been strongly supported by the ruling elite. Now ultra-right and neo-Nazi movements are infiltrating football supporters. And nobody does anything about it.”

Is there a reason that anyone believes that such rites and behaviors push the world ever closer to World War III.  Cultural studies war history indicates that Ukraine’s behavior is but a precursor of that coming War.  But as the Bible says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23: 7).  If Ukrainians want to relive World War II, only another defeat can stop them.

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Rise of Neo-Nazis in Germany: Wanted History Repeats Itself?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:12 AM
July 11, 2012

        Even a cursory history of the rise of Hitler before World War II would reveal that Nazism took hold in rural country sides before moving to urban areas, and that it swelled its ranks by as attracting unemployed young men.

And like the elected government that ignored Hitler’s rising power until it was too late, Germany’s government looks to the finances of other euro-zone nations, rather than keeping an eye on fast-growing neo-Nazi groups at home.

According to news service, neo-Nazism in Germany exists on a very wide scale.  “Thousands of neo-Nazis gather for annual marches in Dresden, often clashing with police and anti-fascist activists.”  And neo-Nazi violence increases especially in small towns.

For example, Zossen appears to be an quaint small German town of 6,000  that is far away from industries and cities.  But four years ago Nazi symbols sprouted up everywhere, and a neo-Nazi teenager torched the town’s social center.

“Activists say it is easy for the neo-Nazis to recruit new members, especially among disillusioned and dejected teenagers. With poor infrastructure and high unemployment, and few social escapes on offer in the town, it is often simply boredom which drives them to extremes,” says Peter Schmidt, anti-Nazi activist.

Furthermore, some local German officials now suggest that children of neo-Nazis be removed from their families, because they are continuously brainwashed at special schools and summer camps with praises of Hitler and the Third Reich. reports that at a raid on a summer camp revealed books for children to color Hitler’s mustache, cakes with swastikas, and indoctrination that democracy is for weaklings, and only a new Fuehrer can save Germany.  Officials say that ‘several thousand’ households in Germany now raise their children to esteem Nazis with admiration and longing to build a Fourth Reich.

At s huge neo-Nazi rally in Hamburg last month some 700 Nazi marchers clashed with 4,400 police and 3,500 far-left protesters.  Police suffered 38 injuries, and two parked cars and a police cruiser were set on fire.  Opposing forces threw rocks and fire works at police, who responded with water canons and pepper spray.

German papers say 63 were taken into custody, while another 17 were formally arrested.  But Russian papers report that 700 were arrested. Another 10,000 people held a more peaceful anti-Nazi rally in front of Hamburg City Hall.

Why do people have to be reminded that cultural studies war history can repeat itself?  Why can’t Germany’s leaders see that their problems at home should take first priority?  Or is it as Apostle Paul says: “Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart (Ephesians 4: 18).”  They do not see because they do not want to see.  They already know the reality they want!

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Eventual Success for Neo-Nazi Youth? Germany’s Inner War, Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:57 PM
June 18, 2012

  As much as Germany tries ignore its problem with Neo-Nazis, its population seems to be more drawn to the ideology of their many semi-forbidden groups.  And German youth are even more so drawn to join their organizations.

Trying to hold back the tide, the German government just banned its largest Neo-Nazi association, the Help Organization for National Political Prisoners and Their Families (HNG).  But it will not be as easy to stop Hilterized thinking there.

Founded 33 years ago, HNG has about 600 known members.  A charity organization, it tries to help those who are imprisoned for the ultra right wing views.  But the government denies the group has charitable purposes.  BBC News quotes The Interior Ministry that the group is “racist, anti-Semitic agenda, was a threat to German society and the constitution.”

Neo-Nazis seem especially adept in attracting Germany’s youth.  Hajo Funke, a Neo-Nazi expert says: “Young men are attracted because there are no alternatives in the village except this group who are aggressive, who are male, chauvinist and dominating the scene.”

CBN News reporter, Dale Hurd says, “A recent report revealed one out of twenty 15-year-old German boys belong to a neo-Nazi group––a number no other political party can claim.”  Because they deny a problem exists, main stream political parties apparently see no need to train youth in democratic principles.

According to Hurd, “The legal and political arm of the neo-Nazi movement is the National Democratic Party or NPD.”  A former NPD member said that the group wants “restoration of the Third Reich.”  He adds, no matter what NPD members say in public, they “privately praise Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.”

Restore the Third Reich!  Hurd also claims that the number of Germans who agree with that thinking is much larger than the government wants to admit, and that “neo-Nazis in eastern Germany are trying to run their own kindergartens.”

Bernd Wagner, founder of a group called EXIT-Germany which tried to help Neo-Nazis get out of the movement, says “There is an increase of neo-Nazis and organized right-wing extremists.  Plus there is a tendency in the population of sympathizing with their ideas and ideology which is also increasing.”

In a summary of Germany’s identity, BBC News writes:  “The pain of Germany’s Nazi-era history remains a sensitive element in the country’s collective modern-day psyche.”  And those indoctrinating Germany’s youths in Neo-Nazi ideology know that, apparently much better than its government.

Brotherhood of the rose illustrates that diligent teaching of children can produce criminals, murderers and even extreme right wing Nazis.  And the Bible agrees:  “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22: 6).”

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Europe’s Self Awareness: Creeping Nazism ‘Quietly’ Seizing Power

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
May 14, 2012

       A tittering economy is only part of the reason, but the desire to be cleansed of the threat of ‘difference’ is dominant:  Citizens in European nations now openly profess that they prefer not to have Muslims, Jews or others, outside of their own national ethnic identities, living within their borders.  Political leaders even say so in media publications from time to time.

For instance, Frits Bolkestein, former  leader of the Liberal Party in the Netherlands advised:  “recognizable Jews, orthodox Jews, that their children should emigrate from the Netherlands to Israel or the United States. I see no future for them here because of anti-Semitism, above all among the Moroccan Dutch, whose numbers continue to grow.”

It is astounding that a prominent national leader feels free to make such a statement in a country which some 75 years ago allowed Nazi hatred to wipe out its entire population of 150,000 Jews during Hitler’s reign.

Europe’s response to shocked Americans is that the U.S. only has a one percent Muslim population, while some 30 million Muslims are in Europe making up at least four percent of that population.

Moreover, State Watch, Reporters Without Borders, Migreurop, European Alternatives and other information-seeking groups in Europe push back against government officials who want to quietly cover-up anti-immigrant policies.

In a brilliant piece of under-cover journalism, “Visits Campaign:  Obstacles to the Right to Know,” exposed startling truth about ‘prison’ camps in Europe for unwelcomed foreigners:

“The reality of administrative detention of foreigners, a familiar instrument of European migration policies, is hidden from civil society and to the media. Such secrecy makes abuses and attacks on human rights both more likely and harder to combat.  European citizens have the right to know the consequences of the policies which are put in place in their names.”

In spite of stealthy resistance from official channels that are determined “to keep these centers invisible and inaccessible,” the group visited 14 migrant detention camps in Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Mauritania, Serbia and Croatia.

We will report on their findings in the next blog.  Hitlerian Nazism is aggressively rising in Europe, and the resulting conflicts, along with significant economic declines, now catapult the world quickly towards World War III.

Students of cultural studies war history should not deny the signs.  As Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  To blindly ignore barbaric hatred repeating past history is the ultimate death of civilizations.
And so . . . what about migrant camps in the good old U.S.A.?

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2012: The Final War Between God, Satan, Aliens, and People, Part 4

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 22:55 PM
April 23, 2012

     Evidence of alien beings is multiplying around the world.  Mysterious events have been prophesied for centuries.  Moreover, people in various nations have voiced suspicions that numerous new, and often unnamed, diseases were either sent from outer space or planted by vicious nazi-like murderous scientists.

As it did with St. Malachy, Extinction Protocol quote St. Denis, also from the 12th Century:  “A comet will be seen in heaven––a star, that is, with a tail or appendage—and this apparition will signify destruction and tumults and hard strifes, and withholding of rains, and dryness of the Earth, and mighty battles, and the flowing of blood upon the Earth of the east, and from beyond the River Harbor it will reach to the very end of the west. And the just and the truly righteous will be oppressed and will suffer persecutions, and the house of prayer will be destroyed.”

That blog and other sites report such fireballs or comets as actually being alien space ships.  Several bloggers, especially speak of a Comet Lovejoy.   Space says that noted Astronomer John Bortle “urges observers (especially in the southern hemisphere) to “begin searching for Comet Lovejoy’s bright tail projecting up out of the morning twilight beginning at dawn. The tails of some of the major sun-grazing comets have been extraordinarily bright.

“Comet Lovejoy’s apparition has been so bizarre up to this point that it is difficult to anticipate just what might happen next. . . including the exact sort of tail it might unfurl in the morning sky. The visibility of the tail could improve in the days ahead as the comet moves away from the sun and the background sky darkens accordingly. Early-rising sky watchers should be alert for this rare apparition.”

Just this week, in an article, “UFO Fireball Gives Arizona News Team the Jitters,” Tom Rose of states:  “A UFO, not behaving like a meteor, streaked across the skies of Arizona, causing many to call police. And for a local news team to head out of the studio to investigate. What was it?

“In a sign that mainstream media is beginning to pay serious attention to the unidentified flying object phenomenon, local Arizona TV news affiliate ABC15 did a two-minute news segment on the fireball which was reportedly streaking across the sky as the newscast aired live.”

National media cannot continue to ignore these signs in the night sky.  The fireballs––along with strange weather phenomenon, rising sea waters and high-measured earthquakes and erupting volcanoes––have people everywhere thinking out loud about the end of time.  Apparently, written by a scientist, Alan Nourse books, rather than being science fiction, are a warning of coming space wars.

Moreover, when The LORD Jesus says in Luke 21: 26 that “the powers of heaven shall be shaken,” surely He is not speaking about stars made of rock or icy planets.  These do not have power to disturb men on earth.  But alien enemies do!

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Not Just Hitler: WWII Biological Weapons in the United States

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:56 PM
April 3, 2012

 Recently, U.S. health agencies issued news releases blithely announcing:  “The northeastern U.S. should prepare for a surge in Lyme disease this spring.”  It’s just that simple, is it?  Americans must look past possible government smoke screens!

 The World Wire Service then quotes Disease Ecologist Richard S. Ostfeld: “And we can blame fluctuations in acorns and mouse populations, not the mild winter.”  But on-line reporters and historians who have studied biological warfare in World War II know there is much more to the story.

 History is clouded as to whether or not Hitler authorized use of germ warfare.  While Japan did use it against the Chinese, German scientists experimented with biological weapons.  At the end of the war, those scientists were hurriedly shipped to the United States so they could continue their work on biological weapons.  

        Scholars now insists that experiments in those ‘weapons’ were carried out in the U.S. on Plum Island, Connecticut, and that the Lyme Disease epidemic currently spreading throughout the Northeast results from those experiments.

 The Defense Department imported these scientists under an operation known as “Project Paperclip.”  According to Dr. Patricia Doyle: “Plum Island appears to have been the site of experiments with disease-infected ticks conducted by Nazi scientists brought into the United States under Project Paperclip.

 “One of the Nazi scientists who appears to have been involved with Plum Island was Dr. Erich Traub, who was in charge of the Third Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare program in World War II. Was Traub involved with experiments that led to the spread of Lyme Disease?”

 The cite summarizes Plumb Island’s involvement with Lyme Disease:  “1) Lyme disease did not start appearing until the mid-1970s; 2) It’s one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the US; 3) It’s first recorded outbreak was in Old Lyme, Connecticut; 4) Old Lyme, CT is directly across Long Island sound from Plum Island which for years the U. S. government claimed was an entirely benign livestock disease research center.”
 This article continues that in 1993 Newsday uncovered the truth:  “Extensive experiments were conducted on Plum Island that involved creating diseases and infecting ticks with them–all in the name of protecting America’s livestock.”
 Writing for the Portland Independent Medical Center, “Lymerayja” says:  “So, for the first time, a US government body admits that Lyme disease is a biological warfare agent. This is the reason that hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the world have been left to rot with wrong diagnoses.”

           These bizarre developments sound more like cultural studies war history than like the United States as we ‘know’ it today.  In Daniel Chapter 7, the prophet insists he must know the truth about the beast set to destroy the earth.  Journalists, scholars, and true preachers must do the same today.

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Not Just Hitler!!: Effects of Today’s Germany on Europe, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:45 PM
March 29, 2012

 In this new century, most populations in other European nations are not very pleased with Germany.  They consider the nation and its leaders to be controlling bullies.  (An example of how Germany controls Europe today can be seen on our sister blog, 
 People in Europe and the United States watch with baited breath too see how Germany ‘supervises’ creditors handling Greece’s debts.  That the various nation-states in Europe are not joined as one politically unified nation is a major problem.  Their only common interest is “euro” currency.  Yet other Europeans seethe as they watch Germany steer the region’s loose financial configuration as it sees fit.

 Many economic analysis are writing that even with the current bailout from the European Union (EU), Greece is still likely to default.  And people will hold Germany responsible.  Charles Hugh Smith of says the default “will implode the shadow-banking system and the visible banking system . . .”

 Smith says that the failure of one nation’s financial system “can trigger a systemic failure” for all.  If Greece defaults . . . then the system will quickly unravel.  Empires tend to fall when the interests of their Elites diverge. We are at such a point in the global financial Empire.”  And that includes the United States.

 But what does Smith speak of with the language “shadow-banking system?”  Wikipedia defines it as:  “the collection of financial entities, infrastructure and practices which support financial transactions that occur beyond the reach of existing state sanctioned monitoring and regulation.

 “It includes entities such as hedge funds, money market funds and structured investment vehicles. . . it has been common practice for investment banks to conduct many of their transactions in ways that don’t show up on . . . . and so are not visible to regulators or unsophisticated investors. . . prior to the financial crisis, investment banks financed mortgages through off-balance sheet securitization and hedged risk through off-balance sheet credit default swaps.”

  Ida Wells at Earth End concludes that these credit default swaps are responsible for the collapse of the housing market in the U.S.  Likewise, Alvin Conway of Extinction Protocol 2012 and Beyond has stated that the decline of Greece will signal the collapse of Western civilization.

 Similar economic dysfunction during the Great Depression allowed Hitler to push Germany in lock step to start World War II.  And, as in the first two World Wars, Germany’s harsh treatment of other nations will be a major catalyst for the start of World War III.  Most people presume participants in axis and allies history world war were human.  But The Bible’s Book of Revelation make clear that angels, aliens, and spirit beings will be seen, heard and felt in the next, last, and assuredly nuclear, World War III.

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Not Just Hitler!!: Germany and World Wars I, II, and III

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:57 PM
March 28, 2012

 Populations of most European nations are not pleased with Germany’s financial prominence, and its tight fiscal control over the continent’s finances. 

 As he shows Greek protesters preparing to burn a past German Nazi flag, Robert Marquand of the Christian Science Monitor writes:  “Critics say Germany is a bully, twisting Europe’s arm with an austerity regime that will bring subservience.”  Marquand summarizes the core criticisms:

 “Europe cannot quickly become another Germany; Austerity ignores short-term pain and possible chaos; There is no realistic growth plan for drastically shrinking economies; and The German Doctrine will force changes in the eurozone, perhaps even pushing Greece out . . . , etc.”

 Other critics also insist Germany is not concerned with the affects its policies have on other nations.  Economist Stephen King writes:  “the eurozone is in danger of shifting towards a Ptolemaic system with Germany at its center…. It requires economic adjustment by others to protect the interests of German taxpayers and voters… [making] the system as a whole increasingly unstable.”

 This is all so mindful of Germany’s history with the rest of the world!

 In two of his essential books––“Germany’s Aims in the First World War” and “World Power of Decline:  The Controversy Over Germany’s Aims in the First World War”––Fritz Fischer uses extensive research to prove that Germany intentionally instigated the First World War.

 Fischer argues that Germany provoked Austria into war because it wanted greater prominence as a leader on the world stage.  He posits that not only did Kaiser Wilhelm II want such elevation, but the leadership of his military, as well as journalists, labor leaders, business scions, etc., all shared this desire.  In fact, Fischer says,  these ideas were accepted within the entire German population. says:  “Wilhelm was an overtly militaristic man, and believed fervently in increasing the strength of Germany’s armed forces. . . Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on 28 June 1914, Wilhelm . . .[Germany] incited Austria-Hungary to exact revenge against Serbia.  Events spiraled throughout July resulting in the First World War.”

 Of course, German politicians, journalists and scholars were outraged when Fischer’s first book was published.  For decades,  they labeled his accusations preposterous.  But Fischer took his position as a prominent German historian who based his thesis on exhaustive research in official government archives.
 History repeated itself in World War II.  Today, Germany’s control of Europe becomes a backdrop for World War III.  As Finis Dake points out in his Annotated Bible, the fourth horseman prepares his ride when Germany’s head leads Europe’s body and The Middle East into World War III!  More on this in future blogs.

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Unholy Alliances: Hitler and the Moral Failure of German Churches

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:13 AM
February 1, 2012

 A primary reason that Hitler was able to lead Germany so willingly into World War II was his planned subversion of both Protestant and Catholic Churches in Germany.  Ostensibly the average German’s faith in God was easily mixed with racial identity, patriotism, occult under-currents, and belief in violence and war.

 Several characteristics generally attended political fascism in Hitler’s Germany, practiced modalities apparently welcomed by that nation’s churches, media and legal systems:  1) Hooliganism and stolen elections; 2)  Racism and antisemitism veiled as patriotism; 3) Political and religious support from the majority of Protestant and Catholic churches and pastors; 4)  Financial support from wealthy individuals and international corporations that made billions of dollars from Hitler’s war––including companies based in the United States; 

 5)  Divisive propaganda through subservient media; 6)  A corrupted legal system justifying persecution and deaths of a large minority segment of the population; 7) Eugenic and other “scientific” support for racial superiority; 8 ) Confusion between and a merger of, traditional Christianity, fascism and occult teachings through the use of symbols and ambiguous language; and 9) Hatred toward and suppression against intellectuals who spoke out against such practices.

 By the start of the war only very small groups in either Catholic or Protestant churches resisted the Nazi movement––The Confessing Church among Protestant denominations, and some members of the Catholic family and parish of Claus von Stauffenberg, who is the subject of the Tom Cruise movie, “Valkyrie.”

 In her chapter, “Storm Troopers of Christ:  The German Christian Movement and the Ecclesiastical Final Solution,” in the book, “Betrayal:  German churches and the Holocaust,” Doris I. Bergen writes:  “As late as 1940, after years of Nazi propaganda deriding Christian institutions, over 95 percent of Germans remained taxpaying members of a recognized church.  The overwhelming majority of those people never resisted Nazism in the name of their Christian faith.”

 Moreover, Germans received more religious training as children than most American Christians.  Sunday church rituals were as much a part of German culture as German food, dress and beer.  As Daniel Goldhagen says in his work, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners:  Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust,” German soldiers took pride in obeying the commandment not to steal, but thought it perfectly acceptable to kill Jews, who were considered sub-human.

 Such behavior reinforces Biblical tenants that Christianity is a matter of the heart, not of the head.  It cannot just be exercised in rote behavior.  It must come from a heart of love.  For the crucible of true Christianity is the love of God––love that transcends racial or ethnic identity, patriotism, etc.  It is the love of The LORD Jesus Christ who gave His life that all mankind may live now and forever!

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