Sudan Wife & Mother Arrested Twice Because She Is A Christian!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:04 PM
July 3, 2014

Meriam-Ibrahim-imprisonedThose who confess Christianity in America can only imagine living with real anti-Christian persecution, with neighbors, police officials and governments hating you because of your faith.  Well, this example should give gratitude for the U.S.A.

Meriam Ibrahim, a 27-year old Sudanese woman, had been sentenced to death for apostasy, because she married a Christian.  During her four-month prison sentence, as she awaited death, Meriam gave birth to her second child, a girl she named Maya, while her 18- month-old son, Martin, stood by her side.

Associated Press reporter, Mohamed Osman exposits:  “Ibrahim, whose father was Muslim but who was raised by her Christian mother, was convicted of apostasy for marrying a Christian. Sudan’s penal code forbids Muslims from converting to other religions, a crime punishable by death.

“Ibrahim married a Christian man from southern Sudan in a church ceremony in 2011. As in many Muslim nations, Muslim women in Sudan are prohibited from marrying non-Muslims, though Muslim men can marry outside their faith. By law, children must follow their father’s religion.”

But last week the Sudan Court of Cassation cancelled the death sentence and ordered her release.  However, that release came after months of international outrage. “The U.S. State Department said it was “deeply disturbed” by the sentence and called on the Sudanese government to respect religious freedoms.”

American politicians had hoped that the couple and their children would then be free to come to the United States. Sudan, to the North, has been under Shariah law since the 1980s, when Christian South Sudan split from Sudan. Osman adds: “A number of Sudanese have been convicted of apostasy in recent years, but they all escaped execution by recanting their new faith.”

But Meriam refused to renounce her faith in Christ. According to Harriet Sherwood of, “ . . . she was given three days to renounce her faith or face a death sentence. She refused to recant, telling the court: “I am a Christian and I am not an apostate.” Now, that’s a true Christian.

Then, as they were at the airport waiting to board a plane to the U.S., one day after her release, Meriam, her husband and her two children were detained by 40 armed security officers! “Men claiming to be Ibrahim’s relatives, whose allegations against her triggered the court case, had threatened to carry out the death sentence if she was released from prison. Ibrahim denied knowing them.”

Her husband, Wani, an American citizen, told Sherwood:  “ . . . those who had triggered the case against his wife were trying to get their hands on her business interests, which include a hair salon, mini-mart and agricultural land.”Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan

Finally, this weekend, the family was released “under orders that Meriam stay in Sudan,” which claims she attempted to travel with an ‘illegal’ South Sudan passport. Apparently the family waits for resolution in the American embassy.

Hmm. How many Christians in America would willingly die for their faith in Christ?  As Christian adult fiction books cite Apostle Paul: “If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him: if we deny Him, he also will deny us (2 Timothy 2: 12)!”

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