historical fictionMy parents are Christian and they enjoy reading fiction books by Christian authors as well as non-fiction books. They like to read about various Christian topics about the right way to live your life every day. They love to read a lot of historical fiction that is based on the life of Jesus and other historical events in the Christian religion.

Being able to read a good book by a Christian author is something that my parents really look forward to. They enjoy getting lost in a good tale that has a lot to do with their beliefs, even if the tale is a fictional one. They recently got into a new book that they discovered about everyday choices that the author thinks that Jesus would have made.

This book is a great Christian authors historical fiction book and it has given my parents a lot to think about. They enjoy reading a book together and then talking about everything that they have gained from the book. Reading this book has been interesting for them and it involves everyday decisions that Christians are called to make. I am looking forward to reading this book once my parents are done with it.

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