Not Knowing History Means Not Knowing When It Repeats Itself!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:20 PM
May 1, 2012

 This blog spends some time discussing the rise of Hitler in Germany and in all of Europe in order to enable readers to recognize the signs of the rise of the Third and Last Anti-Christ in Europe and the Middle East.
 Those signs include:  1)  The present economic recession/depression sweeping through Europe in the guise of austerity; 2) Fulfillment of the New World Order’s plan that Christian churches would be reduced to welfare agencies synthesized into government NGOs; and 3) The strong shift in Europe toward ‘religious,’ ‘right-wing’ politics, including modernized Fascism.

 Economic depression was the major factor in Nazism taking over the German government before World War II.  Today in “Outside View:  Saving Europe From Collapse,” Peter Morici of United Press International writes:   “Governments may soon fall in France and Holland and are quickly losing legitimacy elsewhere in Europe because austerity programs and a common currency risk throwing the continent into an endless recession.”  An endless recession spiraling downward encourages extreme rebellions in governments.

 We wrote previously about weak Christian churches in Europe.  In a collection of essays titled, “Welfare and Religion in 21st Century Europe,” edited by Anders Backstrom, et al., scholars point out that governments taking over the care of the poor, which historically had been the church’s responsibility completed the process of secularization in Europe.  Declining memberships, and the incursion ethnic tribal and New Age ‘cult’ religions furthered weakened European churches.

 That weakness was also accompanied a religious-like zealotry into ethnic-based nation-centered politics.   Riding into power amid resistance against the immigration of Muslims into Dutch society, Geert Wilders has come from political obscurity to also question and upend the idealism of the European Union.

 Anthony Faiola’s wrote “Geert Wilders of the Netherlands Reveals A Resurgent Far Right in Europe,” yesterday in The New York Times:  “The rise of Wilders in the Netherlands is a cautionary tale for a continent in the midst of a debt crisis and where painful recessions, soaring unemployment and rising apathy among youths are fueling the strongest swell of support in decades for anti-immigrant nationalists.

 “From France to Austria and Greece to Finland, the popularity of nationalists is growing as politicians such as Wilders tap into voter rage over both the crisis and the proposed cure being pushed by mighty Germany . . .”

 As Axis and Allies history world war indicates, Europe’s ‘center’ is falling apart.  Without strong faith in Christ Jesus, with hatred for those who are “different,” and without expected financial security, Europe is just as vulnerable to the next Hitler as it was after World War I.  More on this in coming blogs.

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