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Civil Leaders and Law Enforcement Need Public Support and Prayer

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:56 PM
January 10, 2012

 At this end of time, we are beginning to see societies around the world unravel, and much of it results from lawlessness and corruption reaching from the thrones of world rulers to the common people.

 Civil societies are kept in place by systems of law––and that includes the realms of official and private police forces.  In the United States, federal government officials cooperate with local law officers, and local law enforcement often works with private agencies––all to ferret out criminals and to keep the vast majority of the population at peace.

 In a Nero Wolfe novel, “The Silent Speaker,” one of the two main characters, Archie Goodwin is speaking with a woman who accuses him of being a “snoop.”  To which he replies, “That is just downright childish.  You can’t be hinting that chasing people who commit crimes is something to be ashamed of.”

 Rex Stout, author of the Nero Wolfe series, was reared as a Quaker.  It was imbedded in his upbringing that evil exists in society, that it must be restrained and resisted at all times, because Satanic forces are always at the root of crime.  So Stout invented Nero Wolfe as a fictional character licensed by the state to investigate crime, and to serve the police––and often even federal forces––by nabbing crooks.

 Countries in the Western world, particularly English-speaking countries, have a long tradition of Christian writing steeped in exposing lawless criminality as satanically inspired, and inventing reality-based fictional characters who expose criminals and the consequences of their crimes––whether those consequences are before or after death.

 Certainly Shakespeare’s works, Dante’s Divine Comedy, or novels by Dorothy Sayers, Sherlock Holmes, etc., are forecasters of Stout’s works.   In Nero Wolfe novels like “The Golden Spiders,” Stout exposes a level of crime so evil as to include the murder of a child, as well as two other victims.  And, like those previous writers before him, he portrays characters who carry out such insanity, under the guise of being perfectly sane.

 In 1 Timothy, the Apostle Paul explains that civil laws are made for people who are committed to evil:  “Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, . . (1: 9).   And he tells true Christians that it is our responsibility to pray: “For kings, and [for] all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (2: 2).”  So let’s get to it!

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World’s Collide: Unseen Forces That Influence Human Behavior

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 14:55 PM
January 6, 2012

 We introduced the movie “Unstoppable” as an example of conflicting forces that include: greed for money and power, and unfortunately for food; unfounded assumptions about leadership; love and sacrifice for family; the fading Protestant work ethic; and the collective determination of the American people not to give up.

 One must ask, what has happened to this country?  Wasn’t there a time when corporate owners personalized their relationship with workers, especially in matters of life and death? Has stock market money always been the only dominating force in the corporate world?  Have leaders always been so cavalier about the safety of their workers, and of populations surrounding their operations?

 The film’s character Dewey, played by Ethan Suplee, represents failed management’s plan to fire older, more experienced workers with young bucks at a much lower wage.  This employee-switch illustrates the purpose of the film’s sub-plot: to prove corporate ownership’s near ignorance about the dangers involved in running these massive mechanical giants down dangerous tracks.

 Dewey is not only a lower wage “grunt” worker, he is also low on the moral totem pole. Resentful of everyone in his path, with a continuously running foul mouth, he curses older workers who know more about the job than he does.  He denigrates his female supervisor as a “ball buster,” behind her back, of course.  Very much overweight for his age, indicating laziness and gluttony, Dewey feels no moral capacity to take personal responsibility for his impervious actions.

 Thus, Dewey is a prime human candidate to carry out the satanic world’s nefarious plans for death and destruction.  His arrogant carelessness turns Train 777’s thirty-eight rail cars of cargo and steel into an unmanned killing machine.

 That children will be killed in a wreck with the run-away mechanical beast, is only averted when dedicated crews use all of their skills to avoid such carnage.  Management has no effective plan to stop Train 777 from killing thousands.  The main fears of corporate minions in the movie are financial losses from: mangled trains, insurance damages and falling stock prices.
 If material concerns are all world leaders have in mind, if people do not stand against such selfishness and greed, indeed––as Mary Shelley predicted in her novel, “Frankenstein”––21st century’s machined society is doomed.
 Doom, death, destruction, and increasing the population of hell, are the only goals in Satan’s kingdom. Mercy, forbearance, or love, especially for children, are not in the framework of thoughts or actions among his deceptive beings. 

 The LORD Jesus said in John 10: 10, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  If good people are to alter the social construction of reality today, they must listen more attentively to Him!

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Evidence of the Evil World and How to Defeat It!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 14:59 PM
January 4, 2012

 The visible world offers plenty of opportunity for those who are not Christians to comprehend the presence of the evil world around them.  For instance, when they sense dread and fear while watching horror movies, hopefully they grasp that not only are they viewing evil on the screen, they may well be in the presence of evil non-humans in the audience.

 For decades, steeped deeply into witchcraft, Rev. Irene Park, author of “The Witch That Switched,” became a born-again Christian in her mid-forties.  Park was high up in the witchcraft and drug-dealing world.  But after her conversion, she often testified that spirit demons would be in audiences of horror movies in order to attach themselves to human beings.

 Those who go to these movies for entertainment or comic laughter could be clueless about this demon attachment, but eventually it will affect their lives.  However, others may be aware of diabolical beings in movie houses that promote horror.  These knowledgeable attendees could even be carriers of those spirits.

 What is needed to combat these types of evil assaults operating throughout societies is the unfettered presence of God’s Holy Spirit operating in the lives of Christians.  Only His unfettered presence, fully-operating freely illustrates the power of God’s Love.

 In contrast to the evil world of fear and horror encapsulating Satan’s message of hatred and death.  The sphere of God’s love is proven by the triumphant of life, crucifixion and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

 As we come to the end of time, the battle is on.  Those who claim to be Christians can only win if they let the love of God shine out of their hearts, and significantly touch the lives of others.  Religion without love is simply another deceptive veil for evil.
 Politics cannot show the love of God.  Just attending church does not show the love of God.  Sending structured funding for material benefit alone cannot reach the human heart. Nor does not it prove the love of God (1 Corinthians 13: 3). 

 The LORD Jesus Christ did not suggest: He commanded Christians to “Go ye out into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16: 15).” To preach the Gospel without love is not preaching the Gospel of Christ at all.

 No vacuous religious substitute can defeat the presence of evil on earth.  Those who claim to have The LORD Jesus Christ in their hearts can only win this battle in His Name if they more earnestly live the authentic life of God’s love.
 God’s divine love, living through those who know Him, is the Only Power that can change the social construction of reality from the images of horror, dread, fear and death––images that indeed correctly forecast the realms of eternal hell awaiting those who do not know and live The God Who is Love (1 John 4: 8).

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Welcome: Discussing Christianity and Culture in These Last Days

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
January 3, 2012

    This site is dedicated to discussing modern culture under the light of what Biblical Christianity insists are the End Times or the Last Days––this era when people and the earth whirl towards a final apocalyptic Armageddon.

The grasp of modern culture includes popular films, television, politics, religions, literature, economics, etc.––that bundle of “realities” comprising and influencing American life and culture.  While some see culture as primarily fiction, others sense that culture is a sociological snapshot of realities within a nation.

Near the end of the 20th century, the ethos of American culture turned dark. The country slid down uncharted bottoms of political and economic division; film and television industries presented increasing pornography, violence, and horror films depicting wicked depravity––some celebrating witchcraft and chastising Christianity as weak; music changed from love ballads to sexual acts; churches and traditional religion melded into politics; public media substituted vital news with trivia; and wealth greatly increased for a few, while pushing the poor and middle class into sinking malaises of apparently inescapable hopelessness and poverty.

A current film that encapsulates these cultural tensions is “Unstoppable,” starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.  If one sees the monstrous run-away train in the film as a metaphor for a nation speeding toward destruction, and the deep fractious divisions between struggling laborers and wealthy disengaged management, the movie is symbolic the wide “1% verses the 99% gap.”

The potential crisis in the film would kill thousands if the train crashed, sink management’s ownership stock to the basement,  leave workers jobless, and businesses and communities collapsed.  Disaster was only averted when two men, along with other workers, decided to ignore management, and do all they could to save their families and communities.  At some point, people in divided America must do the same.  If not, the monster train of ignorant division will destroy us all.

Like too many Hollywood efforts, however, this heroic film falls short of dealing truthfully with the Christian faith that existed in the real-life Pennsylvania story.  Other than Pine slinging the word ‘Jesus’ around at times, or a 20 year-old Army veteran kneeling to pray before attempting to jump onto the 70 mile an hour runaway train from a helicopter, the deep convictions of faith in God among those in real life who lived through the train’s nightmare is glossed over in the film.

Thus, while Hollywood did a commendable job producing culture from a true life event in “Unstoppable,” and while it adroitly set forth the nation’s economic class divisions, it has difficulty presenting the social construction of reality among true Christians.  Jesus made it plain that only Truth sets people free (John 8: 36).  And on so many levels, the American people must throw off darkness and head for His light!  Otherwise, the greatest train wreck of all is on the way.

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Last Battle on End-Time Earth––Coming Live For All To See!!!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:16 PM
January 1, 2012

 Welcome to our new site:  One that will go beyond the bounds of intellect to explore the conflicts of inter-connected spheres of and within societies, their peoples and cultures, and the spiritual forces that would influence human behavior.

 However, because people fashion reality based on their shared experiences, we will start within those bounds of intellect,.  Often, unfortunately, what most persons believe to be reality within past or present time frames is far, far from total truth in either earthly and universal spheres.

 Those unknown spheres dwell within spiritual worlds, that––like the worlds people do recognize––constantly collide, battle and may or may not endure.
 As we enter the year 2012, it is clear to most that those known worlds seem inextricably headed toward horrific battles on all conceivable fronts:  1)  Forces of nature––i.e. hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.–– relentlessly attack people in every nation; 2)  Political strongholds thought to be impregnable tumbled within months last year; 3)  Foundations of economic surety grow weaker and weaker; 4)  Death-call diseases trample across national borders; 5) Lawlessness and crime are no longer limited to petty classes, but now hide ballooned behind corporate and political walls; and 6) Man’s hope in future stability, even survival, wanes ever lower.

 Man’s mistake is, and in finality will be, to look for a charismatic leader who promises to dominate the earth, and solve every problem.  But that leader will be totally corrupted with evil.  Indeed the worlds’ soon to collide will be a final battle between the ultimate forces of good and evil.
 Only the human and spiritual armies of Almighty God, led by His Son Jesus Christ, will be able to stop the military-led destruction that this deceiving leader of death will bring to this earth.
 Just as good literature demands its characters to chose between good and evil, that ultimate choice will now march across the visible world-wide stage to offer everyone that same choice.

 We will glimpse the hierarchy of that evil kingdom through such Bible truths as Ephesians  6: 12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  And we will peek into the gracious world of God’s planet, heaven, through the Bible, and various Christian non-fiction prophecy books.

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