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Secular Christianity: Hitler Usurps Churches to Substitute Christianity

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:47 AM
February 2, 2012

 The term anti-Christ means not only to be against Christ, but, as a rival of, to be similar to, or a substitute Christ or Savior.  Such was Hitler ambition as he sought to make German churches an arm of his political control.  He worked for years to unify German churches into one organization with a Hitler-appointed head, and to blend Nazi doctrines as indistinguishable from Biblical ideals.
 Hitler organized a “German Christian” movement which held conventions, about which Shelley Baranowski writes in “The Confessing church, Conservative Elites and the Nazi State:” “The platform of the convention reflected a secularized blend of Nazi ideology and Christianity.” Scholars write that Hitler wanted German Christianity to keep only its outer shell so that he could fill it with his ideology.

 Some recognized the political ruse of linking politics to Christian identity, and tried to open the eyes of their churches and denominations.  When that didn’t work, they eventually formed their own organization, known as The Confessing Church which called for strict separation between God’s church and man’s state.

 There was both purity and danger in the clash between true Christianity’s love for God and man, and the imposing threat of structurally organized and politically-affiliated religion in Germany that called itself ‘Christian.’  Hitler’s eventual victory in gaining control over German churches brought persecution, imprisonment and death to members of The Confessing Church which fought with equal vigor to keep itself pure from Hitler and all government interference.

 Their fight to keep the communal blood of Christ free from hypocrisy, and welcoming Jew escaping tyranny, made Confessing Church members small but powerful thorns to Hitler and to German Christians who considered him to be a god.  Such pagan-like hero worship compounded the plight of  any who resisted.

 Theodore N. Thomas explains in his work “Women Against Hitler:  Christian Resistance in the Third Reich:”  “With the fall of Nazism so too fell the German Protestant Church, which had for all intents and purposes, become simply an arm of the government.”

 In his blog, Baldwin writes, “As a result of Hitler’s brilliant deception, Christians throughout Germany were convinced that he was ‘God’s man.’ They saw him as more than a political leader: he was a spiritual leader as well.  Truly, fascism came to Germany ‘wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.’”  Baldwin further points out that only by pretending to be a Christian could Hitler seduce Germany, as an avowed atheist or occultist never could have done it.

 Substitute Christianity sprang up in the days of the early apostles.  Called apostates because, like Judas, they had once been servants of God, they have “forsaken the right way, and are gone astray (2 Peter 2: 15).” But not those in The Confessing Church.  They are now rejoicing in heaven with Peter and Their LORD.

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Unholy Alliances: Hitler and the Moral Failure of German Churches

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:13 AM
February 1, 2012

 A primary reason that Hitler was able to lead Germany so willingly into World War II was his planned subversion of both Protestant and Catholic Churches in Germany.  Ostensibly the average German’s faith in God was easily mixed with racial identity, patriotism, occult under-currents, and belief in violence and war.

 Several characteristics generally attended political fascism in Hitler’s Germany, practiced modalities apparently welcomed by that nation’s churches, media and legal systems:  1) Hooliganism and stolen elections; 2)  Racism and antisemitism veiled as patriotism; 3) Political and religious support from the majority of Protestant and Catholic churches and pastors; 4)  Financial support from wealthy individuals and international corporations that made billions of dollars from Hitler’s war––including companies based in the United States; 

 5)  Divisive propaganda through subservient media; 6)  A corrupted legal system justifying persecution and deaths of a large minority segment of the population; 7) Eugenic and other “scientific” support for racial superiority; 8 ) Confusion between and a merger of, traditional Christianity, fascism and occult teachings through the use of symbols and ambiguous language; and 9) Hatred toward and suppression against intellectuals who spoke out against such practices.

 By the start of the war only very small groups in either Catholic or Protestant churches resisted the Nazi movement––The Confessing Church among Protestant denominations, and some members of the Catholic family and parish of Claus von Stauffenberg, who is the subject of the Tom Cruise movie, “Valkyrie.”

 In her chapter, “Storm Troopers of Christ:  The German Christian Movement and the Ecclesiastical Final Solution,” in the book, “Betrayal:  German churches and the Holocaust,” Doris I. Bergen writes:  “As late as 1940, after years of Nazi propaganda deriding Christian institutions, over 95 percent of Germans remained taxpaying members of a recognized church.  The overwhelming majority of those people never resisted Nazism in the name of their Christian faith.”

 Moreover, Germans received more religious training as children than most American Christians.  Sunday church rituals were as much a part of German culture as German food, dress and beer.  As Daniel Goldhagen says in his work, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners:  Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust,” German soldiers took pride in obeying the commandment not to steal, but thought it perfectly acceptable to kill Jews, who were considered sub-human.

 Such behavior reinforces Biblical tenants that Christianity is a matter of the heart, not of the head.  It cannot just be exercised in rote behavior.  It must come from a heart of love.  For the crucible of true Christianity is the love of God––love that transcends racial or ethnic identity, patriotism, etc.  It is the love of The LORD Jesus Christ who gave His life that all mankind may live now and forever!

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