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Not Just Hitler!!: Effects of Today’s Germany on Europe, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:45 PM
March 29, 2012

 In this new century, most populations in other European nations are not very pleased with Germany.  They consider the nation and its leaders to be controlling bullies.  (An example of how Germany controls Europe today can be seen on our sister blog, 
 People in Europe and the United States watch with baited breath too see how Germany ‘supervises’ creditors handling Greece’s debts.  That the various nation-states in Europe are not joined as one politically unified nation is a major problem.  Their only common interest is “euro” currency.  Yet other Europeans seethe as they watch Germany steer the region’s loose financial configuration as it sees fit.

 Many economic analysis are writing that even with the current bailout from the European Union (EU), Greece is still likely to default.  And people will hold Germany responsible.  Charles Hugh Smith of says the default “will implode the shadow-banking system and the visible banking system . . .”

 Smith says that the failure of one nation’s financial system “can trigger a systemic failure” for all.  If Greece defaults . . . then the system will quickly unravel.  Empires tend to fall when the interests of their Elites diverge. We are at such a point in the global financial Empire.”  And that includes the United States.

 But what does Smith speak of with the language “shadow-banking system?”  Wikipedia defines it as:  “the collection of financial entities, infrastructure and practices which support financial transactions that occur beyond the reach of existing state sanctioned monitoring and regulation.

 “It includes entities such as hedge funds, money market funds and structured investment vehicles. . . it has been common practice for investment banks to conduct many of their transactions in ways that don’t show up on . . . . and so are not visible to regulators or unsophisticated investors. . . prior to the financial crisis, investment banks financed mortgages through off-balance sheet securitization and hedged risk through off-balance sheet credit default swaps.”

  Ida Wells at Earth End concludes that these credit default swaps are responsible for the collapse of the housing market in the U.S.  Likewise, Alvin Conway of Extinction Protocol 2012 and Beyond has stated that the decline of Greece will signal the collapse of Western civilization.

 Similar economic dysfunction during the Great Depression allowed Hitler to push Germany in lock step to start World War II.  And, as in the first two World Wars, Germany’s harsh treatment of other nations will be a major catalyst for the start of World War III.  Most people presume participants in axis and allies history world war were human.  But The Bible’s Book of Revelation make clear that angels, aliens, and spirit beings will be seen, heard and felt in the next, last, and assuredly nuclear, World War III.

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Not Just Hitler!!: Germany and World Wars I, II, and III

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:57 PM
March 28, 2012

 Populations of most European nations are not pleased with Germany’s financial prominence, and its tight fiscal control over the continent’s finances. 

 As he shows Greek protesters preparing to burn a past German Nazi flag, Robert Marquand of the Christian Science Monitor writes:  “Critics say Germany is a bully, twisting Europe’s arm with an austerity regime that will bring subservience.”  Marquand summarizes the core criticisms:

 “Europe cannot quickly become another Germany; Austerity ignores short-term pain and possible chaos; There is no realistic growth plan for drastically shrinking economies; and The German Doctrine will force changes in the eurozone, perhaps even pushing Greece out . . . , etc.”

 Other critics also insist Germany is not concerned with the affects its policies have on other nations.  Economist Stephen King writes:  “the eurozone is in danger of shifting towards a Ptolemaic system with Germany at its center…. It requires economic adjustment by others to protect the interests of German taxpayers and voters… [making] the system as a whole increasingly unstable.”

 This is all so mindful of Germany’s history with the rest of the world!

 In two of his essential books––“Germany’s Aims in the First World War” and “World Power of Decline:  The Controversy Over Germany’s Aims in the First World War”––Fritz Fischer uses extensive research to prove that Germany intentionally instigated the First World War.

 Fischer argues that Germany provoked Austria into war because it wanted greater prominence as a leader on the world stage.  He posits that not only did Kaiser Wilhelm II want such elevation, but the leadership of his military, as well as journalists, labor leaders, business scions, etc., all shared this desire.  In fact, Fischer says,  these ideas were accepted within the entire German population. says:  “Wilhelm was an overtly militaristic man, and believed fervently in increasing the strength of Germany’s armed forces. . . Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on 28 June 1914, Wilhelm . . .[Germany] incited Austria-Hungary to exact revenge against Serbia.  Events spiraled throughout July resulting in the First World War.”

 Of course, German politicians, journalists and scholars were outraged when Fischer’s first book was published.  For decades,  they labeled his accusations preposterous.  But Fischer took his position as a prominent German historian who based his thesis on exhaustive research in official government archives.
 History repeated itself in World War II.  Today, Germany’s control of Europe becomes a backdrop for World War III.  As Finis Dake points out in his Annotated Bible, the fourth horseman prepares his ride when Germany’s head leads Europe’s body and The Middle East into World War III!  More on this in future blogs.

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Biometrics, I. D. Tracking & Other ‘New’ Rules in the U.S.A, Pt. 4

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:22 AM
March 27, 2012

 One more item on international biometrics: Last week, without much fanfare, the United States followed the European model and extended the time that data collected on Americans is to be kept for five years.  Formerly, the government could only keep such information on file in electronic archives for six months.

 According to CBS News, “the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder have approved new rules and guidelines.  These rules involve the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC.)”  And there was no public hearing.

 An official tells CBS,  the new rule “does not broaden the data collected . . . [but] does affect how the data is accessed and analyzed.”  James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (DNI), said the new guidelines are ‘vital:’

 “The ability to search against these data-sets for up to five years on a continuing basis. . .  will enable NCTC to accomplish its mission more practically and effectively than the 2008 Guidelines allowed,” Clapper insisted.

 But wary Americans absolutely don’t agree.  Kate Martin, Director of the Center for National Security Studies, tells The New York Times: “We’re all in the dark, and for all we know it could be a rerun of Total Information Awareness, which would have allowed the government to make a computerized database of everything on everybody.”  Total Information Awareness refers to a “security” program proposed by the George W. Bush administration.

 In a televised report, “Are We Safer?” Dana Priest of PBS News, uncovered:  “ . . . many states have yet to use their vast and growing anti-terror apparatus to capture any terrorists; instead the government has built a massive database that collects, stores and analyzes information on thousands of U.S. citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of any wrongdoing.”

 To illustrate, Priest cites a case where shared files from the federal government enabled the Maryland State Police to investigate 53 activists––i.e. “anti-death penalty, environmental, racial justice and anti-war groups, including several Catholic nuns”––for 14 months.
 The Associated Press (AP) also reported similar treatment by the New York Police Department.  NYPD officers “kept intelligence files on activists in liberal political organizations opposed to U.S. immigration policy, labor laws and racial profiling.”  Thus, using terrorism as a cover, NYPD police kept tract of innocent Americans because “the state” disagreed with their political views.

 Such misuse of biometric identification is exactly what European critics of Sweden’s new laws point out.  And, by the way, obviously embedded within these NCTC, DNI, etc. laws, is the right to share the same information with governments around the world.  In Nero Wolfe novels by Rex Stout, Nero quotes a Greek philosopher who said when too many laws exist, there is no law or freedom.   The LORD Jesus, Who said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free (John 8:32)” would agree.  But we must preserve the freedom “to know the truth!”

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Sweden: One Road to World-Wide Biometric I. D. Tracking, Pt. 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:57 PM
March 22, 2012

 Because Switzerland is more obviously connected to Hitler’s hidden treasurers, and provides secret banking for the wealthy to avoid taxes, it would not be ideal to establish financially controlling biometric systems.  But its geographically, economically and politically close neighbor, Sweden, is ideal.

 However, because of expected push-back from citizens in Western nations who would want to protect their privacy, as well as their finances, Sweden’s international biometrics systems would have to be installed quietly.
 Certainly, the European Union only “recommended” these newfangled computerized identity systems.  They are not “up front” EU laws or orders.  According to “,”  “To date there is no regulation at EU level mandating the introduction of biometric data in identity documents.”

 However, since Sweden’s new technology complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the U.S. Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) requirements, European nations and the United States move ever closer to universal biometric identification requirements.
 The cite “Statewatch: Monitoring the State and Civil Liberties in Europe”––an organization comprised of lawyers, academics, journalists, scholars, etc.–– publishes predicted results of such synthesized identity records.
 In “Comparative Study: On the 2011 draft Agreement between the United States of  America and the European Union on the Use and Transfer of Passenger Name Records (PNR) to the United States  Department of Homeland Security”––  released just this week––Dr. Gerrit Hornung, and Dr. Franziska Boehm catalog the group’s objections to these shared “Passenger Name Records” (PNR) records.

 Those objections include: 1) “PNR data can be used for other purposes not related to terrorist or related crimes;” 2) “The indefinite retention period (in particular for data of unsuspected individuals . . .) is . . .not in line with European data protection standards;” 3) Transfer of information to third parties is much too broad;” 4) “There is no truly independent authority and indeed no mandatory oversight from outside the DHS at all;” 5) “Amount of data sets has not been reduced;” 6) “Data subject’s rights and judicial review still not enforceable; 7) “(T)he rights of individuals (access, correction, rectification, compensation) are far from being comparable to . . . data protection directive[s].”

 The United States and Europe now march toward shared biometric data, as are India and other nations––all leading to world-wide population controls.  Such control is not for protection.  Historical Bible books say it is the mark of Satan:  “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark. . . (Revelation 13: 11 – 18).”

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Biometrics’ I. D. Tracking & Other “International Identities,” Pt. 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:46 PM
March 21, 2012

 Deeper research into reasons for Sweden’s biometric breakthroughs reveals several possibilities:  1)  Surreptitious protection of Hitler’s gold; 2) Control and expulsion of unwanted illegal immigrants; and 3)  A cover for other European nations and the United States for international exchange of biometric information.

 Although Sweden has a somewhat stellar reputation of protecting  Jews  from Hitler during World War II, it is now known that, along with Switzerland, some of the Third Reich’s stolen gold was smuggled into Sweden.
 In “Hitler’s Gold: Uncovering the Biggest Bank Heist in History,”  Joseph McCullough writes: “. . . it is reported up to $409 million in gold was purchased by Swiss banks during Hitler’s control over Germany.
 “However, the Swiss are not the only country accused of receiving Nazi gold during the war. Among the countries to have allegedly received Nazi funds are: Sweden, Portugal, and even the Vatican. . . . it is unclear how much gold is in question and where it could be.”  Compounded biometric systems would be additional safeguards for protecting and transferring that gold.
 Moreover, Sweden’s citizens have revolted against their country’s tolerance for illegal immigrants.  In her article for The New York Times, “Swedes Begin to Question Liberal Migration Tenets,” Suzanne Daley gives an example:

 “Nick Nilsson, decided to vote for Sweden’s far-right party . . . because of a growing sense that his country had gone too far in letting so many immigrants settle . . . Nilsson lives a half mile from the Rosengard section . . . where. . . buildings are jammed with refugees from . . . all the world’s recent conflicts: Iranians, Bosnians, Palestinians, Somalis, Iraqis. ‘No one has a job over there,’ [he] said. ‘They are shooting at each other. There are drugs. They burn cars. . .’”

 Yesterday we pointed out that senior citizens are already having difficulty with Sweden’s new biometrics system because they deal in cash, not plastic cards.  Now, according to “Refugees and the Biometric Future: The Impact of Biometrics on Refugees and Asylum Seekers,” a pdf file by Achraf Farraj:

 “ . . . the application of biometrics to refugees and asylum seekers raises several concerns, including violation of privacy, mis-identification, stigmatization, and the potential to block meritorious asylum applications. . . . to the extent that national laws may inadequately protect refugees and asylum seekers, biometric technology, owing to its usefulness in law enforcement . . . might ultimately undermine their safety and welfare.”

 The future  of this “security” is obvious.  As most Christian adult fiction books explain, Satan always schemes (Mark 4:15).  Biometrics will drive “old-fashioned” criminals underground to prey on the aged and immigrants, away from technology’s eyes, while excluding the poor and other “strangers” from so-called biometric protections.  More on how this affects other nations in the next blog.

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Biometrics, Plastic Cards, Computers and Other “Number Identities”

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:25 PM
March 20, 2012

 This week, Sweden announced that it has virtually moved to a cashless society.  Biometric numbers on credit and debit cards, ran through computers, now account for what use to be “cash” transactions.
 And through this new system, those who control those numbers, can now control every aspect of one’s life.  As writes:  “A cash-reduced culture gives rise to new concerns––of cyber-security and, of course, about privacy.”  

To authenticate this new system the World Economic Forum places Sweden as number one on its “Global Information Technology Report.”  And Swedish authorities insist that a cashless society reduces thefts of cash:  “The number of bank robberies in Sweden has dropped from 110 in 2008 to 16 in 2011.”

 On the other hand, Simon Tomlinson reports in London’s Daily Mail that, of course, cyber crime in Sweden has surged:  “According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, the number of computerized fraud cases, including skimming, surged to nearly 20,000 in 2011 from 3,304 in 2000.”

 To indicate how much cash has become anathema in Sweden:  public buses no longer accept cash, a growing number of businesses only take cards, and some banks won’t accept cash.  Even churches now use card machines for donations. Curt Persson, chairman of Sweden’s National Pensioners’ Organization, says it is especially difficult for senior citizens who don’t have or know how to use cards.

 In Scripture, numbering to establish control of human behavior among God’s people is anathema.  Because God wanted Israel to place their faith in Him alone for every victory, He warned King David to never number his troops.
 When Satan tempted David to number Israel’s troops, the king brought extreme punishments upon himself and his nation (1 Chronicles 21).  Today, as then, believers must not see battles in human terms for “the battle is not yours, but God’s (2 Chronicles 2: 15).”

 The devil is nothing but a fallen arch-angel with trillions of numbers going around inside his spirit being:  numbers he arranges for command and control of what he plans to be his vast kingdom on earth.
 Satan does not have God’s creative powers.  He can only destroy, imitate and control existing creation.  Thus, while we may not yet know the name of his human representative, the “beast” or the antiChrist, we do know that fiend’s number.
 It is 666:  “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six (Revelation 13: 8).”

 Of course banking systems the United States and other nations lean toward Sweden’s new cashless society.  But, as numerous books on antiChrist will tell observant readers, such a move heralds the end of earth and time as we know it!

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Some Scholars With Difficult News Should Be Listened To

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:09 PM
March 19, 2012

 Astute scholars must admit that even with all of the occult activity before and during Hitler’s war, it still could not have come to pass without billions of dollars in support coming from somewhere.  Antony C. Sutton, author of “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler,” says that ‘somewhere” is Wall Street!
 The major thesis throughout all of Sutton’s work is that all of the wars our nation has been in since World War I were orchestrated by a very small group of extremely wealthy corporate owners for the sole purpose of making themselves even wealthier.  Sutton’s thesis is extremely difficult for patriotic Americans to believe, but the author backs it up with plenty of factual research.

 While Sutton focuses on Wall Street moguls who financed Hitler, he admits the influence that occult practices had on the Hitler regime:  “. . .  a little known aspect of Hitlerism is the mystical origins of Naziism, and its relations with the Thule Society and with other conspirational groups, the Bavarian Illuminati . . .”

 Based on what he sees as three types of manipulated socialism––Russian communism, Roosevelt’s New Deal, and the Nazi Socialist Party––Sutton insists that at the same time the cartel was financing Hitler, they were also financing Stalin.  Their goal was to seethe nations into World War so that they could make tons of money selling, guns, tanks, planes, gasoline, etc. to both sides!

 Further, Sutton said the same things about every war in recent U.S. History, including the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam:  “. . . since the United States, through financing the Soviet Union “directly or indirectly armed both sides in at least Korea and Vietnam.”  Apparently, these wars were organized in order “to generate multibillion-dollar armaments contracts.”

 Indicating his expertise on these issues, Sutton also wrote:  “National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union;” “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development;” “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy;” “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution;” “America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones,” etc.  He considered that last book his best work.

 Richard Pipes, author of “Survival is Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America’s Future” says that too many people dismiss Sutton’s work:  “Sutton comes to conclusions that are uncomfortable for many businessmen and economists. For this reason his work tends to be either dismissed out of hand as ‘extreme’ or, more often, simply ignored.”  To ignore Sutton may be dangerous.
 Fifty million were killed in World War II.  If Sutton is correct, members of these financing cabals are linked to Satan, and all of his demonic hosts.  Thus, historical Bible Books promise they will join the imps in the center of hell:  “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God (Psalm 9: 17).”

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The Gray Beings From Outer Space in Their UFO Craft, Part 2!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:04 PM
March 16, 2012

 Government disinformation, Hollywood buffoonery, and public willingness of disbelief––all twisted testimonies of credible witness about gray aliens into insane, publicity-seeking lies.  But in fact, the United States government may be using alien technology to advance its air power superiority in the same way that Hitler, the Nazis, and their occult advisers did during World War II.

 Ufologists and other researchers believe that the U.S. government hides the truth about gray alien beings in order to:  1)  Hold down public panic about these usually invisible forces;  2)  Allow time to reverse engineer everything that can possibly be learned from alien UFO technology;  3) Prepare for what officials know will be World War III between alien beings and military forces on earth, etc.

 There is just too much evidence, too many witnesses for everything to be lies.  For instance, retired military officer, Colonel Philip J. Corso, in his book “Day after Roswell,” explains how he saw a dead gray alien after a UFO crashed was taken to Roswell Army Air Force Base.  As he advanced in his career, the government used him to put information gathered on alien technology into the public sphere so that American companies could use it in for reverse engineering.

 Corso had impeccable credentials as a military officer.  So how can anyone deny his testimonies about gray alien autopsies, their advanced brain circuitry, and physical shapes as UFO pilots.  As one reviewer says:  “the sheer weight of governmental sources and documentation presented by the former Army intelligence officer is not easily dismissed. Once you understand the historical context (in the midst of the Cold War soon after World War II), . . .  the military deciding to cover up a real-life alien ship becomes more credible.”

 Once Corso pried open one of several “above top secret” sealed boxes and exclaimed:  “The contents, enclosed in a thick glass container, were submerged in a thick light blue liquid. At first I thought it was a dead child they were shipping somewhere, but this was no child.

 “It was a 4ft human-shaped figure with arms, bizarre- looking four-fingered hands – I didn’t see a thumb – thin legs and feet, and an over-sized incandescent light bulb-shaped head that looked like it was floating over a balloon gondola for a chin.” If all gray alien descriptions from around the world from people who have no connections with one another sound so similar, how can they all be lies?

 And if there are no such beings, what does the Bible speak of when it mentions: demons, devils, familiar spirits, spirits more wicked than, unclean spirits, seducing spirits, doctrines of devils, spirits of devils, etc.  Bible inspired writing treats these beings as real, and often as having bodies visible to the human eye.  Or does everyone think that the Bible is lying too?

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The Gray Beings From Outer Space in Their UFO Craft!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:33 PM
March 15, 2012

 The History Channel seems to have proven to the viewing public at least that ancient aliens have visited various areas around the world in times pasts, and possibly even to the present day.
 Some researchers of military activity claim that alien abductions, cattle mutilations and UFO sightings are merely the military’s attempts to cover their secret undercover and underground activities.
 But this viewing season, the History Channel presents even more evidence of the little gray visitors from artifacts, cave dwellings and other cultural histories.  Other observers of sky and space movements this year collaborate those findings.

 According to The Extinction Protocol and the Huffington Post, “During the first week of 2012, UFO reports streamed in from around the world as numerous eyewitnesses described and videotaped strange things in the sky.

  “The Colorado-based Mutual UFO Network, the largest UFO investigative organization in the world, received many reports of UFOs during the first week of the year from eyewitnesses in 36 out of 50 states.”

 Clifford Clift of the Colorado-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) says that these UFO visits have greatly increased from years past.  “For the entire month of January 2011, MUFON recorded around 500 reports, and we’re already up to 233 after just the first week of 2012.” Clift says that last year there were over 6,000 sightings around the United States, but if the numbers continue as they did the first part of this year, those reports will more than break last year’s record. 

 New Zealand’s confirms those findings.  Philip Duncan  says that on New Year’s Day UFO reports were flooding in at about 10 per hour.

 The Extinction Protocol (EP) quotes its page 427, “The increasing number of appearances of these unidentified sun chariots of Lucifer is an omen of more troubling things emerging on the horizon. Each paranormal UFO event is pushing the world closer to what some are calling full disclosure from government agencies or worst, a broadcasted UFO public event that will be seen by billions.”

 Commenting on the above reports,  EP points to a Scripture and connects the UFOs and their little gray pilots to the devil himself:  “Even him, whose coming if after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:9).”

 Undoubtedly these beings are showing up on earth in more numbers as they prepare for World War III––the end time battle that will pit the forces of good against the forces of evil.  That battle will include human, spiritual, visible and invisible forces––from above ground, underground, in the air and in space. Now is the time that Christians will meet the first world war angels of The Lord.  The Bible refers to those other forces as “thrones, principalities and powers (Colossians 1: 16).”  Now is the time for readers to decide which side they will be on!

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Other Nations More Familiar With Visiting Aliens, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:46 PM
March 13, 2012

 Apparently,  alien beings that have visited ancient civilizations in times past, establishing themselves as gods for the visited societies.  Similar pyramids and altars at various locations around the world are seen as evidence of those visits.  

        Just as was probable during Hitler’s war, these beings shared scientifically advanced knowledge.  Today, some descendants in these nations practice religions based on those alien visits.  And they expect their gods to return to earth soon.

 For instance, Ancient Egyptian legends tell of Tep Zepi, or “The First Time.” This is described as an age when “sky gods” came down to Earth and raised the land from mud and water.  They supposedly flew through the air in flying “boats” and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of pharaohs.

 Also, the Mayans believed their predecessors came from regions of  the Pleiades. The Mayans claim that they knew the earth was round centuries before the Europeans did. The Popol Vuh states that several gods, including Hunahpu, Xbalanque, and the great god-king Quetzalcoatl, returned to the stars after their earth life ended.  And Quetzalcoatl is expected to return to earth this year.

 In Tibet, a book titled the Kantyua, which means “the translated word of Buddha,” gives witness to flying “pearls in the sky.”   It also speaks of transparent spheres carrying gods to visit earth.  The Royal Pedigrees [Account] of Tibetan Kings is from the seventh century.  It claims that the first seven Tibetan kings came from the stars, and returned there.  Again, they are expected to return to earth soon.

 Interpreters of Babylonian and Sumerian writings speak of man’s early history as greatly influenced by visitors from the “twelfth planet” in this solar system.  Ancient Sumerians called this planet Nibiru, while the Babylonians refer to it as Marduk.   This also implies to some that earth’s solar system contains a tenth planet, since the Sumerians did not count the sun and moon as planets.

   Zecharia Sitchen is one of some 200 persons who can read the Sumerian language.  The author of The Earth Chronicles, Sitchen also writes about this tenth planet. His translation says  that this tenth planet entered our solar system four billion years ago.  It supposedly demolished another planet, creating the asteroid belt near Mars.  Sitchen then speaks of an alien war and attempts to colonize earth including what Sumerian myth claims is the creation of modern man.

 Christians must know that even if these accounts are true, no beings––alien or  otherwise––have the power of Our Omnipotent God, no matter what anti-Christian fiction may claim.  The Bible explains: “And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth (Revelation 19: 6).”  So get ready for the great battle between these gods and The Great God!

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