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Muslims in Europe & Why Germany’s 13% Want Hitler Back

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:37 AM
May 10, 2012

      As European nations close ranks around ethnic politics, several nations are tightening their borders disregarding European Union open border rules, others legislate against Muslim cultural practices, and outspoken nationalists, even some avowed Hitlerists, have come forward to reaffirm their racial superiority, and to demand that European nations cleanse themselves of inferior foreigners.

A board member of the Germany’s Federal Bank, the Bundesbank, and thus a member of the European Central Bank, Thilo Sarrazin, openly avows the racial superiority of German blood, and says that his nation is losing their innate superior abilities because of the Muslims and Jews it permits to live in its midst.

In his new book, “Deutschland schafft sich ab”–– which translated means “Germany Does Away With Itself:  How We Are Risking the Future of Our Nation”––Sarrazin links intelligence to racial ethnicity.

Thus, he implies that because immigrants do not have the mental capabilities of Germans, their presence renders the total nation more “stupid.”  Further he says that a ‘Jewish gene’ made Jews “different from other people.”

In previous statements, the banker has said that the high birthrate of Muslims is a threat to Germany, that at least if it were Eastern European Jews the high birth rate would be better as “their IQs are higher” than that of German people.

Writing for The Christian Science Monitor, Robert Marquand explains that this banker’s edicts align with much of mainstream anti-Islamic feeling in Europe and in Germany today, that Sarrazin represents “the climax of a new intellectual racism that damages Germany’s reputation abroad.”

Jewish leaders charge that such views are a rehash of Nazi racial ideology from those “in the grip of a race mania.”  While Chancellor Merkel and other German officials call for the banker’s removal, the German press insists that Sarrazin “is only getting so much attention because he is saying what many people feel and experience every day.”

Three million of Germany’s 80 million people are of Turkish descent, and 700,000 of them are German citizens.  Because of their higher birth rate, Sarrazin argues that in 90 years ethnic Germans will only be half of the nation’s population.

Thus, it is clear that Europe is in a mess, and not just economically.  One problem is that the various countries want to maintain the safety, protection and post-World War II prosperity of their blessed Christian cultures, without maintaining commitment to the Christian God.  And Bible inspired writing makes clear that this is an impossible task.  Of course all of the confusion is exactly the backdrop desired by the anti-Christian forces who are planning World War III.

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    For those who don’t quite understand this blog’s oft-mention of World War III, the Military Channel’s series ‘Nazi Collaborators’ would be a worthy starting point to view the human carnage that apparently sane, civilized men in Germany and other European countries eagerly carried out against Jews and other people ‘of difference’ during the last World War.

The Episode, “Hitler’s Killer Police” is a particularly gruesome account of “the untold story of sadistic collaborators who volunteer[ed] for Hitler’s death squads” in Eastern Europe.  “Beast of the Balkans” in the series is another cogent example.  Each program in this series is educational enlightenment illustrating the depth of human depravity carried out under the guise of state-sponsored war.

By the time they finished, these non-German murderers in various parts of the German-occupied Soviet Union had killed the overwhelming majority of Jewish men, women and children living among them.  The few kept alive were enslaved.  But historians generally agree that the vast population of Jews living in Lithuania, the Balkans, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, etc were slaughtered.

From the time the Nazi’s invaded the Soviet Union, their plan was to ‘evacuate’ (i.e. kill) some 31 million Jews.  And by methodically organizing the native soldiers in each occupied country, they used others to carry out their inhuman murdering machine.  Viewing some of the Military Channel’s actual footage in the ‘Nazi Collaborators’ series, one gets a horrifying glimpse of supposedly civilized ‘mad men’ instigating state-sanctioned mass murder.

And now as so many in Europe lean more toward more extreme right-wing views––measuring the worth of people by their race, religion, ethnic origin and income––and some even advocate a return of Hitler-style leadership, it is clear that it can all start all over again.  And this time it will be in real life, not just in history!

Moreover, nations victorious in that World War are not as strong, morally and spiritually, some 70 years later as they were then.  And the dream that Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Muslim Mufti of Palestine, had when he served Hitler’s regime can now be fulfilled.

Even with Israel’s great resistance––if, or rather when, the protection of the great United States no longer shields Israel––the Arab world readily has the armed capability to eradicate Jewish populations.  And when the next and last ‘Hitler,’ Satan’s anti-Christ, comes on the scene, his ultimate plan will be to do just that.

Then the unleashing of nuclear weapons around the world, the hosts of alien beings joining in the annihilation, and the Evil One’s rule in parts of the planet will mean a holocaust, not just for Jews, but for all mankind.  Indeed, Europe’s turn to the right means that it is time for Christians to pour through historical Bible Books, and to fall on their faces asking God to hold back this engulfing tide of mass death!

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History, Muslims & Europe in ‘Fascist’ Politics: Revolving Themes!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 14:54 PM
May 7, 2012

Well European nations had their elections over the weekend, and stock markets there and in the United States remain jittery, as everyone waits for the next shoe to drop.  Are nations in and out of the European Union (EU) rejecting economic austerity, or are they turning more toward extremist fascist-type politics?

It cannot be denied is that citizens in most EU nations now yearn for national and ethnic identity––including language, religion, monetary units, etc..  And many blame the EU and foreign workers for their nation’s economic decline.

    Even before she contemplated that her closest ally in the austerity movement, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, could going down to defeat, Germany’s Angela Merkel very publicly rejected multiculturalism:

At “the beginning of the 1960s our country called the foreign workers to come to Germany and now they live in our country.  We kidded ourselves a while. We said: ‘They won’t stay, [after some time] they will be gone,’ but this isn’t reality. And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side by side and to enjoy each other . . . has failed, utterly failed.”

In “France’s Turn for the Worse,” for Yascha Mounk explains that Europe’s far right had a greater influence on the French election than the Socialist winner, Francois Hollande:  “At no point in Europe’s postwar history has the far right’s influence been as pervasive as it is now.

“In this election, France’s establishment has embraced Islamophobic ideas to an unprecedented degree.  Right-wing populism, once a fringe phenomenon, has been conquering the bastions of Europe’s political mainstream with frightening speed; even so, most observers failed to predict the extent to which anti-immigrant themes would shape this campaign.”

And both Mounk’s article and Robert Marquand’s report for the Christian Science Monitor, “Why 13 Percent of Germans Would Welcome a ‘Fuhrer,’” remind readers of a poll last year that many in Germany, the richest EU nation, want a return to Hitler-style leadership.  Done by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the poll found that a third of Germany believes that the country is “overrun by foreigners,” that a huge 60 percent want to “restrict the practice of Islam,” and––perhaps most surprising––“17 percent think Jews have too much influence.”

More on Europe’s move to the far right––and the absolute implications that this strong shift towards 21st Century Fascism has for the start of World War III––in future blogs.  Christian non-fiction prophecy books make clear that the antiChrist will rise with a determination to subdue Europe as he rules from the Middle East with vast armies formed from formerly Muslim nations.  Then, as Daniel 11: 38 foresaw, Europeans will know they no longer have Muslims to fear for, like Hitler, the anti-Christ will have established an entirely new religion.

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Emerging Fascist Politics: Europe’s Repeating History! Pt 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:19 PM
May 2, 2012

    Collectively, for the past few decades, Europe’s leaders tried to do everything possible to fashion the European Union (EU) as if it were one nation.  Boundaries between nations were removed, and a central parliament established.

For the first time in history people could drive through Europe without I.D. checks every few miles.  And common Euro money was to be the cementing factor.  But unexpected circumstances disrupted those plans:  Muslim immigrants and economic recessions.  And both threaten to destroy the EU and its nations.

In his New York Times article on Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Anthony Faiola writes:  “A self-avowed foe of Islam,” Wilders “called for a ban on Muslim immigrants.”  Last Week Wilder brought down the Dutch government “in an extraordinary show of force by Europe’s resurgent far right. . . . over his emphasis on another belief that he and his Freedom Party now see as almost equally dangerous: an integrated Europe.”

Staunchly pro-Israel, Wilders wants all Muslim schools in the Dutch nation closed, and citizens holding two passports registered.  He also wants the 10,000 Polish immigrants who came to his country for work to leave.

Faiola insists that painful austerity programs, “soaring unemployment and rising apathy among youth are fueling the strongest swell of support in decades for anti-immigrant nationalists.”  In addition to the Netherlands, he names such nations as France, Austria, Greece, and Finland where populations are pushing back against the austerity they believe Germany is forcing upon them.

Political leaders across Europe who have supported austerity programs are now in trouble.  In France, for instance, Socialist Marine Le Pen promises to take the nation out of the euro zone and reverse the austerity drive.  And, in Austria and Finland, far-right parties are ahead in the polls. And Greece’s emerging Golden Down party promises to put land minds on the borders to stop illegal immigration.

The euro is simply a failure.  It is undervalued in countries such as Germany and France which have stronger economies, and overvalued in nations like Italy, Greece and Portugal which already had high unemployment, and soon became bogged down in debt trying to keep up with unifying standards.  In the end, if richer countries don’t relent, the poorer ones will bring the entire continent down.

The economic, political and nationalistic factors contribute to, but do not overwhelm the degradation of authentic Christian churches in Europe.  And their weakness allows pre-Christian tribalism and cultic mysticism to ferment spiritual blindness and confusion exactly as it did in Hitler’s day.  Then will rise the god of war the history of which began with Napoleon, and continued with Hitler.  For as the Bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29: 18).”

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Not Knowing History Means Not Knowing When It Repeats Itself!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:20 PM
May 1, 2012

 This blog spends some time discussing the rise of Hitler in Germany and in all of Europe in order to enable readers to recognize the signs of the rise of the Third and Last Anti-Christ in Europe and the Middle East.
 Those signs include:  1)  The present economic recession/depression sweeping through Europe in the guise of austerity; 2) Fulfillment of the New World Order’s plan that Christian churches would be reduced to welfare agencies synthesized into government NGOs; and 3) The strong shift in Europe toward ‘religious,’ ‘right-wing’ politics, including modernized Fascism.

 Economic depression was the major factor in Nazism taking over the German government before World War II.  Today in “Outside View:  Saving Europe From Collapse,” Peter Morici of United Press International writes:   “Governments may soon fall in France and Holland and are quickly losing legitimacy elsewhere in Europe because austerity programs and a common currency risk throwing the continent into an endless recession.”  An endless recession spiraling downward encourages extreme rebellions in governments.

 We wrote previously about weak Christian churches in Europe.  In a collection of essays titled, “Welfare and Religion in 21st Century Europe,” edited by Anders Backstrom, et al., scholars point out that governments taking over the care of the poor, which historically had been the church’s responsibility completed the process of secularization in Europe.  Declining memberships, and the incursion ethnic tribal and New Age ‘cult’ religions furthered weakened European churches.

 That weakness was also accompanied a religious-like zealotry into ethnic-based nation-centered politics.   Riding into power amid resistance against the immigration of Muslims into Dutch society, Geert Wilders has come from political obscurity to also question and upend the idealism of the European Union.

 Anthony Faiola’s wrote “Geert Wilders of the Netherlands Reveals A Resurgent Far Right in Europe,” yesterday in The New York Times:  “The rise of Wilders in the Netherlands is a cautionary tale for a continent in the midst of a debt crisis and where painful recessions, soaring unemployment and rising apathy among youths are fueling the strongest swell of support in decades for anti-immigrant nationalists.

 “From France to Austria and Greece to Finland, the popularity of nationalists is growing as politicians such as Wilders tap into voter rage over both the crisis and the proposed cure being pushed by mighty Germany . . .”

 As Axis and Allies history world war indicates, Europe’s ‘center’ is falling apart.  Without strong faith in Christ Jesus, with hatred for those who are “different,” and without expected financial security, Europe is just as vulnerable to the next Hitler as it was after World War I.  More on this in coming blogs.

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