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Roman Catholic Church, Mafia, Masons, Fascism, etc., Part 5

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:51 PM
June 29, 2012

      Waves of criminal activities seem not only to be washing over the Vatican, but also over the city-state of Rome itself, which operates as a separate nation within Italy. Visitors to Rome and at the Vatican, as well as those who call the city home, constantly complain of pick-pockets, extortion  and even murder.

As second in command, Archbishop Bertone is responsible for oversight of all church activities, as well as for the city.  And that includes the Vatican Bank amid ongoing investigations about the Bank laundering money for the Mafia.

According to’s article, “Father Ninni Treppiedi: Prosecutors Investigate Vatican Bank Mafia Link,” Treppiedi, 36, (who has now disappeared) was serving as a priest in Alcamo, near Trapani, said to be the richest parish on the Mafia’s island stronghold of Sicily.  The Vatican suspended him from being a priest after a series of questionable transactions of church funds from 2009 to 2011.  And it also suspended his local bishop, Francesco Micciche.

Secular Europe blog and several other sources report that––because Treppiedi’s account was allegedly used to launder Mafia drug money and other fraudulent activities–– prosecutors have asked the secretive Vatican Bank to disclose details of the account.  But so far Vatican Bank officials, supervised by the pope and Bertone, have refused to disclose any records of the Treppiedi account.

The National Catholic Reporter says that Micciché had served as the bishop since 1998.  He turns 69 on the 15th.  The Vatican removed him from office last month “following reports that almost $1.3 million had disappeared from two charitable foundations run by the diocese.”  He is also accused of selling some 50 properties owned by the diocese to friends “at a tenth of their estimated value.”

Micciche blames Treppiedi for his problems, and he laments that the Vatican listens to gossip rather than getting down to the factual problems in his parish, including skullduggery among nuns whose quarters he tried to storm into in the middle of the night, accusing them of complicity in crimes.

However, at the center of the investigations however are connections both of these men have to Matteo Messina Denaro, who is said to be ‘boss of bosses’ of the the Sicilian Mafia, and who has been on the run since 1993.  Nick Pisa of the Daily Mirror writes of Denaro, “the FBI view him as the Mafia’s main connection with the South American cartels, masterminding the import of heroin and cocaine into Europe through his control of the Mafia and its network of families.”

But, if men are called of God to be priests, no less bishops, how can they be “suspended?”  And how can they and the Vatican’s finances be seen as tied to world-wide drug traffic.  How can Bertone dismiss such serious allegations as simply journalists who want to be the next Dan Brown?  How can the holiness called for in historical Bible books possibly be involved in such depth of sin?

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Roman Catholic Church, Mafia, Masons, Fascism, etc., Part 4

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:23 PM
June 28, 2012

Some other characters should be considered when trying to track the newest Catholic Church scandals, many of which seem to stem from ingrained power struggles between Vatican power brokers, Mafia figures and whistle blowers.

These characters include: Archbishop Carolo Maria Vigano, fired ex-deputy-governor of the Vatican; Vatican State Secretary Cardinal Tarciscio Bertone; Father Ninni Treppiedi and Sicilian Mafioso Matteo Messina Denaro.

Adam Taylor and Samuel Blackstone of Business Insider point out that Archbishop Vigano “reportedly tried to put a stop to corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and the awarding of contracts to friends of officials at inflated prices.”

However, when he tried to take a full report on the corruption to the Pope, Vigano was summarily fired. In ‘Morning Catholic Must-Reads,’ reports that Vigano begged Benedict not to fire him because he “exposed financial corruption.”

In her New Times article, “Transfer of Vatican Official Who Exposed Corruption Hints at Power Struggle,” Elisabetta Povoledo says Vigano “appeared to have been making headway in cutting costs and controlling spending. . . he turned the Vatican City’s budget deficit into a surplus in a year.” Povoledo adds that Vigano wrote Pope Benedict about “nepotism and corruption, price gouging and waste and he leveled accusations that some bankers who assist the Vatican with its finances were acting more in their own interest than in the church’s.”

Hmmmm. So bankers are involved in this too!! John L. Allen Jr. counters in the National Catholic Reporter: “Viganò’s new controls produced backlash among administrators of individual departments, such as the Vatican museums and Vatican gardens, long accustomed to operating in semi-autonomous fashion.”

Taylor and Blackstone conclude that the ultimate backlash may be against second-in-Vatican-command, Cardinal Bertone, who dismisses the current public relations debacle as “just the result of journalists pretending to be ‘Dan Brown’.”

They point out that, rather than exposing Pope Benedict’s weak leadership, the scandals put the spotlight of weak leadership of Cardinal Bertone who is “also the head of the opaque and archaic Vatican bureaucracy, the Curia, which is dominated by Italian clerics such as Bertone and can effectively overrule the pope. Benedict XVI had planned to reform the church, but instead found himself under its power, despite a growing backlash.”

If the last pope is to be No. 112, instead of Benedict who is No. 111, that last pope could well be the Italian Bertone, who may usher in the fourth horseman in Revelation, chapter 6, and complete destruction of the Catholic Church as prophesied in Revelation 17 and 18. More on other characters in the next blog!

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Roman Catholic Church, Mafia, Masons, Fascism, etc., Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:10 PM
June 27, 2012

       At least three things to keep in mind while corruption in the Catholic Church bank-mafia-purchased-crypt, etc. unfolds:  1) Accusations of pedophilia against Catholic priest in many parts of the world; 2) Proven prophecies by an unknown 12th Century priest who named every ruling pope in order from his day forward, as well as other prophets who foresaw the Catholic Church’s decline; and 3) The German birthplace and ethnic and political background of the present pope.

While the prophesied line of popes is attributed to Saint Malachy––a 12th century bishop of Armagh in Ireland––the actual author is unknown.  Nevertheless, these prophecies name every pope for the last nine centuries down to the present one, Benedict XVI, who is the 111th one on the list.

And while the list mentions a 112th pope, some scholars insist this additional one was added centuries later, and that Benedict XVI is indeed the last pope. blog writes that Benedict, or Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, is indeed the last pope, and will be the False Prophet mentioned in Revelation.

That blogger lists several reasons for that conclusion:  the many times the wicked symbolism of the number thirteen is cited in Ratzinger’s birth and life; interpreted meanings of his birth name, and the Nazi affiliations during his youth.

It cannot be denied that with these various scandals and billions of dollars lost in lawsuits about child rape, the Catholic church seems to be coming apart at the seams.  In her Reuters News Service article “Vatileaks Scandal Documents Expose Pope’s Frail Leadership,” Fionna Ehlers writes that these bank scandals reveal “Benedict XVI’s weakness as a leader.”

In his work, “The Stormberger Prophecies” for Psiomni Magazine, James Donahue details the foretelling of Matthias Stormberger who foresaw not just two but “three world wars,” the Great Depression and the end of the Catholic Church.  Translation of the prophecy about the last pope reads:  “There won’t be many good Christians among the people, the Commandments of God are no longer respected by the aristocracy as well as by the smallest worker.”

Donahue adds:  “Again we are witnessing the decline of the Christian faith in spite of the fact that the church appears today to have a grip on governments and the media. While older people are clinging to their faith, the youth are turning away from organized religion.”

This all reads like Christian mystery fiction, but painfully, too much of it is true, and will affect the lives of millions.  The Bible says that the false prophet who will support the anti-Christ is not fictional:  “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet (Revelation 16: 13).” More on these issues in coming blogs.  Remember that true Christianity is about your love for Jesus Christ!

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Roman Catholic Church, Mafia, Masons, Fascism, etc., Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:37 PM
June 26, 2012

    While the Catholic Church battles with the European Union (EU) over which organization is really in charge of nations in Europe, that Church has problems of its own over who is in charge of the Church, the Mafia or the Pope.

Perhaps a line from a May 28 Reuters story on the scandal sums up the EU’s embarrassment with Italy and the Catholic Church:  “Documents leaked to journalists allege corruption in the Church’s vast financial dealings with Italian business.”  If the Church for most of Europe has corrupt ‘vast financial dealings with Italian business,’ then it has corrupt dealings with all of the EU as well.

Known as VitiLeaks, revealing documents forced the Vatican to allow police to search for the body of 15-year old Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee who disappeared 30 years ago.  But police looked for the body in the tomb of Magliana mob boss Enrico De Pedis, a well-known mobster who died in 1990 and whose family paid the church one million lire ($ 660,000 dollars) to allow the criminal to be buried in crypts reserved for dead popes.

And what the police found were not the bones of Emanuela or of De Pedis, but some unknown person’s bones.  However, Adam Taylor and Samuel Blackstone of Business Insider write that “Father Gabriel Amorth, an exorcist in the Catholic Church, said he believed Emanuela Orlandi had been involved in depraved Vatican sex parties, and her remains were buried with De Pedis.”

Moreover, author and television journalist, Gianluigi Nuzzi, whose book “His Holiness:  The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI” just came out, says that the Vatican insider who released this information would be murdered if revealed.

Italian newspapers are rife with stories about infighting among cardinals, Church princes, but the Pope denies such infighting exists.  Nevertheless, Taylor and Blackstone report that this scandal could bring down Vatican State Secretary Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the second most important person in the Church.

But so far, the only person arrested in this scandal of ‘Leaks’ is the Pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele.  And he was arrested by Vatican authorities and is being held in a Vatican jail.  Neither press, nor public is buying his supposed guilt.

However, the scandal has prompted J.P. Morgan Chase to close its Vatican bank account, and the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report to list Vatican city as a possible hot spot for illicit money laundering.

Mob bosses buried on ‘holy ground,’ sex parties, murders and threats of murders, bribery, money laundering, drugs––how can a respectable Church and a honorable political European Union stay in lock step together?  Like the plumed serpent, the beauty above ground seems only there to mask filth buried beneath.  But as Jesus promised, “Fear them not therefore:  for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known (Matthew 10: 26).”

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Roman Ancestry, Catholic Church, Mafia, Masons, Fascism & EU

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 12:31 PM
June 25, 2012

   One must look beyond Germany to Italy to get to the root of the economic problems jolting the European Union (EU).  And when looking at Italy a mass of confusion surfaces with historic entanglements between:  the Vatican, the Mafia, Masonic Lodges,  Fascism and the Roman Empire!

Fascism was born in Italy, not Germany.  And, while most countries in the civilized world flirted with Fascism, those two nations were the only ones to be totally controlled by admittedly Fascist governments for decades.

Of course, Italy, is an almost totally Catholic country, while in Germany the predominant religion is Catholic.  (According to Wikipedia, before reunification, 45% of West Germany was Catholic, while after reunification, its religious affiliation is down to 30%, as large areas of the ‘new’ nation are non-religious). points out that “prominent Catholic politicians were dominant in the creation of the European Union . . . French pro-European strategist Jean Monnet, French Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schumann, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, the Italian President of Ministers Alcide de Gasperi, etc.”

That blogger’s point is that the EU is a group of Catholic countries, started by Catholics, for the Catholic Church, and that the Catholic Church is, or was, slated to rule over it.  In 1879, Pope Leo XIII stated:  “The Church of Rome is one monarchy over all the kingdoms, as the mind and soul of the body of the man, or as God in the world. Therefore, the Church of Rome must not only have the spiritual power, but also the supreme temporal power.”  And later, another Pope stated:  “The power of the Church is superior to the power of the state.”

In a 1991 article in the Swedish newspaper ‘Sydsvenskan,’ Lars Bergqvist, Swedish ambassador to the Vatican stated:  “We should note that the EU was founded by devoted Catholics, such as Adenauer (German), Schumann (French) and de Gasperi (Italian).  All of them had the union of Europe as an object.” And The Sunday Telegraph wrote under the title “Now, A Holy European Empire?”

From its beginning, the European Union has been in a struggle with the Catholic Church as to EU laws, rights and rulership.  Recently that struggle has come to the fore, and the Catholic Church feels very much threatened by the EU.

But both the Church and the European Union are also entangled with underground elements in Italy, including the Mafia, the Black Pope, Masonic Lodges, and the avowed history of the Roman Empire.  And, as the third largest economy in Europe, Italy cannot be easily displaced from the EU.

Now these elements clash over different views of the social construction of reality, resulting in massive bank thefts, kidnappings, Catholic Church cover-ups, and murders.  But, as Solomon writes, “there is no new thing under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1: 9).”  And war, a very old thing––World War III––will be the result!

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All ‘Ism’ Substitutions for Christianity End in Failure

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:16 AM
June 22, 2012

Authentic (although sometimes weakened) Christianity reigned in Europe from the Middle Ages through to the 19th century.  Always beneath the surface of European societies were ‘secret’ groups of pre-Christian pagan worshipers.

    Only in the 19th and 20th centuries did intellectuals out-smart themselves by creating new belief systems intended to displace Christianity.  These systems included: Gnosticism, Darwinism, Marxism, Fascism and revivals of Masonry.

Basically, they all share the beliefs that man created himself, that there is no Omnipotent God to hold man accountable for his actions, and that there is no retribution for those actions, whether they are good or evil.

In his blog in, “Darwinism & The Rise of Gnosticism,” Philip D. Collins writes that Darwinism is a scientific myth based on Gnostic thinking, “because it implicitly denies the transcendent origin of being.”

He continues, “Darwinism, therefore, continues the ancient Gnostic practice of depreciating ‘God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth.’ It perpetuates, if you will, the venerable Gnostic tradition of “Jehovah bashing . . . evolutionism is in truth a metaphysical doctrine decked out in scientific garb. . .  it is a scientistic myth.” Yet for over 200 years education has perpetuated that myth!

Along the same vein, in, David Klinghoffer’s blog, “Darwin at the Mountain of Madness:  Evolution & the Occult,” points out that spiritualist thinker, Madame H. P. Blavatsky, greatly admired Darwin, and adapted his theories into metaphysical occultism. Hitler also inculcated her thinking in his politics.

While these various theories unmasked morphed into neo-paganism, they needed to be simplified for use in mass populations.  Both Stalin and Hitler accomplished this task by mixing these new philosophies with well-known Bible verses and Christian symbols.  But eventually they substituted their own gods within the symbols.  In Hitler’s case, he became Christ.  And just as the Bible divided the world into battles between good and evil, both men created enemies.

And, at least in Hitler’s case, the list of enemies expanded to include those non-Nazi nations fighting against him, and all weak, sick and non-Aryan people.  Hadn’t Darwin’s theory promised a ‘perfect’ man.  And obviously that perfect man––a German––had the sole right to rule the world.

In ‘The Anatomy of Fascism,’ Robert O. Paxton posits that the emergence of Fascism in a society is evidence of that society’s decline.   If he is correct, then when convincing Germany that it was the greatest country, and Germans were perfect people, Hitler reversed Darwinism into its Germany’s decline.

Antagonists in Christian suspense fiction are based on the Bible concept of a fool:  “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good (Psalm 14: 1).”  And so it is with Darwinism, neo-paganism, and the rest of these anti-philosophical truths.

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Modern Man’s Fragile Systems on Earth Unprepared, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:34 AM
June 21, 2012

    Scientists are astounded.  Earth has responded to the sun’s blast by lighting up neutrons everywhere!  According to Rob Waugh in ‘England’s Daily Mail,’ “After an unusually long quiet period, the sun unleashed a solar flare on May 17––but scientists are now puzzling over what happened [next] on Earth.

“Neutron monitors all round the world lit up in response to the blast.”  Because the blast was only a moderate M-Class flare, Waugh says that “the ‘answering’ pulse shouldn’t have happened at all.”

thetruthbehindthescenes confidently explains:  “When a moderate-sized M-class flare erupted from the Sun on May 17, it sent out a barrage of high-energy solar particles that belied its initial intensity.

“These particles traveled at nearly the speed of light, crossing the 93 million miles between the Sun and Earth in a mere 20 minutes and impacting our atmosphere, causing cascades of neutrons to reach the ground—a rare event known as a ground level enhancement, or GLE.”

That site further explains: “Fewer than 100 GLEs have been recorded in the last 70 years, with the most powerful having occurred on February 23, 1956. Like most energetic solar outbursts, GLEs can have disruptive effects on sensitive electronics in orbit as well as on the ground, and based on recent studies  may even have adverse effects on cellular systems and development.

James Ryan, an astrophysicist at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Space Science Center notes:  “This solar flare was most unimpressive and the associated CME [coronal mass ejections] was only slightly more energetic. . . looking at it optically, it was remarkably dim . . . a weakling of solar events.”

Scientists at UNH, and other space-watch locations, are calling upon PAMELA [Payload for Antimatter-Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics], a joint Russian/Italian spacecraft launched to watch space rays.  Waugh writes:  “Launched in 2006 and dedicated to studying cosmic rays, just two weeks before the most recent blast from the Sun, PAMELA was re-tasked to focus on solar physics due to the Sun’s ever-increasing activity.”

Ryan says “The PAMELA satellite provides us with a bridge that has never existed before, a bridge between solar energetic particles measured by other spacecraft and those made on the ground by neutron monitors, like the one we’ve operated here in Durham [city where UNH is located] for decades.”

Could it be––as Historical Books of the Old Testament expound––that God created planets that can speak to one another:  “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy (Job 38: 7)?”  And that The Infinite Almighty God speaks to planets as well: “He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names (Psalms 147: 4).”

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Modern Man’s Fragile Systems Unprepared for Space Messages

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:34 PM
June 19, 2012

     Don’t look now.  But solar blasts are belting Earth in unusual quantities recently.  They are interacting with the globe’s already weakened magnetic field, and they have great potential of disrupting life on as we know it.

So far, important unanswered questions are:  1) Are people doing anything to cause these solar storms? 2) Are they initiated by enemy extra-terrestrial beings? 3) Are they warnings from God? 4) Are they signs of the end times?

One of the affects of space activity is the disruptive affect it could have on day-to-day activity on Earth.  Last March the sun unleashed an X5.4-class outburst strong enough to trigger radio blackouts.  An hour later an X1.3-class hit as well.

According to Alan Boyle of NBC Nightly News, that blast could have knocked out “electrical grids, communication links, satellite and GPS navigation systems and airline schedules” for days.

Solar blasts throw off waves of electrically charged particles called coronal mass ejections, which scientists call CMEs.  As these waves speed out they create geomagnetic storms when they hit the planet’s magnetic field.

Mike Hapgood, a space weather scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, England, shared with Alaska’s KTUU News and Amina Khan of the Los Angeles Times some truths about solar blasts that unfortunately are all too easy to understand.

Hapgood defines a solar storm as happening on the sun that can affect earth, and says that he prefers the term ‘space weather’ because it explains “phenomena in space that can travel from the sun to the Earth.”

“Much of the planet’s electronic equipment, as well as orbiting satellites, have been built to withstand these periodic geomagnetic storms. But the world is still not prepared for a truly damaging solar storm,” Hapgood says.  He published his commentary recently in the journal ‘Nature.’

Illustrating just how fragile modern life is, Hapgood answered Khan’s question:  “What happens when those particles reach Earth?” with “There can be a whole range of effects. The classic one everyone quotes is the effect on the power grid. A big geomagnetic storm can essentially put extra electric currents into the grid. . .  You get big disturbances in the Earth’s upper atmosphere — what we call the ionosphere — and that could be very disruptive . . .

“In the modern world, we use electricity for so many things. We require electrical power to pump water into people’s houses and to pump the sewage away.
If you don’t have power,” . . . modern life comes to a standstill.

No this is not fairy tale science fiction from Alan Nourse books.  This is reality!  Space is pelted Earth and the people on it with these unpreventable dangers.  It is time to have one’s faith strongly anchored in God (Romans 4).

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Eventual Success for Neo-Nazi Youth? Germany’s Inner War, Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:57 PM
June 18, 2012

  As much as Germany tries ignore its problem with Neo-Nazis, its population seems to be more drawn to the ideology of their many semi-forbidden groups.  And German youth are even more so drawn to join their organizations.

Trying to hold back the tide, the German government just banned its largest Neo-Nazi association, the Help Organization for National Political Prisoners and Their Families (HNG).  But it will not be as easy to stop Hilterized thinking there.

Founded 33 years ago, HNG has about 600 known members.  A charity organization, it tries to help those who are imprisoned for the ultra right wing views.  But the government denies the group has charitable purposes.  BBC News quotes The Interior Ministry that the group is “racist, anti-Semitic agenda, was a threat to German society and the constitution.”

Neo-Nazis seem especially adept in attracting Germany’s youth.  Hajo Funke, a Neo-Nazi expert says: “Young men are attracted because there are no alternatives in the village except this group who are aggressive, who are male, chauvinist and dominating the scene.”

CBN News reporter, Dale Hurd says, “A recent report revealed one out of twenty 15-year-old German boys belong to a neo-Nazi group––a number no other political party can claim.”  Because they deny a problem exists, main stream political parties apparently see no need to train youth in democratic principles.

According to Hurd, “The legal and political arm of the neo-Nazi movement is the National Democratic Party or NPD.”  A former NPD member said that the group wants “restoration of the Third Reich.”  He adds, no matter what NPD members say in public, they “privately praise Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.”

Restore the Third Reich!  Hurd also claims that the number of Germans who agree with that thinking is much larger than the government wants to admit, and that “neo-Nazis in eastern Germany are trying to run their own kindergartens.”

Bernd Wagner, founder of a group called EXIT-Germany which tried to help Neo-Nazis get out of the movement, says “There is an increase of neo-Nazis and organized right-wing extremists.  Plus there is a tendency in the population of sympathizing with their ideas and ideology which is also increasing.”

In a summary of Germany’s identity, BBC News writes:  “The pain of Germany’s Nazi-era history remains a sensitive element in the country’s collective modern-day psyche.”  And those indoctrinating Germany’s youths in Neo-Nazi ideology know that, apparently much better than its government.

Brotherhood of the rose illustrates that diligent teaching of children can produce criminals, murderers and even extreme right wing Nazis.  And the Bible agrees:  “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22: 6).”

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Neo-Nazis: Germany’s Inner War With History, Identity and Reality, Pt 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:03 PM
June 15, 2012

    The arrest of three Neo-Nazis for at least ten murders and other crimes during a seven year period seems to have awakened Germans to the dangers of rising Neo-Nazi cells seething among generations of the nation’s youth.

In an attempt to assuage its guilt for allowing Neo-Nazi fugitives to remain underground for 10 years, Germany provided compensation for families of the 10 known victims.  Also, the government scheduled a national memorial service.

It was held on February 23, 2012.  According to, “There has never been an event on a similar scale in Germany. Some 1,200 people gathered Thursday for a memorial ceremony at the Berlin Concert House for the 10 victims of neo-Nazi murders . . . The shock in Germany is profound.”

Because many of the 10 non-Ethnic Germans killed ran snack shops, the killings are known as the “kebab murders.”      BBC News reports that police suspect the Neo-Nazi cell also carried out a bomb attack in Cologne, “in which 23 people were wounded, and a number of bank robberies.” 

Sima Kotecha of BBC Radio One News-beat claims that much of the Neo-Nazi activity rests in a town in northeast Germany called Jamel which he visited. Kotecha’s host, Horst Krumpen, said, “I think you should not be here because you don’t look like the people from this area.”  Thus, showing his fear of what Jamel villagers can do to outsiders.  This was echoed by Nazi propaganda lining walls.

Reportedly pro-Hitler parties are held there in the summer with chants of ‘Hitler is my Fuehrer.’  “The village is in one of only two states where the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) has a seat in parliament,” Kotecha says.

While 75% of the German people want the NPD outlawed, the Federal Constitutional Court rejected the request in 2003.  But most Germans still press for federal action.  “Anti-fascist charities are worried a growing number of young men are being lured into the far-right, especially amid tough economic times.”

Officials have stepped up plans to combat the movement:  1) Police and intelligence services working together; 2) Data on violent suspects collected and stored and extended time for stored information; 3) Federal prosecutor having stronger involvement in cross-border cases; 4) Monitoring right-wing websites, etc.

Just how modern is Germany?  How can a major first world nation operate with: 1) No federal police force or intelligence agency; 2) Allowing criminal elements to stay underground for a decade, after knowing of their existence; 3)  And apparently disjointed cities and states, sharing little national interests.

Axis and allies history world war indicates that the same unsophisticated ‘innocence’ prevailed during Hitler’s rise: Just ignore facts and reason and assume everything will be alright.  Yet, as Proverbs 29: 18 promises:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  But this blindness leads us ALL into World War III.

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