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Combat 18: One of Many Neo-Nazi Groups in Europe and Elsewhere!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:50 PM
July 12, 2012

There are now many neo-Nazi groups in Europe.  Several of them carry identifications different from that of National Socialists Parties.  And many of them have membership organizations in more than one European country.  One of the most notorious is an organization known as Combat 18.

This group is suspected in numerous deaths of immigrants, non-whites, liberals and even other Combat 18 members.  Several Combat 18 members are jailed for life because of murders and bombings.  Police have arrested Combat 18 members in the Belgian Army; Combat 18 claims some police are also members.

Sporting a logo taken from Hitler’s 3rd SS Panzer Division of the Waffen-SS, Combat 18 was formed in 1992 in the United Kingdom.  It now has  numerous members in Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Sweden, Denmark and the United States.

The Anti-Defamation League claims there are Combat 18 chapters in Illinois, Florida and Texas.   And there is a Combat 18 Seminar scheduled for September 15th in Knoxville, Tennessee.  In Florida, Combat 18 calls itself the S.W.A. for “Supreme White Alliance.”

Combat 18 is affiliated with Redwatch, Blood and Honor, National Socialist Movement, Racial Volunteer Force, the British National Party (BNP), the National Front, the White Wolves, etc.  The 18 in its name is derived from the initials of Adolf Hitler as the A and H are the first and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet.

In his book, ‘White Riot:  The Rise and Fall of Combat 18,” author Nick Lowles says that in their beginnings, Combat 18 brought terror to British streets.  They recruited skinhead and football hooligan gangs in hopes of starting race riots.

One reviewer of Lowles book says:  “They led attacks by England soccer fans on trips abroad, targeted celebrities and inspired an orgy of mayhem in Scandinavia, culminating in car bombings and the killing of two police officers.  Finally their leaders fell out in a murderous feud that left one man dead and two others serving life jail terms.”

Combat 18 is the same type of violent off-shoots that enabled Nazism to form among thugs and criminals in Germany and Italy before the War.  These thuggish gangs are not in some antiChrist fictional books pre 1990.  They are living among us.  And, with deadly dedication, they are devoted to overturning democracy, and eliminating racial minorities, including the Jewish people.

Moreover, we must know that ‘underground’ groups like Combat 18 have strong support among many in police and political circles.  As the prophet Jeremiah says:  “And they will deceive every one his neighbor, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity (9:5).”  It is time that such enablers are exposed!

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Rise of Neo-Nazis in Europe: ‘Wanted’ History Repeats Itself? Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:10 PM
July 11, 2012

Neo-Nazism is rising in Germany and other parts of Europe, but leaders seem either ignorant of it, or powerless to stop it.  Right-wing parties are gaining strength throughout Europe, including France, the Netherlands and Hungary, but two countries especially abetting the rise of neo-Nazism are Greece and Estonia.

Now that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has achieved greater representation in the Greek Parliament, its violent street members have increased its bravado in the streets.  Fifty Nazi thugs riding motorbikes and brandishing wood spikes and swastika labeled shields stalked the Athens suburb of Nikaia.

There, they screamed at Mohammed Irfan, an immigrant Pakistani owner of three stores in Nikaia, insisting: “You’re the cause of Greece’s problems. You have seven days to close or we’ll burn your shop — and we’ll burn you.”

In ‘As Far Right Rises in Greece, Anti-Immigrant Violence Follows,’ Liz Alderman of The New York Times posits that when Irfan called police, he was told that “they did not have time to come to the aid of immigrants like him.”

While Golden Dawn denies participation in the event, a report by Human Rights Watch, ‘Hate on the Streets:  Xenophobic Violence in Greece,’ stresses that this type of neo-Nazi violence in Greece is now at “alarming proportions.”

And Jonathon M. Seidl’s explanation in, “Report: More Than Half of Greek Police Officers Estimated to Have Voted for Neo-Nazis,” supports Mr. Irfan’s accusation.  Police did not feel it their duty to protect immigrants.

Over in Estonia, police and politicians openly support Nazism.  In “Estonia: Nazi Save Haven,” offers a series of  stories on the extent to which citizens there celebrate Nazi history, and attempt to silence anti-Nazi voices.  In fact, Estonia even protects World War III Nazi war criminals.

As reveals, Estonia regularly holds marches to celebrate Hitler’s SS secret police:  “One of the marchers––Mikhail Gorshkov––is ranked eighth on Simon Weisenthal’s list of most wanted Nazi war criminals.  He directly participated in a murder of 3,000 Jews in Belarus in 1940s.  Documents proving it were provided to the Estonian authorities,” says the chairman of anti-fascist committee of Estonia, Andrey Zarenkov.”

The United States stripped Gorshkov of the U.S. citizenship he obtained after World War II and deported him.  But Estonia welcomed him with open arms.  Efraim Zurov, speaking for the Simon Wiesenthal Center says:  “The Estonians have totally failed in terms of prosecuting Nazi war criminals. It seems there’s no will in Tallinn [the capitol] to bring these people to justice.”

Why is it that the Christian non-fiction prophecy books indicates these facts swiftly push mankind into World War III, and leaders of European nations deny overwhelming evidence?  But as Job prophesied:  “the hypocrite’s house shall perish (8: 13).”

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Rise of Neo-Nazis in Germany: Wanted History Repeats Itself?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:12 AM
July 11, 2012

        Even a cursory history of the rise of Hitler before World War II would reveal that Nazism took hold in rural country sides before moving to urban areas, and that it swelled its ranks by as attracting unemployed young men.

And like the elected government that ignored Hitler’s rising power until it was too late, Germany’s government looks to the finances of other euro-zone nations, rather than keeping an eye on fast-growing neo-Nazi groups at home.

According to news service, neo-Nazism in Germany exists on a very wide scale.  “Thousands of neo-Nazis gather for annual marches in Dresden, often clashing with police and anti-fascist activists.”  And neo-Nazi violence increases especially in small towns.

For example, Zossen appears to be an quaint small German town of 6,000  that is far away from industries and cities.  But four years ago Nazi symbols sprouted up everywhere, and a neo-Nazi teenager torched the town’s social center.

“Activists say it is easy for the neo-Nazis to recruit new members, especially among disillusioned and dejected teenagers. With poor infrastructure and high unemployment, and few social escapes on offer in the town, it is often simply boredom which drives them to extremes,” says Peter Schmidt, anti-Nazi activist.

Furthermore, some local German officials now suggest that children of neo-Nazis be removed from their families, because they are continuously brainwashed at special schools and summer camps with praises of Hitler and the Third Reich. reports that at a raid on a summer camp revealed books for children to color Hitler’s mustache, cakes with swastikas, and indoctrination that democracy is for weaklings, and only a new Fuehrer can save Germany.  Officials say that ‘several thousand’ households in Germany now raise their children to esteem Nazis with admiration and longing to build a Fourth Reich.

At s huge neo-Nazi rally in Hamburg last month some 700 Nazi marchers clashed with 4,400 police and 3,500 far-left protesters.  Police suffered 38 injuries, and two parked cars and a police cruiser were set on fire.  Opposing forces threw rocks and fire works at police, who responded with water canons and pepper spray.

German papers say 63 were taken into custody, while another 17 were formally arrested.  But Russian papers report that 700 were arrested. Another 10,000 people held a more peaceful anti-Nazi rally in front of Hamburg City Hall.

Why do people have to be reminded that cultural studies war history can repeat itself?  Why can’t Germany’s leaders see that their problems at home should take first priority?  Or is it as Apostle Paul says: “Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart (Ephesians 4: 18).”  They do not see because they do not want to see.  They already know the reality they want!

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Neo-Nazis & Murders in Germany: Intentionally Bad Police Work? Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:46 PM
July 9, 2012

        How long can German politicians pretend to know nothing about the neo-Nazis living among them?  How long can they allow police forces to ignore neo-Nazi crimes?  Why is it that citizens groups, news reporters, film makers, etc. can ferret out neo-Nazi clans, and police can’t.  And, for what future purposes do German officials fein ignorance or powerlessness about the neo-Nazi problem?

In his report for Spiegel Online International, Martin Jehnichen writes that neo-Nazis are well established in rural parts of Germany.  For instance in farm areas of eastern Saxony, neo-Nazis are even in local governments.  And he reports that these Nazis intimidates “people at will, unhindered by the police.”

For instance Jehnichen says that last May:  “Two men in the city of Bautzen assault a Colombian exchange student, calling him names and kicking him.  In Hoyerswerda , right-wing extremists lay siege to the office of a member of the Bundestag, Germany ‘s parliament, smashing windows and attacking an employee. In Limbach-Oberfrohna, neo-Nazis attack a center for alternative education.”

He interviewed Kerstin Krumbholz, age 50, who moved with her husband to Geithain, a small town in Saxony 19 years ago hoping to give their children a better-than-city life.  Instead, she tells the reporter, “This is what hell looks like.”  Two years ago, a neo-Nazi nearly killed her 15-year-old son, a member of the punk scene, at a gas station.  He now lives with  a titanium plate in his head.

After that scare, Kerstin works with a local citizens group.  Recently Mohammed Sayal, owner of Pizzzeria Bollywood, told the group that 10 masked neo-Nazis kicked down the door shouting, “You shit foreigner, we’ll get you. If you don’t get out of here, we’ll kill you.”  A week later his restaurant was bombed.

“What’s happening in Saxony is a scandal,” says Hajo Funke, a political scientist.  He also tells Jehnichen that no other state in Germany where neo-Nazis keep such a high profile, yet regional government doesn’t move against them.

Another Spiegel reporter, Kristen Allen, reviews a new German film, ‘Kriegerin,’ which highlights the unexpected number of women who have joined neo-Nazi terror cells.  David Wnendt, the films screenwriter and director, researched the role of women in Germany’s neo-Nazi scene.

While the movie is not patterned after the life of Beate Zschape, the woman in a neo-Nazi cell who is now in jail for killing 10 German citizens, it does have some parallels with her life.  Allen says that some one-fifth of the members of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party are women, and that they commit some ten percent of the neo-Nazi crimes.  And they didn’t join because their boy friends did!

Germany claims to be a Christian nation, but such unchecked criminality belongs only in books on antiChrist.  Officials hiding neo-Nazi association must understand:  “. . . times are not hidden from the Almighty, . . . (Job 24: 1).

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Rise of Neo-Nazis & Murders in Germany: Intentionally Bad Police Work?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:57 AM
July 6, 2012

    As much as Germany may want to shed memories of its Nazi past, a new generation of murderous Neo-Nazis makes that impossible, especially when some of its investigators not only ignored, but shred, crucial files about their existence.

German media and politicians today express shame and disgust as it is now revealed that the neo-Nazi group, National Socialist Underground (NSU), operated under their noses for years, only to be accidently nabbed by inexperienced local police, and then to have historical files maintained on the group destroyed.

Not only are authorities calling for a full investigation about the missing files, it is also clear that the nation’s system (or lack therefore) of sharing and coordinating criminal investigations is severely lacking.  Officials admit that Germany’s entire police and intelligence system must be overhauled.

As a result, 63-year-old Heinz Fromm, president of Germany’s domestic intelligence service, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, resigned this week when it was discovered that someone in his agency had destroyed files about the NSU a few days after the group was uncovered.

His resignation is indeed unfortunate as Reuters points out:  “Fromm himself had been warning about the growing risk of right-wing terrorism ever since he was appointed in June 2000, and that his various political masters didn’t listen.”  But which politicians chose to stop investigation of right-wing activity in Germany?

A dissenting leader, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, writes:  “It has yet to be ascertained whether the cause of his resignation, the destruction of files about informants in Thuringia where the right-wing extremist terrorist group NSU originated, was due to overzealousness and sloppiness, or if it was a brazen last-minute attempt to wipe out traces of links between the agency and the NSU.”

Spiegel Online says, “The trio that made up the NSU, aided by a web of helpers, shot dead nine small businessmen of Turkish and Greek origin and one German policewoman in a killing spree that began in 2000. They also injured more than 20 people in two bomb attacks on people of Turkish descent and committed over a dozen bank robberies.”

Before local police investigating a bank robbery tracked these three NSU members, federal investigators and news media dismissed ideas of right-wing terrorists, instead blaming those unsolved murders on organized crime.

It is clear that NSU operated underground for more than a decade because parties high up investigative and political chains protected them, as well as others yet to be apprehended.  This skullduggery is mindful of axis and allies history world war.  Perhaps all secret neo-Nazis in Germany will not come to light until “The Lord come, who . . . will bring to light the hidden things of darkness (1 Corinthians 4: 5).”  But these hidden Nazis will ultimately bring on World War III.

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Roman Catholic Church, Mafia, Masons, Fascism, etc., Part 6

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
July 5, 2012

    Several blogs ago, we mentioned the incredible power of Italian archbishops even to over-ride the pope.  That power extends to, and is heavily influenced by, the reach of the Mafia in greater Italian society.

Bernado Provenzano says the Mafia is Italy’s richest firm:  “Already well known for its criminal involvement in drugs and violence, the feared Cosa Nostra has now worked its way into almost every corner of Italian life.”  He writes that Mafia boss, Matteo Messina Denaro, has an estimated wealth of £2.5 billion for running the £115 Billion Mafia.

A report, “Criminality’s Grip on Business,” states:  “a conventional business or commercial activity in Italy is directly affected by organized crime ‘every single minute of the day’.”  That report further says the Mafia is “the biggest bank in the country with liquid assets of more than £65 billion.”

The has done a series on Mafia’s reach into Italian society.  John Phillips writes:  “Tailoring for top Milan fashion houses, pirating of DVDs and handbags, fishing of endangered blue fin tuna and brewing genetically-modified beer are all part and parcel of Italy’s thoroughly modern Mafia:  The Mafia is the biggest business in Italy, with organized crime netting . . . 7 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product.”

In “Mafia Corruption Linked to 126 Hospital Deaths,” Michael Day reports:  “The deadly price hospital patients pay for the rampant corruption and mob activity in southern Italy’s health system . . . There were 126 suspicious hospital deaths in Sicily and Calabria [two cities] plagued by Mafia corruption. . . . hospitals have been offering dangerously substandard care as mobsters cream off money. . . by ensuring big contracts go to companies they run or own––often in exchange for poor quality goods or services, or sometimes nothing at all.”

Another story, “Triangle of Death: Surge in Cancer Cases in Italy Linked to Illegal Dumping of Toxic Waste,” Peter Popham explores another deadly scam:  “Instead of paying exorbitantly to have their toxic waste disposed of correctly by specialist companies, they would pay organized crime to truck it away and simply “lose” it. . . .

“They dumped it anywhere and everywhere: in the fields, in old wells, in worked-out quarries, in or around canals, in caves. Sometimes they simply buried the loaded trailers or containers underground. Sometimes they mixed the waste with soil and scattered it on the fields.”

Is it any wonder then that Mafia money and corruption makes its way into a Vatican bank, or toward influencing archbishops?   We keep writing that purity and danger cannot co-exist.  Purity must always fight the dangers of crime and corruption.  But so far, the Vatican and the European Union prefer to ignore them!

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