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Gabon Bans Gun Sales to Protect Elephants: & U.S. Can’t Protect Children?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 2:05 AM
February 28, 2013

The African nation of Gabon––home of half of Africa’s forest elephants––banned the sale of  large-calibre arms to protect these beasts.  But, while that small nation tries protect its elephants, the U. S. can do nothing to protect its people?

Without fanfare, Gabon’s government announced recently:  “The interior ministry has decided to suspend the sale of rifles and ammunitions of type 375 and 458, used for big game hunting throughout the national territory.”

AFP News Service says that poachers “have killed at least 20,000 elephants there in the past decade. The animals are mainly hunted for their ivory.”  Such poaching has reduced Africa’s elephant population from millions a few decades ago down to perhaps a half million today.

Jeffrey Gettleman, writes ‘In Gabon, Lure of Ivory Is Hard for Many to Resist’:  “Across the continent, tens of thousands of elephants are being poached each year in what is emerging as one of the gravest wildlife crises in decades.

“Gabon’s elephants are among the last of the planet’s rare forest elephants, a subspecies or possibly a totally distinct species . . . , which makes the stakes particularly high here. Forest elephants are smaller than their savanna cousins and have an alluring, extra-hard pinkish ivory that is especially prized.”

The black-market trade for ivory is known to thrive in Asia and the Middle East.  In those regions, elephant tusks are used for ornaments and medicines.  But recently, the World Wildlife Fund argues that ivory sales now finance armed rebels.

According to a ‘Small Arms Survey’ by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) taken in 2007, the United States has the highest number per capita of gun ownership in the world.  An average of 88 out of every 100 American citizens owns a gun.  That shameful rate is probably much higher today.  Even Yemen––a war ravaged country––at 54.8 per 100 of its citizens has fewer guns.

And this nation, supposedly the most powerful country on earth, which goes to war overseas “in order to protect harmless civilians,” can do nothing to ban killer weapons slaughtering our children and adults on a daily basis?  Absurd!

Hopefully, those politicians who fear the wrath of gun-toting voters in their states, are equally ready to face the wrath of God.  For His historical Bible Books declare “. . . the wild beasts of the field are mine (Psalm 50: 11b).”  God loved elephants as much as people when He made them equal survivors on Noah’s Ark.

Beware, American politicians who sit back and do nothing to protect your own people.  Fear God, and not man.  Or else get ready for that Great Day:  “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;  And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of The Lamb:  For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? (Revelation 6: 15-17).”

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‘There Shall Be Signs’: Societal Declines, Love of Money Still the Root Pt 5

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:15 PM
February 26, 2013

    While multi-national corporations depend on the public to continue purchase  of their products, regardless of their public relations programs, they still could care less about the lives and safety of their buyers, and that of Planet Earth.

Take the case of cat food manufacturers, who responded to published reports about domestic and feral cats decimating bird populations by running expensive ad campaigns showing beauty models kissing cats so people will buy more cat food. insists that pet food companies earn over $ 9 billion dollars  a year re-chemicalqzing animal waste (often diseased meat) and throwing it into a can. adds:  “What most consumers don’t know is that the pet food industry is an extension of the human food and agriculture industries.”

And with their billions of dollars, food companies pay millions to assure people that cats don’t kill birds, that cats shouldn’t be euthanized, that they are harmless, fun-loving pets.

In the same way, Coca-Cola, and other beverage companies, greatly resist recycling––regardless of what their public relations images may portray.  Rob Wohl writes in  “Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, is suing to crush the world’s best recycling program.

“When a state government in Australia considered creating a 10-cent refund on recycling plastic bottles, Coca-Cola poured money into a misleading campaign to oppose the plan. Then, when common sense won out and the plan passed, Coke sued the government to stop the program.”

Wohl argues that Coca-Cola “runs similar campaigns all over the world.”  That corporation sells some 2 billion units of their beverages in plastic bottles soda a day.    It is well proven that non-recycled plastics usually wash out into oceans where seabirds mistake them for eatable food.

For years, researchers have found, and filmed, vast islands of floating plastics in ocean waters.  Wohl argues:  “The recycling program Coke is suing over, which is called a “container deposit scheme,” or a “bottle bill” in the United States, won’t cost Coca-Cola anything. Instead, consumers pay an extra ten cents for each bottle, which they can get back by recycling the used container.”

However “Coke claims the program is a tax that hurts its sales.”  This is the salient point––money above all else.  Wohl is raising a petition program on this issue.  Readers can contact him at

In addition, it is time believers to take a stand: The beauty and life of God’s creatures cannot be sacrificed so that multi-billionaires can make more money.  Only anti-christian fiction argues that money is a god to be worshipped.  God’s Word, however, says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows (1 Timothy 6: 10).”

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Malachy’s Prophecies: Pope, Cardinals and Exposures! Part 5

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:03 PM
February 22, 2013

    Internet stories run ablaze with new revelations about Pope Benedict’s abdication:  He did so because of pressure from gay lobbyists within the Vatican, including gays in the cardinal ranks. The original story came from Italy’s La Repubblica newspapers, which insist church officials are being blackmailed.

That news outlet links Benedict’s resignation to a secret 300-page dossier prepared by three elderly cardinals–– Spanish Cardinal Julian Herranz, Slovak Cardinal Jozef Tomko and Italian Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi––who cannot participate in election of the new pope because they are over 80 years of age.

One of the most detailed translations of the Italian story comes from Tess Livingstone of ‘The Australian’:  “According to La Repubblica, the report was ‘an exact map of the mischief and the bad fish’ inside the Holy See, with the cardinals finding that one faction of Vatican officials, ‘united by sexual orientation,’ had been subject to ‘external influence’ from laymen with whom they had links of a ‘worldly nature,’ which the paper said was a reference to blackmail.”

According to La Repubblica’s source, the cardinals’ report zeroed in on “‘non-observance of the sixth and seventh commandments,’ which forbid adultery (including homosexual sex) and stealing. The report also mentioned numerous venues in and around Rome where clandestine encounters took place, including a sauna, a beauty parlour and a university residence.”

Apparently such dalliance led to blackmail.  The two-volume red-bound report was delivered to the Pope on December 17. Perhaps it led to his resignation.  Janet Shan of the ‘Hinterland Gazette,’ writes it is “consigned to a safe in the papal apartments and would be delivered to the pope’s successor upon his election.”

Shan claims the Italian newspaper says:  “the cardinals described a number of factions, including one whose members were ‘united by sexual orientation.’”  Vatican officials refuse to confirm or to deny La Repubblica’s story.

In his New York Times editorial, ‘Farewell to an Uninspiring Pope,’ playwright John Patrick Shanley expounds:  “Pope Benedict XVI quit.  Good. He was utterly bereft of charm, tone-deaf and a protector of priests who abused children. He’d been a member of the Hitler Youth. In addition to this woeful résumé, he had no use for women.”  Shanley intimates that the pope himself is gay.

Or perhaps, it is just as Christopher di Spirito writes, “Profoundly homophobic, Pope Benedict XVI, never missed an opportunity to issue an offensive edict attacking gay rights and same-sex marriage.”

However, what current news reports overlook is the Roman Catholic Church’s dependence upon heterosexual marriages to produce children as ‘born-in’ church members.  Even then, the only use for women is to produce babies.

As Zechariah cries in Biblical warnings about purity and danger :  “There is a voice of the howling of the shepherds; for their glory is spoiled . . . (11: 3).”  It may take decades for that current howling to stop, if it ever can!

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‘There Shall Be Signs’: Societal Declines, Forced Morality & Violence, Pt 4

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 2:15 AM
February 22, 2013

        Cultural changes rushing through nations with updated 21st Century values often lead to confusing societal declines, as well as to militant attempts to re-install traditionally valued morals through intimidation and violence.

Such attempts to re-enforce past tradition is even in the United States where New York shop keepers are threatened to maintain Orthodox Jewish standards.  Joseph Berger writes in ‘Modesty in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Is Enforced by Secret Squads,’ that a Brooklyn shopkeeper received a call at home:

“. . . a man who said he was from a neighborhood “modesty committee” was concerned that the mannequins in her store’s window, used to display women’s clothing, might inadvertently arouse passing men and boys.

“. . . on Lee Avenue, the commercial spine of Hasidic Williamsburg, the warning carried an implied threat—comply with community standards or be shunned. . .  a potent threat . . . where shadowy, sometimes self-appointed modesty squads use social and economic leverage to enforce conformity.”

Jewish leaders in New York claim not to know who such enforcers are or who they represent.  However, shop owners, feeling threatened, and powerless, see no protection.  So most comply with intimidators’ requests.

The same fear and intimidation exist in Israel overseas.  ‘Jewish ‘Modesty Patrols’ Sow Fear in Israel’ expounds:  “In Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, where the rule of law sometimes takes a back seat to the rule of God, zealots are on a campaign to stamp out behavior they consider unchaste. They hurl stones at women for such ‘sins’ as wearing a red blouse . . .”

The article continues:  “In recent weeks, self-styled “modesty patrols” have been accused of breaking into the apartment of a Jerusalem woman and beating her for allegedly consorting with men.”

Young Orthodox defender Elchanan Blau responds:  “These breaches of purity and modesty endanger our community.  If it takes fire to get them to stop, then so be it.”  Other ultra-Orthodox Jews are upset by the violence, but rabbis seem to approve, because it “keeps secular culture out of their cloistered world.”

While these clashes usually involve the role of women––as in Afghanistan where the Taliban seeks to re-establish oppressions against women––in some cases violent clashes are often between traditional religions losing battles with new ones.

Hindus in India complain loudly to their non-responsive government that Moslems trample over their holy shrines as tourist attractions, especially during the present Vasant (Basant) Panchami holy days, “damaging ancient idols of Deities and other signs of temple.”

These escalating clashes of cultures test an axiom of anti-Christian fiction:  i.e. that morality can be forced on adults.  As Apostle John argues in all his writings, true religion is based on “whosoever will, let him let him take the water of life freely (Revelation 22: 17).”  If will is forced, revolt still resides in the heart.

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Malachy’s Prophecies and Other Vatican Scandals! Part 4

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:07 PM
February 20, 2013

Other than seeking to avoid lawsuits, Pope Benedict may have additional reasons for resigning.  One theory is that he did not want to be responsible for what certain members of secret organizations within the Church plan in the near future. and Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker magazine theorize that the Knights of Malta and/or Opus Dei, ‘secret’ Catholic ‘orders,’ fired Benedict, because he does not sanction their plans for military take-overs, geared to conquer Muslim countries and convert mosques into Christian churches.

In responding to those complaining about the Iraq War, SadInAmerica quotes Hersh:  “Don’t they get it? We’re gonna change mosques into cathedrals. And when we get all the oil, nobody’s gonna give a damn.’ That’s the attitude. We’re gonna change mosques into cathedrals. That’s an attitude that pervades, I’m here to say, a large percentage of the Joint Special Operations Command [JSOC].”

That site continues:  “Hersh further claimed that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Vice Admiral William McRaven and others in the JSOC are members of the ‘Knights of Malta’ and ‘Opus Dei,’ two little known Catholic orders.”

In ‘Seymour Hersh Unleashed, Blake Hounshell also quotes from a speech ––billed “as a discussion of the Bush and Obama eras”––which Hersh gave at the Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar:

“Many of them are members of Opus Dei. They [JSOC] do see what they’re doing––and this is not an atypical attitude among some military––it’s a crusade, literally. They see themselves as the protectors of the Christians. They’re protecting them from the Muslims [as in] the 13th century. And this is their function.”

SadInAmerica continues to quote Hersh: “[I]t appears that the Knights of Malta––a radical secret society penetrated by Freemasonic agents––helped bring us 9/11 and the 9/11 wars.  Have they forced Pope Benedict to resign…or at least caused him so much worry (about what future plans?!) that Benedict felt he had to flee . . . rather than shoulder responsibility for whatever is coming?”

Hounshell quotes Hersh further:  “They have little insignias, these coins they pass among each other, which are crusader coins. They have insignia that reflect the whole notion that this is a culture war. . . . Right now, there’s a tremendous, tremendous amount of anti-Muslim feeling in the military community.”

So either the Pope is hiding from 21st century ‘Christian’ crusaders, or law suits from defenders of child abuse victims, or investigations into Vatican Bank financial scandals he could not defang or . . .?

Meanwhile Pope Benedict will still reside in the Vatican where he can oversee, and maybe control, his replacement.  My what drama!  Perhaps this Scripture from some Christian mystery fiction doesn’t apply to Pope Benedict:  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8: 32).” Instead it may keep him locked behind the Vatican walls through timeless ages.

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Pope Resigns: But Why? Malachy’s Prophecy Extended! Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:50 PM
February 18, 2013

    Theories now abound as to authentic reasons for the Pope Benedict’s sudden resignation.  Everything is surmised from fear of assassination, to firing by the Knights of Malta, to being overwhelmed by Church scandals, etc.  But the most viable answer could be that he fears pending legal action.

In ‘ITCCS: Pope Benedict Resigned to Avoid Arrest, Seizure of Church Wealth by Easter,’ writes:  “ is reporting that Joseph Ratzinger resigned as Pope this week as a result of pending charges for criminal conspiracy to aid and protect child torture and trafficking.”

The ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church & State) “report reveals that the organization has procured an arrest warrant from an unnamed European nation against Ratzinger, and will move to place a commercial lien against all the financial assets of Vatican, Inc effective Easter Sunday, 3/31/13 . . .”

This report says ITCCS will issue arrest warrants for Ratzinger after he resigns, and will then press charges against his successor.  Even Reuters News Services agrees this scenario is possible.  In ‘Pope Immunity: Vatican Will Protect Benedict From Sexual Abuse Prosecution,’ Phillip Pullella writes:

“Pope Benedict’s decision to live in the Vatican after he resigns will . . . offer legal protection from any attempt to prosecute him in connection with sexual abuse cases around the world, Church sources and legal experts say.  His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless. He wouldn’t have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security, if he is anywhere else.” agrees with these assessments.  That site lists ITCCS’ six-part report on Ratzinger’s pending arrest:  “European Governance issued an arrest warrant and closure and seizure of Vatican assets. This arrest warrant was to be delivered to the office of the “Holy See” in Rome . . .allowed the nation in question to detain Ratzinger as a suspect in a crime if he entered its sovereign territory.”

From its office in Brussels, ITCC adds:  “A diplomatic note was issued by the said nation’s government to the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, on Monday, February 4, 2013, informing Bertone of the impending arrest warrant and inviting his office to comply. No reply to this note was received from Cardinal Bertone or his office; but six days later, Pope Benedict resigned.”

On charges of child abuse, Anne Barrett Doyle of, writes:  “Joseph Ratzinger leaves the papacy having failed to achieve what should have been his job one: to rectify the incalculable harm done to the hundreds of thousands of children sexually abused by Catholic priests. He leaves hundreds of culpable bishops in power and a culture of secrecy intact.”

To be held guilty by various interested persons and groups is one thing, but to be legally charged with criminal activities is another.  As Christian mystery fiction so often illustrates so often, even those who consider themselves to be to very ‘holy’ should understand:  “The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked (Nahum 1: 3).”

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Internal War Between NRA and ‘Legal’ Drug Industry or Something Else?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:53 AM
February 15, 2013

    Two prominent National Rifle Association (NRA) members were recently killed in very mysterious circumstances, and one had published a blog discussing dangerous drugs ingested by mass murderers in the United States.

Just a week after exposing drugs taken by mass murderers, John Noveske, a celebrated gun manufacturer, was killed when his car strangely “traveled across the oncoming lane onto the dirt highway shoulder until it struck two large boulders.”  Outdoor Wire reports, “The vehicle rolled and Mr. Noveske was ejected.”

A world-famous gun expert on ‘You Tube’ where he had three million subscribers and a half billion views, 32 year old Keith Ratcliff was found shot in the head on a rural road near his home in Carnesville, Georgia.

England’s ‘Daily Mail’ quotes Ratliff’s widow as wondering:  “For him not to pull out that gun and try to defend himself, he had to feel comfortable around somebody. Either that or he was ambushed.”

In ‘Prominent Rifle Manufacturer Killed in Mysterious Car Crash Days after Posting Psych Drug Link to School Shooters,’ Mike Adams, editor of, republishes John Noveske’s post about the affects very dangerous ‘legal’ drugs have on potential mass murderers.

Noveske’s points out that:  1) Columbine shooter Harris, age 17, was on Zoloft and Luvox, and the medical records for his fellow shooter Klebold have never been released; 2) Jeff Weise, age 16, was prescribed three times the average adult dose of Prozac before killing 11 people and wounding 12;

3)  After taking Prozac, Xanax and Ambien, Steven Kazmierczak, age 27, killed five people and wounded others before killing himself; 4) Taking prescribed SSRI and benzodiazapine, Matti Saari, age 22, killed 10 people, then himself.

Noveske lists 37 other drug-crazed killers before asking why medical records for Jared Lee Loughner, James Eagan Holmes, Jacob Tyler Roberts and Adam Peter Lanza––America’s recent notorious killers––have not been released.

Adams cites conclusions by theorist Steve Quayle and other NRA associates that these drug-related mass murders, as well as the recent deaths of NRA enthusiasts, are part of a government take-over plot:

“. . . Quayle has long predicted this would be the very first step before foreign troops are unleashed on American soil to take over the country and deliver it, . . . into the hands of the globalist crime syndicate.”

It is undeniable that present governmental plans to stop mass-murders in the U.S. do not publicly include investigation of the drugs killers have taken. It is also undeniable that not just one, but both men may have been murdered.

For the truth behind daily headlines, Christians must mightily pray.  The welfare of our nation may be at stake.  As Bible historical books promise:  “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5: 16.)”

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Pope Resigns: Malachy’s Prophecy Next Pope Will Be Last! Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:37 PM
February 13, 2013

    Malachy’s prophecy seems especially applicable to the 21st Century Catholic Church.  Rocked by alleged association with: Mafia financial ties; proven priest involvement with sexual abuse of children; and even murder cover-ups––the moral fiber of the institution may be irreparably damaged.

As Janet Tavakoli, author of ‘Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits,’ writes in ‘Pope Benedict XVI Resigns From a Church in Crisis,’ “In recent decades, the lack of self-regulation and accountability among key members of the Catholic clergy has become painfully apparent, accelerating the Church’s problems.

“In the United States and Europe, the Catholic Church has lost followers and weekly mass attendance has plummeted. In the U.S, the number of seminarians studying to be priests has dropped by two-thirds from what it was forty years ago, and monetary contributions to the Catholic Church have dwindled.”

Tavakoli highlights the murder of Roberto Calvi, once head of Banco Ambrosiano, which went under in the midst of one of Italy’s largest political scandals.  Wikipedia adds:  “Claims have been made that factors in Calvin’s death were the Vatican Bank, Banco Ambrosiano’s main shareholder; the Mafia, which may have used Banco Ambrosiano for money laundering; and the Propaganda Due or P2 clandestine Masonic Lodge.”

At the time of Calvin’s death, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus had suspected involvement.  However, Pope Benedict and his predecessor, Pope John Paul, shielded Marcinkus, who was Chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, from police interviews concerning bank corruptions and Calvi’s death.
The writer also points out:  “On May 8, 2002, Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston became the first cardinal in the history of the Catholic Church compelled to testify in a sexual abuse case for his role in “overseeing” priests. He was forced to resign as Archbishop of Boston.

Yet, “ . . . the Church hierarchy gave him a cushy landing.  Many U.S. Catholics stood in shocked disbelief when Cardinal Law was chosen to preside over Pope John Paul II’s 2005 requiem mass.”

Strangely, Pope Benedict identified with Pope Celestine V, who also abdicated his position in 1296.  David Perry of CNN points out that the Pope “made his second trip to the earthquake-ravaged town of L’Aquila to venerate the relics of his long-ago predecessor, Pope and St. Celestine V.”  Perry claims that today’s Pope fashioned his letter of resignation on Celestine’s departing statement.

In a notable work of Christian authors historical fiction, the famed Italian poet, Dante, chided Celestine as a coward who simply declined to lead the church.  In ‘The Inferno, Canto II 60,’ Dante’s narrator meets Celestine in the realms of hell and says of Celestine:  “Who made through cowardice the great refusal.”  Surely God’s Son will make final judgment on men claiming to represent Him!

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Pope Resigns: Malachy’s Prophecy Says Next Pope Will Be The Last One!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:26 PM
February 11, 2013

       Pope Benedict stunned everyone with his decision to resign as head of the Roman Catholic Church. Most on the bloggersphere do not buy media’s reasons of poor health.  Both secular and sacred prophecies, as well as Vatican politics, belie the notion that the first papal resignation in 600 years is voluntary.

As The Extinction Protocol cites in its title on the Pope’s decision, ‘Pope Benedict Stepping Down, Cites Poor Health: World Shudders at Malachy’s Prophecy of the End of the World,’ scholars who know expect ‘all hell to break out’ during the reign of Benedict’s successor.

In ‘St. Malachy, The Prophecy of the Popes and Doomsday 2012,’ Joncrown444 writes:  “This story begins in 1139, while on a visit to Rome, when St. Malachy reportedly had a vision seeing the succession of the 112 popes who’d follow Pope Celestine II until the end of time.

“Although the prophecies are cryptic and esoteric to some, many historians believe they’ve proved remarkably accurate in describing each successive pope.
Now, after many centuries, the sobering truth is that we’re down to the last popes in the prophecy. The current pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI is the 111th pope, and the next will be The Final Pope in Malachy’s prophecy––the 112th pope.”

Writing for United Kingdom’s Telegraph, Nick Squires claims this week that Cardinal Paolo Romeo, archbishop of Palermo in Sicily, predicted during a visit to China in November of 2011 that the Pope would be assassinated within a year.

Romeo so startled those who heard him that they reported his remarks to the Vatican.  By the end of that year, Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos delivered those commends in a top-secret report to the Pope.

A blog in this site on June 26, 2012 detailed struggles within the Vatican when Italian cardinals resisted the Pope’s attempts to clamp down on their relationships with various ‘corrupt vast financial dealing with Italian businesses.’

According to Squires, Romeo went on to say during his China visit that Pope Benedict would be succeeded by “Cardinal Angelo Scola, the archbishop of Milan ––meaning the papacy would return to an Italian after the German Benedict and his Polish predecessor, John Paul II.”

Although Romeo strongly denied he ever made such remarks, they are indicative of ongoing power struggles within the Vatican.  Apparently Italian cardinals worked hard behind-the-scenes to oust the priest Benedict had named to investigate alleged laundering of criminal money within the Vatican Bank.

Christian non-fiction prophecy books, such as Finis Dake’s ‘Revelation Expounded:  Eternal Mysteries Simplified,’ identify Mystery Babylon in Revelation, chapter 17, as the Catholic headquarters in Rome which the Anti-Christ’s kingdoms will destroy by fire––exactly as St. Malachy predicted!

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‘And There Shall Be Signs’: Moral Declines in the U.S., Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:36 AM
February 8, 2013

Nowadays, shocks to moral standards around the world break centuries of order and tradition.  Satanically inspired evil malefactors cross all boundaries of decency to attack the most helpless victims in their societies.

Nothing so illustrates the fall of America’s moral standards than the recent story from California about two four-year-old boys receiving oral sex from a five- year-old girl while in a Lutheran Church nursery school in Carson, California.

Dominique Mosbergen in “California Preschool, Rocked By Sex Scandal, Is Closing Its Doors,” that the preschool is closing its doors, apparently because of the crisis.”  The California Department of Social Services has apparently cited the school for an “overall lack of supervision and an improper teacher-child ratio.”

Atty. Greg Owen, representing several parents filing suit against the school, said of the three children, “Their lives will be ruined in many ways.  And we know there are many more victims.”  Surely, adults instigated this grievous behavior.

Mosbergen also points to several school sex scandals in the L. A. area.  “. . . two teachers at Miramonte Elementary School, were arrested over allegation of lewd conduct.  One has been accused of binding and gagging students, as well as feeding them semen-laced cookies and placing live cockroaches on their faces.”

Last month another man who has taught in the L. A. school district for 40 years is now accused for sexually assaulting some 20 children.  LAPD Detective Gus Villanueva told Mosbergen:  “We are dumbfounded. It just doesn’t stop.”

Claudette Roulo from American Forces Press Service reports that during a nine-month investigation into sexual misconduct among teachers attacking students at the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio U.S., the Air Force conducted 7,700 interviews.

Air Force Gen. Edward A. Rice Jr., the commander of the service’s Air Education and Training Command said the crimes were “stunning,. . . There’s no justifiable explanation, and there is no way we can allow this to happen again.”  Air Force Chief Of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III wrote a ‘Letter to Airmen’ saying “obscene, vulgar or disrespectful images, songs or so-called ‘traditions’ are not part of our heritage and will not be accepted as part of our culture.”

The problem is that such behavior has become too much a part of America’s culture.  In its extended blog, ‘The Great Divine,’ Extinction Protocol laments:  “As the world continues to unravel, and tensions mount in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa and there’s more debt in the world of late than common sense;

“American are collecting guns and bullets in record numbers, preparing for an ‘unthinkable’. . . . Meanwhile religions institutions are seeing an ever increasing number of followers abandoning the church altogether.”

Why in these days of still being the wealthiest country on earth, our nation has stooped to such degradation? But as the prophet Hosea cries in historical books of the Old Testament, God has punishment awaiting us, “As they were increased, so they sinned against Me: therefore will I change their glory into shame (4: 7).”

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