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The New Pope Francis: Confusion of Authority and Malachy’s Prophecies!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:33 AM
May 2, 2013

POPE-SUCCESSION-600x431    As Francis, the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church begins his first days in office, he faces several formidable tasks. However, confusion persists as to the true extent of his power:  Now apparently, there is not just one Pope, but three.

His challenges include:  1) Bringing the scandal-filled Vatican Bank in line with banking laws of the European Union; 2) Payment of pending lawsuits on child sexual abuse against the Church and former Pope Benedict; 3) Charges that he, Francis, sided with Pinochet’s kidnappers during Argentina’s ‘Dirty War;’ and now

4)  The U.S. Supreme Court is asked to decide if German auto maker, Daimler, can be sued for also helping with repressions by South American military dictatorships––a lawsuit which again puts Francis, along with other issues, on center stage.

The Roman Church’s problem, however, is who is, or will be, on that world stage with Pope Francis.  Is it Benedict, who ran away from both the mafia-influence at the Vatican Bank, as well as the world-wide sexual abuse scandal?  Or is it the Black Pope of the Jesuit Order, to whom Francis must report?

In ‘The Portents and Omens of the Vatican’s New Pope by Mount Etna’s Italian Volcanic Fireworks,’ Robert Mock posits that natural phenomena in Italy and in space emit warnings about the recent election of the new Pope:

“. . . this election also gives a portend of the future, for now the White Pope is no longer guarded and protected by the Black Pope, the Jesuit General of the Society of Jesus, but rather is subordinated now to the Black Pope, Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas.” says the same in his youtube presentation, ‘The Pope, The Secrets––Black Pope + White Pope.’

Scores of reporters agree with Mock’s point on the confusion of Papal rulership.  All members of the Jesuit order come under the authority of the Jesuit General.  He also receives their confessions. Thus, the line of power is confused.  vatican-elects-first-jesuit-pope-francis-I

Added to this, with his odd presence as Pope Emeritus, Benedict could also undermine Francis’ authority.  Mock also exclaims:  “. . . the ancient Bavarian Order of the Illuminate has risen to claim its mantle of power at the time of the end.”  As Mock’s in-depth article indicates, these odd arrangements sets the backdrop for rebellion and final destruction of the Catholic Church.

Mock implies that secret orders of occult manipulation are at work in the Vatican, and were at work when the Cardinals selected the Italian-Argentinian to be Pope.  The Daimler law case is about large corporate interests seeking to repress unions, and the poor.  It is estimated that the Pinochet regime killed and/or kidnapped some 32,000 Argentinians. Such a legacy cannot abide with a man whose chosen name aligns him with helping the poor.

As The LORD Jesus cries in Christian non-fiction prophecy books:  “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness (Matthew 23: 27).” In this case, it could be three sepulchers.  However, even less is known of the one mysteriously called, ‘The Black Pope’!

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