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What’s the Story Behind Western Nations Helping Moslem Rebels?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:38 PM
November 26, 2013

London-Islamic-Bank    Well for one thing, British authorities openly work to attract investments from Muslim countries to establish a new financial system that will also solidify Sharia law, while simultaneously discouraging British bank deals with Israel.

Soeren Kern reveals in ‘Britain: A World Capital for Islamic Finance’:  “The London Stock Exchange [will launch] a new Islamic bond index . . . to establish the City of London as one of the world’s leading centers of Islamic finance.”

Why is England working for Islamic money?  Because it wants to be the first non-Muslim country authorized to issue ‘sovereign Islamic bonds. Prime Minister David Cameron unveiled this plan in his speech at this year’s World Islamic Economic Forum before 1,800 political and economic leaders from 115 nations:

“Already London is the biggest center for Islamic finance outside the Islamic world.  And today our ambition is to go david30102013further still. Because I don’t just want London to be a great capital of Islamic finance in the Western world, I want London to stand alongside Dubai and Kuala Lumpur as one of the great capitals of Islamic finance anywhere in the world.”

In another article Kern uncovers that Britain finances a Muslim School in Derby, England which operates according to Sharia law. Female teachers must wear hijab Islamic scarfs, even if they are not Muslim, and they must teach subjects referring to women as pigs––this while a Queen rules the British throne.

Kern claims in another text that Spain has problems with Islam invading its military:  “The military is an attractive employment option for many young Muslims born in Spain, where the unemployment rate is stuck at 27%, and the jobless rate for individuals under 25 exceeds 60%.” Spain attempts to solve the problem with new recruits from Latin America.  Moreover, Kern compares Islam influence in Spain’s armies to the same problems in the U.S. military.

The same can be said of America’s neighbor, Canada.  Abigail R. Esman writes ‘Canada’s Growing Islamic Radicalization a Warning Sign’ to explain that country’s problems with jihad radicalization:

“Islamist extremists are now radicalizing Canadians at a large number of venues, ranging from mosques to dinner parties . . . Parents radicalized children, husbands have radicalized wives . . . and siblings have radicalized each other.”

Like Kern, she compares Canada’s quandary with the U.S.:  “John Nuttail and Amanda Korody, converts charged with planning to celebrate Canada Day (July 1) this year by using pressure cooker bombs to blow up the British Columbia Provincial legislature in Victoria”––just as in the recent Boston bombings.

The United States and Canada must strengthen their defenses against such coordinated attacks obviously coordinated through internet and other types of communication.  As for Britain and the rest of Europe (i.e. Greece now building a mosque for Muslims), they often seem to deliberately invite Muslim take-over.

2 Kings chapter 20 in historical books of the Old Testament tells of King Hezekiah who disclosed his nation’s wealth to an enemy.  The prophet Isaiah condemned the king:  “Behold, the days come, that all that is in thine house, and that which thy fathers have laid up in store unto this day, . . . nothing shall be left, saith The LORD.”  Britain is likewise giving what remains its empire to Islam!

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The End Times: Failures of Godless Communism in China and Russia

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:53 PM
November 25, 2013

The-End-of-Russia-Ilan-Berman    Final failures of Communism now become clear in both China and Russia to most scholars and reporters.  As both countries now flex their muscles for war against the U.S., Japan and/or Europe, perhaps they hope to deflect attention from greater internal problems among their own very dissatisfied citizens.

As ‘Matt’ reports in ‘Why China’s New Rich Want to Emigrate,’ 56 percent of those with wealth of at least $ 1.6 million admit “they are considering emigrating, or [have] already emigrated from China.”  Another 11 percent say they may not leave themselves, but will allow their children to do so.

Thus, three out of five wealthy Chinese plan to leave this vast Communist-led country.  Moreover, 33 percent of Chinese, enriched by the Communist system, now invest their funds outside of China, preferring Capitalism’s financial gains.

In ‘Editorial: The Chinese Communist Party Has No Way Forward,’ Epoch Times offers in-depth study on the many failures of Chinese leaders, President Xi Jinxing and Premier Li Keqiang, particularly regarding the explosive growth of “the traditional spiritual practice of Falun Gong.”

That editorial posits: “The CCP’s [Chinese Communist Party] ideology of Marxism is bankrupt, and Communism has only3-left-communismbecome a joke. Yet there is no other belief tying the CCP together. The officials and Party members focus on nothing but corruption and promotion. The Party has tons of factions and no consensus.

“The CCP has ruled for over 60 years. It has killed 80 million Chinese and persecuted hundreds of millions. The persecution of tens of millions of Falun Gong practitioners is still ongoing.”

Ilan Berman explains similar issues about Russia in his new book, ‘Implosion:  The End of Russia and What It Means for America.’ He points out that 40% of Russians between 18 and 35 of strongly consider exiting the nation.

While the latest issues include horrible, if not impossible, health service from clinics and doctors often refusing service, even to children––other failures within Russian society inescapably glare: HIV/AIDS epidemic often coming from the one percent of Russians who are heroin addicts as that country imports five percent of the world’s heroin; failing education systems at all levels; endless abortions among Russian women; and the unpopular political system headed by still Communist-minded, President Putin with less than a 34% approval rating.

Putin yearns to restore the nations of the old godless Soviet Union as is evident in his recent pressure on Ukraine not the join the European Union.  But Berman says Putin’s greatest fear is China’s eyes on Siberian oil and other wealth.

Without the old Communist rules to control where people live, millions of Russians abandon Siberia’s constant ice and snow.  As Chinese leaders must have 20 million jobs a year for its expanding populations, nearby Siberia is tempting.

Meanwhile, Muslim populations in Russian areas have few of the nation’s problems:  no abortions, no alcoholism, no drugs, etc.  And they are not integrated into Russian society.  Their massive population growth thus threatens Russia itself.

How shameful that both countries deny God with Communism now fear destruction. Rather than attacking others, they may war with each other. Historical books of the Old Testament make clear:  “God is jealous, and The LORD revengeth; The LORD revengeth, and is furious; The LORD will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserveth wrath for His enemies (Nahum 1:2).”

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Hitlerian Control: Endless EU Austerity, Increased Police Presence

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:10 PM
November 22, 2013

greece-protests_1921392cJust as oppressive bureaucratic rules smack of neo-Nazi fascism, ceaseless clampdowns of economic austerity pushing European nations into unwanted tight fiscal controls, along with new police omni-presence––do the same.  These patterns mimic Hitler’s steps toward World War II.  They also lead to WWIII.

As Marshall Auerback writes in his study ‘. . . Europe’s Rising Neo-Fascism . . .’: “Bringing countries together in the European Union was supposed to make violent nationalist conflict a thing of the past. Member countries were supposed to prosper economically. But now countries like Greece and Spain are fracturing politically and falling into a downward economic spiral.”

Auerback explains that as Europeans went about their everyday lives they took little notice of increasing regulations coming out of Brussels, only finding them “annoying and occasionally inconvenient.”  But then the 2008 Recession hit.

Austerity wrecked havoc on Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal, and gave the ‘non-elected’ International Monetary austerity-2Fund and European Central Bank justification to establish arbitrary fiscal rules.  “So highly paid unelected bureaucrats in Brussels pull magic numbers out of the air, and then policy makers use them to call for nations to cut welfare, wages, jobs and the like.”

When those hard rules came down on populations, riots broke out in hard-hit countries, while an openly Nazi candidate in France won a large portion of the French vote.  As Auerback explains, instead of the euro ‘dollar’ being a unifying force, as was promised, it became a wedge for rebellion within member nations.

Moreover, new Nazi parties now rise up all over Europe:  Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, etc.  In these and other EU nations, strong Nazi roots and WWII survivors have trained the next generation.

Also, Samuel Blackstone writes in ‘For The First Time Since World War 2, Germany’s Military Is Authorized To Deploy Armed Troops On The Street:’
“At the end of World War II, Germany’s military was reduced to almost nothing. . . German troops could not be deployed with guns on German soil. Now that has changed, albeit to a very small degree.” Just like the other clues, one step at a time!

Ah yes.  The excuses;  “The decision to deploy the troops must be made by the federal government and public demonstrations do not apply.  In the minds of the judges during this decision was the possibility of a large scale public terrorist attack with the capability of inflicting mass casualties.”

Auerback also posits that unless the American people take stronger stands for freedom, democracy, and economic equality, the same slow economic growth and ‘hidden’ Hitlerian controls can also erupt in the United States.

Americans must increase vigilant prayer asking God to protect the nation from such savage trickery, and to bless its good and faithful rulers and its future.  As Bible Historical Books predict:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish: . . . (Proverbs 29: 18).”  The same can be said where there is little prayer!

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Switzerland Doesn’t Want That Can of German Worms Opened Either!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:27 PM
November 21, 2013

Hitler-art-showing    When viewing the billions in fine arts stolen by the Nazis during WWII, one cannot avoid the relationship between Germany and Switzerland.  In fact, as Donald Waters’ book explains, Switzerland was one of ‘Hitler’s Secret Allies.’

Jonathan Petropoulos’ also detailed that relationship in his article, ‘Co-Opting Nazi Germany: Neutrality in Europe During World War II,’ exposing the heavy involvement that four so-called neutral nations had with Nazi Germany:

“It is time for Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal and Spain to acknowledge that there were no truly neutral countries on the . . . continent during World War II . . . to acknowledge that they were part of the Nazis’ New Order and that they bear some responsibility for the tragic history of the Thirties and Forties.”

“The Swiss bolstered the Nazi regime in many ways, ways that can be summarized by the following categories: border policies, opportunities for trade, and financial transactions.”  Specifically, “The Germans traded their coal for Swiss steel (among other products); Swiss armament producers, such as Oerlikon (known for multi-barrel antiaircraft guns), also sent their wares northward.”

Also, as Lance Morrow explains in his Time magazine article, ‘The Justice of the Calculator,’ Swiss railway officials wholeheartedly worked with Nazis to transport items through Switzerland to Italy and further abroad.

Petropoulos details how Switzerland specifically cooperated with Hitler to get stolen Nazi art out of Germany.  “The Lucerne art dealer Theodor Fischer, for example, who held two auctions [in 1939] of modern art purged from German state museums, corresponded directly with Martin Bormann in the party Chancellery, Joseph Goebbels in the Propaganda Ministry, and Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, among other important individuals.”

Fischer also dealt directly with German art dealers who served Nazis. Usually there were no taxes on art sales.  Additionally, stacks of art works were stored in Swiss banks.  In ‘Consolidated Interrogation Report No. 2: The Goering Collection,’ Theodore Rousseau explains that Swiss bankers colluded with Nazis to smuggle and store the art by transferring works of art through diplomatic pouches.

Moreover, Johanna McGeary reveals in ‘Echoes of The Holocaust:’  “A Nazi official responsible for foreign exchanges estimated after the war that German assets worth 15 billion Reichsmarks entered Switzerland,” which can translate into the trillions of dollars, and which includes other valuables such as gold bullion.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that ‘art thief inheritor’ Cornelius Gurlitt was caught on a train ride back from Switzerland Nazi-Looted-Artwhere he had just sold a ‘priceless’ work of art that his father ‘stole’ from Nazis, who confiscated them from Holocaust victims.  Gurlitt well knows that the WWII path his father and fellow Nazis used to get stolen wealth from Germany to Switzerland is still very much active and alive.

In His efforts to warn mankind against starting World War III, God will no doubt reveal even more hidden trillions of Nazi wealth strewn around Europe, parts of Latin America, and in the coffers of companies traded on the U.S. Stock Exchange.  As He promises in His Christian nonfiction book list:

“. . . This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that stealeth shall be cut off as on this side according to it; and every one that sweareth shall be cut off as on that side according to it (Zechariah 5: 3).”

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‘Subtle’ Hitlerian Control: Forcing EU Nations Into Obedience

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:12 PM
November 21, 2013

EU-Key    Those who predicted that the European Union would never be unified because its individual nations had no binding relationship other than the common ‘euro’ may be wrong.  EU bureaucrats constantly provide ‘Hitlerian’ regulations inevitably ‘glueing’ the 28 nations into a resented, but ‘forcibly cohesive’ union.

Examples are EU farm regulations.  As Soeren Kern discusses regulations on cucumbers in ‘EU Regulations: ‘Dictatorship of the Bureaucrats’?’: “European Commission Regulation No. 1677/88, ‘Class I’ and ‘Extra class’ cucumbers are allowed a bend of 10mm per 10cm of length.  ‘Class II’ cucumbers can bend twice as much. Any cucumbers that are curvier may not be bought or sold.” Comical!

Yet the law on bananas is more hilarious.  Known as ‘the bendy banana law,’ European Commission Regulation No. 2257/94 insists that all bananas in the EU market place must be “free from malformation or abnormal curvature.”  Bananas are then divided into categories from those of superb quality to lower class fruits that are thin, bent out of shapebanana_eu_2004 and “perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis.”

But Ben Gabel, Director of Real Seed Catalogue in the United Kingdom complains:  “This is an instance of bureaucracy out of control. All this new law does is create a raft of civil servants being paid to move mountains of papers round all day, while interfering with the right of people to grow what they want, and charging fees for the use of plants that were domesticated and bred by the public over thousands of years of small-scale agriculture.”

Kern writes further:  “European bureaucrats have also imposed bans or restrictions on thousands of other consumer products, including clothes dryers, cosmetics, cucumbers, fruit jam, laptop computers, laundry detergents, light bulbs, olive oil, plastic bags, refrigerators, shower heads, television sets, tobacco, toilets, toys, urinals and wine cooling cabinets.”

Some of these new EU regulations are supposedly for better energy efficiency––i.e. redesigned light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, and heating units––others are said to be for health purposes––i.e. candy cigarettes, etc.  For instance, a new directive, the ‘Plant Reproductive Material Law,’ may make it illegal:

“. . . to grow, reproduce or trade any vegetable seeds that have not been tested, approved and accepted” by a new bureaucratic entity called the EU Plant Variety Agency.  Even people with home-grown gardens must comply.

Hitler’s autocratic rule came on Germany in carefully planned, slyly crafted stages, during which most Germans were unaware that their nation had moved from an elected democracy to a cruel dictatorship.  Rulers of some EU nations––especially the UK––are beginning to recognize the mess they have gotten themselves into, but most are too indebted to Germany to get out.

As The LORD Jesus Christ explains in Bible Historical Books, it is best to confront the enemy as soon as he is recognized, before it is too late:  “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison (Matthew 5: 25).”  Overbearing regulations about cucumbers and bananas may be funny, but they may eventually lead to WWIII.

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Definitely A Can of ‘Elite’ Worms Germany Didn’t Want to Open!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:55 AM
November 14, 2013

germany-art-foundThe true extent of Nazi murders and thieveries have just come to the surface this century. Earlier this year, researchers discovered some 40,000 previously unknown slave and death camps Nazis had built throughout Europe.  Now German police have ‘stumbled’ upon stolen Nazi art work worth $ 1.35 billion dollars.

In ‘The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking,’ Eric Lichtblau reported last March on discoveries led by Drs. Megargee and Dean for the Holocaust Memorial Museum:  “When the research began in 2000, [they] expected to find “ . . .perhaps 7,000 Nazi camps and ghettos, based on postwar estimates. But the numbers kept climbing — first to 11,500, then 20,000, then 30,000, and now 42,500.”

“The numbers astound,” they told Lichtblau: “30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos; 980 concentration camps; 1,000 prisoner-of-war camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm, performing forced abortions, “Germanizing” prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers.”

Moreover, they conclude these numbers mean Germans and other Europeans can no longer deny they knew of the slaughters. Too much ‘truth’ was all around them.  Now, supposedly to the ‘shock’ and ‘horror’ of the German government and international art world: valuable art works stolen by Nazis 70 years ago is found.

However, German officials waited two years before releasing news about this ‘find’ to the public, and only did so after ‘Focus,’ a German news magazine, exposed this week that the German government was secretly holding 1,400 priceless works of works. Now that government has only released information on some art pieces, insisting that potential families should contact them first.

Anger over Germany’s reluctance to fully confirm the collection has exploded.  Multiple lawyers representing heirs, Hitler Shows Off "Purged Art"International Jewish organizations and the United States demands that Germany release the full list of items and begins to search for estates of rightful owners.

The paintings, held in a junky apartment leased by 80 year old Cornelius Gurlitt, were left to him by his father, art collector Hildebrand Gurlitt, who either stole and stashed the works for Hitler’s minions, or purchased them for a pittance from Jewish art dealers and collectors trying to flee Germany.

Police only came upon Gurlitt in September of 2010, when he was traveling by train from Switzerland to Munich, carrying $ 12,000 in 500 euro notes. Since it is illegal to travel with more than 10,000 euros, they decided to investigate him further, thus finding sketches, oil paintings, charcoals, lithographs and watercolors strewn around his apartment amidst boxes of canned foods, and other crates of junk.  He had just returned from selling one painting for $ 1.2 million dollars.

The find has opened a can of worms for German laws and courts, because politicians never passed a law saying that individuals could not hold onto Nazi art work, only companies. Thus it is still not clear if Germany can even return items to rightful owners.  And what about the art dealers and auctioneers who helped Gurlitt sell off these items, knowing full well they were definitely stolen?

This sounds like plots from Nero Wolfe novels by Rex Stout. As God exposes more about Nazi thefts, murders and lies, perhaps the truth about the billions in gold Nazis carted off to Swiss banks will also come to light.  As The LORD Jesus promises: “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known (Matthew 10: 26).”

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Why Extensive Anti-Semitism in Poland? History, Culture & Prophecy

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:43 PM
November 12, 2013

WW2-Holocaust-Poland_big_legend    Just like the rest of Europe, Poland cannot outlive its vicious Nazi past: Auschwitz, Treblinka and other ‘exterminate Jews’ camps Germany built in Poland; those three million Jews who lived in Poland before WWII, and the scant 10,000 that are left; the deliberately ignorant Poles who blame the Holocaust on Jews; raucous sports rallies teeming with anti-Semitic slogans, etc., etc., etc.

Polish politicians have gone out of their way to say that capitalist success has diminished anti-Jewish sentiments in Poland.  Of the $ 105 million needed to complete the soon-to-be opened Holocaust museum, they donated $ 65 million. But then comes this year’s vote against kosher methods of slaughtering cattle.

As Rabbi Yonah Bookstein illustrates in ‘No Justice, No Meat: Polish Parliament Reaffirms Antisemitism’: “With great chutzpah and an undercurrent of antisemitism the Polish Parliament has rejected a bill proposed by the government to permit Kosher and Halal ritual slaughter.

“For a country that is trying to revive its image as being hopelessly anti-Semitic, where a small, nascent Jewish community is rebuilding itself, the renewal of the ban on kosher slaughter is just the latest sign that perhaps Poland has not really changed.” The irony is that Poland is a growing export giant for kosher food, even sending certified Jewish food to Israel––all to Poland’s enrichment.

But cultural racism is more important to Poland’s leaders than export income.  As Cnaan Liphshiz explains in ‘Dispute Over Kosher Slaughter in Poland Prompts Surge in anti-Semitism,’ both Poland’s courts and its parliament agreed:

“In January, a constitutional court, responding to a petition filed by animal welfare activists, outlawed religious slaughter in Poland. A law that would have reinstated shechitah was rejected by the Sjem, the Polish parliament, on July 12 by a vote of 222-178.” And Prime Minister Tusk promises no moves to lift the ban.

Obviously, anti-Semitism reigns in Poland.  During a Poland visit, Howard Koplowitz of noticed a popular tourist attraction seeming to be  “. . . depiction of a religious Jew. Then I looked closer. The Jew, wearing a yarmulke and lucky-jewtallit, had a large, hooked nose. In his hand was a shiny coin.

“These ceramic figures, known as ‘Lucky Jew’ statues, are sold throughout Poland. While some say the figurines have long been entrenched in Polish society, they started to become the rage in Poland in the 1990s as the country transitioned from communism to democracy.”

Even in Poland’s 21st Century such statues are accompanied by oil paintings showing Jews holding coins which superstition calls for Polish citizens to hang upside down so that some of that Jewish money ‘flows’ into their poorer pockets.

Culture watchers insist anti-Semitism rages most from Catholic radio and television broadcasts.  Historical Bible Books promise that such animosities will continue until Jesus returns: “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved (Mark 13: 13).”

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Nazis, Neo-Nazis and Europe’s Growing Anti-Semitism & WWIII

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:38 PM
November 11, 2013

Demonizing Israel and the Jews    Well, the timing is right.  As the world slides towards its next and last all-consuming war, rabid anti-Semitism is also on the rise in Europe.  And in response, Jews by the thousands are getting out of Europe’s mounting dangers.

In his interview with Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, author of a new book on anti-Semitism in Europe, Wolff Bachner attests:  “Jews are leaving Europe in record numbers, and in city after city, where Jewish communities once thrived, people have packed their bags and fled to Israel, Canada or the United States.”

Richard B. Stone, Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, says of Gerstenfeld’s work titled, ‘Demonizing Israel and the Jews’:  “Today, well over 100 million Europeans embrace a satanic view of the State of Israel. They believe that Israel is exterminating the Palestinians, despite their major population growth in recent decades.

“This current widespread demonic view of Israel is a new mutation of the diabolical beliefs about Jews which many held in the Middle Ages, and those promoted more recently by the Nazis and their allies.”  Of course, he points out the inward migration of Muslims into Europe only exacerbates hatred towards Jews.

Bachner writes that Gerstenfeld’s book “. . . sent shock waves across Europe by revealing the frightening levels of anti-Semitism and vicious condemnation of Israel taking place in the European Union [EU].  Not since 1938 has Europe witnessed such a virulent outbreak of open hatred for the Jewish people.”

Gerstenfeld interviewed European Jews who tell of being kicked and spat upon for wearing the Kippah, of gravestones defiled with Swastikas, and Israeli flags ripped to shreds as angry crows scream out their loathing towards Israel.

The author based some of his findings on the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s report about interviews of 1,000 people, ages 16 and over in seven EU countries that represent half of EU’s population, asking if they believe Israel is Anti-Semitism on the Riseexterminating the Palestinians. Those who answered in the affirmative include:

“In Italy, 38% of those interviewed agreed. In the Netherlands, the figure was close to 39%, in Hungary 41%, and in the U.K., 42%. The figure in Germany was 48%, Portugal 49%, while Poland was at 63%.”

A separate report by the Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities on attitudes about Jews in Norway, found that “38% of Norwegians agree with the statement that Israel behaves toward the Palestinians in the same way that the Nazis acted toward the Jews.” Another Swiss study in 2007 revealed that “ 50% of the Swiss population views Israel as the ‘Goliath’ in an extermination war against the Palestinians.”

After Nazis’ twisted thinking took the world through newfound hells with such unprecedented hatred, Europe, its old Nazis, along with its neo-Nazis, are ready to take the world through it again? This time their satanically-seated anti-Semitism will bring death to billions of people, as well as to themselves!

The LORD Jesus warned Jews and Christians alike about the end times in Christian non-fiction prophecy books: “And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. . . . and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. . . For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth (Luke 21: 20 – 36).”

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china-nuke-strike8201_s640x430    This week China began to advertise its plans to use its nuclear submarine fleet to attack the United States on the East and West Coasts.  But many in U.S. business communities shout that, in ‘real life,’China attacks this country every day with lopsided business, banking and manufacturing assaults.

According to Indian Express, China now has some 70 or more submarines:  “Though the media has not revealed the numbers of nuclear subs, international defense experts estimate it has eight to 10 subs backed by 50 to 60 diesel and electric submarines,” manned by over 100,000 naval personnel. claims that China has the world’s second largest fleet. But why does this nation with a plus-million-man army spend so much ‘public relations’ time and space ‘fantasizing’ about pulverizing the U.S.?  In bragging about its submarine fleet, Chinese officials specifically tell the Global Times:

“Because the Midwest states of the U.S. are sparsely populated, in order to increase the lethality, [our] nuclear attacks should mainly target the key cities on the West Coast of the United States, such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.” Thus, they have given quite a bit of thought to a planned attack.

They also include the U.S. East Coast in their calculations: “If we launch our DF 31A ICBMs over the North Pole, we can easily destroy a whole list of metropolises on the East Coast and the New England region of the U.S., including Annapolis, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Portland, Baltimore and Norfolk, whose population accounts for about one-eighth of America’s total residents.”

China widely distributed such remarks throughout the huge country and its territories claiming that their pack of submarines will ‘now’ go on routine ‘strategic  patrols,’ “which means that China for the first time has acquired the strategic deterrence and second strike capability against the United States.”

The Wall Street Journal’s list of the Top 10 Countries that Hate the U.S.––Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Algeria,  countries-hate-USLebanon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Greece, and Serbia––does not mention China.  But The Washington Times insists that China hates the U.S. even more:  “‘We hate you guys,’ China Banking Regulatory Commission Director General Luo Ping fumed about the PRC being forced into buying U.S. Treasuries to protect Beijing’s massive U.S. debt holdings.

“Once you start issuing $1 trillion-$2 trillion … we know the dollar is going to depreciate, so we hate you guys, but there is nothing much we can do.” Both that newspaper and The New York Times insists that China cheats, steals and unevenly applies falsified data to cover such internationally illegal activities.

In May of 2011, The New York Times wrote:  “The list of complaints is long: 80 percent of the computer software in China is counterfeit. Beijing just published a new investment catalog that keeps a long list of industries off limits for American firms.  It changed the investment vetting process to allow Chinese companies to recommend barring acquisitions by foreign rivals.”

Earlier this year, David Goldman reports for CNN:  “The United States is reportedly under attack by the Chinese government. America’s business secrets, critical infrastructure and wealth are the targets.”

Bible Historical Books relates the story of King Hezekiah, who after successfully resisting an enemy invasion, while simultaneously overcoming personal illness, allowed laziness and pride dupe him into revealing all of his nation’s strengths to the same enemy (2 Kings chapters 19 – 20). Unless––like Hezekiah––this nation’s leaders want to be held captive, they must stay alert!

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Preparing for World War III: Re-Aligning Alexander’s Empire!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 12:08 PM
November 4, 2013

running-safetyMuslims are pushing Christians out of Egypt, Turkey and Syria, defacing churches, as they prepare for: 1) The reunification of Alexander the Great’s Empire which includes those nations, as well as Greece; and 2) the start of World War III.

Considering Syria’s apparently unstoppable war, its ancient relationship with the above nations, and the coming evil world leader now hiding within its borders––it could be this Final War to end all wars has already begun.

Right now, fighting in Syria is so intense that some two million Syrians have fled.  Most squalor as refugees in the other three related nations.  International media makes clear that these asylum seekers particularly escape to Greece, Egypt and Turkey because of border closeness, and expected associations of mutual kinships.  Undoubtedly, however, these exiles escaping Syria’s civil war do not find ‘open arms’ reception in either of those three nations.

Recent protestors in Egypt calling for ouster of ex-Prime Minister Morsi often emailed ‘fellow kindred’ in Turkey for understand and support.  But, as International Business Times explains, such support is waning:

“ As if their situation weren’t bad enough already, Syrians who are fleeing their country in increasing numbers . . . now map-of-syria-darrenfind that Egypt is no longer a safe refuge.  Those who are already in Egypt, . . . face increasingly difficult living and work conditions, primarily because the military-backed transitional government is cracking down . . .” due to Morsi’s pledge to support for Syria’s Assaud.

Syrian refugees in Turkey or Greece do not find life easier either.  After paying thousands of dollars to smugglers––most of whom find transporting these refugees from country to country extremely profitable––they are either shunted from country to country by car or boat––or are left stranded anywhere but ‘home.’

The European Union––identified in historical Bible Books as the Revised Roman Empire to fight alongside Syria as the major protagonists of WW3––pays Greece a pittance per person to shelter, jail or otherwise stop Syrian refugees from making it to its various national borders.  But common principals of chaotic rulership, ballooning Muslim populations throughout Europe, and geographical proximity to the ‘hot’ war will inevitably drag this Union into the conflict as well.

Of course, all of these players have visceral hatred for Israel, and will unite in order to destroy it. The question is where will that tiny nation’s only defender, the United States of America, stand?  Believers in this nation––which supposedly has the largest Christian population in the world––have the final responsibility for stopping Syria’s present conflict, and thus delaying the explosion of World War III.

As Apostle Paul instructs in 2 Thessalonians 2: 6 – 8:  “And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.  For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom The Lord shall consume with The Spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming: . . .”

The King James Version words “let” and “letteth” mean “stop” and “stops.”  The spiritual power and authority of knowledgeably praying Christians is the only force stopping anti-Christ’s unveiling before the world.  Only when that true Church is raptured to join Our Lord in heaven for seven years can that fiend be let loose upon the world.  This ultimate responsibility must be fully exercised now!

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