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Russia’s Grab of Crimea to Bolster Its Population and Economy

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:14 PM
March 31, 2014

Russian-drunkeness    Why did prominent scholars and deep-digging investigative journalists figure out years ago that Russia would invade Ukraine and other post-Soviet Union countries, and American politicians and spy agencies did not? Good question!

Zachary Keck, Ilan Berman and an AFP journalists all foresaw that Putin would invade countries with vast Russian populations in order to increase diminishing numbers of ethnic Russians still living in Russia.

In, Zachary Keck wrote: “Russia is doomed over the long-term, and its short-term maneuvers aren’t enough to compensate for this fact.  Traditionally, Russian power has rested on four pillars: population, energy, weaponry and geography. Three of these are diminishing.”

Keck argues the lost of population began in World War II:  “ . . . the Soviet Union lost somewhere between 22 and 28 million people during WWII. To put this in perspective, the United States and Great Britain each lost less than half a million people and even Germany only lost between 7 and 9 million lives during the war.

“Yet like most of Europe, Russia has recently seen its population dwindle even as countries like China, India and much of the third world have seen sharp rises in their own populations.”

The only pillar left is energy, and in ‘Putin and the Laws of Gravity,’ Thomas Friedman establishes that even as the prices of traditional gas and oil energies decline, major economies increasingly turn to solar and wind power alternatives.

Additionally, AFP News Service published ‘Vladimir Putin Vows to Reverse Russian Population Decline,’ in two years ago. Putin promised:  “If we manage to formulate and implement an effective complex people-saving strategy, Russia’s population will go up to 154 million.”

Granted he claimed to be speaking about addressing social issues such as drugs, alcoholism, suicides, growing violence and murders, but taking over former Soviet nations is certainly an easier way to address declining populations.

In his groundbreaking book, ‘Implosion: The End of Russia and What It Means for America,’ published last year, Ilan Berman easily established that Russia’s population declines to points of extinction within a few decades.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian rulers can no longer order citizens to stay or go to a specific place.  Thus, in addition to extremely heavy abortion statistics, Russian citizens are leaving the country in droves.

Like Friedman, Berman posits that Putin’s economic plan is always based on the present, not evolving possibilities of the future. Based on his observations in the last five years, Berman even insisted last year that Russians citizens would eagerly go to war to force such countries as Poland and Ukraine back into Russia.

The question is why couldn’t American officials–-especially its spy networks––see these inevitable truths before Russia invaded Ukraine.  Why could they not see that within their souls, Russia yearns to be a rich, great empire again, and that they will increasingly go to war to make that happen.

However, axis and allies history world war proves that time cannot be reversed. Russia wants its empire back. So do Syria, Iran and Iraq. Of course, the Holy Roman Empire insists that it still has its empire within the European Union.  But then, God’s Word says “Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29: 18).” But with their wrong visions, billions of people will perish in WWIII.

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‘Russia’s Crimea’: One of Many Events Moving World Toward WWIII

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:00 AM
March 27, 2014

World-Economic-Forum        Yes, Russia has 30,000 troops poised on Ukraine’s borders to take even more parts of that country.  Yes, Syria’s civil war enters its third year. Yes, other nations once part of the Soviet Union look at Crimea and shake with fear.  And, yes the rest of Europe and the United States plan economic war against Russia.  But even more is going on across the globe that points to preparations for the next World War.

Consider China’s insistence that it controls all air and sea lanes in the East China Sea as part of its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), excluding South Korea, Japan and other island nations from using those spaces without its O.K.

CNN reporter Madison Park explains China demanded that as of last November, any “aircraft in the area must report their flight plans to China, maintain two-way radio and clearly mark their nationalities on the aircraft.”

Japan’s Foreign Minister calls China’s demands “profoundly dangerous acts that unilaterally change the status quo in the East China Sea, escalating the situation, and that may cause unintended consequences.”

China’s neighbors are equally concerned about the explosive growth of its military.  This year that nation’s ‘official’ defense budget is $ 132 billion, an increase of 12.2% over last year.  But this week’s edition of ‘The Economist’ puts forth: “That was the official figure, though the real one may be 40% higher still.”

The Economist reports further: China’s excessive military growth “set off a flurry of alarm among neighboring countries. They see the relentless growth in China’s military spending—double-digit increases almost every year for the past two decades, and now the biggest in three years—as going hand-in-hand with a determination to settle sovereignty disputes in its ‘near seas’, that is, the Yellow, East China and South China Seas, on China’s own terms.”

Then there is China’s step child, North Korea, which fired two short-range rockets into the sea last week––the fifth of such firings this month alone.  That nation’s petulance has so upset the world’s stage that  ABC News writes “the leaders of the U.S., South Korea and Japan are set to meet and discuss North Korea in the Netherlands next week while attending a nuclear security summit.”

Meanwhile, in the midst of Russia’s Ukraine dust-up, other U.S. negotiators continue quiet negotiations with Iran, hoping to reach agreement on defusing that nation’s attempts for nuclear weapon production. But instead of being able to to laud their progress for the press, they are swamped with questions about Crimea.

Few report on Syria these days, except to indicate that Syria seems to have defeated the rebels. And there is even less said about Egypt where the chief military leader has stepped down to run for President––with Russia’s approval, by the way.  Both of these nations need much more attention if people are to understand how close the world is to that final war.

Also ignored are the thousands of Christians radical Muslims slaughter in Africa each week––especially in The-State-of-the-WorldNigeria––or the falling economies crippling nations, such as Ghana and South Africa, on that continent. The same economic sickness also ripples throughout Central and South America.

If there were ever a time that Christians must pray for leaders of the United States––regardless of political affiliation––the time is now. For Ukraine, China, Korea, Africa, Syria, Latin America,+––the world looks to the U.S. for leadership.  As Apostle Paul begs in Christian non-fiction prophecy books:  “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2:1- 2).”

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What Really Happened to Malaysia Air Flight MH370?, Part One

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:41 PM
March 25, 2014

AP_malaysia_airlines_conference_jef_140310_16x9_608    Malaysian authorities have now ‘determined’ Flight MH 370 crashed into the Indian Ocean.  But their more difficult task is to convince skeptical families of victims, and the general public, that what they try to ‘sell’ is provable fact.

Airline and government officials in Malaysia claim their conclusions are based on “extraordinary evidence.” But naysayers demand to see such evidence.
This disputed ‘evidence’ comes from Inmarsat, the British company which read satellite analysis, along with Britain’s Air Accident Investigation Branch.

Chris McLaughlin, senior vice president of Inmarsat, tells CNN their mathematics-based process is ‘groundbreaking,’ and that space agency experts and Boeing had reviewed their conclusions. Again, empty words providing no proof.

Arthur Rosenberg, an aviation attorney, questions Inmarsat’s careful language, and that of the Malaysian government:  “On the one hand, you have the executive from Inmarsat saying ‘most likely’ and somehow that got booted up to ‘beyond reasonable doubt.’ Implying Malaysian officials stretch the truth, he says:

“I am not convinced that they are certain where this airplane is. I think they have fine-tuned it to a general area, but to say beyond a reasonable doubt this plane went down where they are saying is a stretch.”

The Chinese government is equally suspicious about Malaysia’s conclusions.  According to Lucy Kinder, Hannah Strange, Arron Merat, and Bonnie Malkin of “Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng has told Malaysia’s ambassador in Beijing that China was demanding Malaysia hand over all relevant satellite data analysis on the missing Malaysian airliner.”

McLaughlin told Kinder, et al: “We worked out where the last ping was, and we knew that the plane must have run Malaysia-Flight-MH370-Pingout of fuel before the next automated ping, but we didn’t know what speed the aircraft was flying at––we assumed about 450 knots.  We can’t know when the fuel actually ran out, we can’t know whether the plane plunged or glided, and we can’t know whether the plane at the end of the time in the air was flying more slowly because it was on fumes.”

In China relatives of victims staged a massive protest and issued this statement:  “At 10 pm on March 25, the Malaysian prime minister sent a statement to the families of MH370 passengers without any direct evidence that MH370 crashed in the south Indian ocean and no people survived.

“From March 8 when they announced that MH370 lost contact to today, 18 days have passed during which the Malaysian government and military constantly tried to delay, deceive the passengers’ families and cheat the whole world. This shameless behavior not only fooled and hurt the families of the 154 passengers but also misguided and delayed rescue actions, wasting a large quantity of human resources and materials and lost valuable time for the rescue effort.

“If the 154 passengers did lose their lives, Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian government and military are the real executioners who killed them. We the families of those on board submit our strongest protest against them. We will take every possible means to pursue the unforgivable crimes and responsibility of all three.”

Malaysia, aided by its ex-colonial ruler, Britain, may want to move this incident off media’s front page, but it won’t go away.  There are simply too many other possibilities as to where Flight MH 370 might be.  As Christian mystery fiction incurs about all human life: “As unknown, and yet well known; as dying, and, behold, we live; as chastened, and not killed (2 Corinthians 6: 9).”

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Take A Longer View of World War III: Now Here and Indeed ‘Hot’!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:31 PM
March 20, 2014

putin as Hitler    So now the Western World––awakened by Putin’s Hitler-style march into Ukraine––becomes aware of this glaring truth: World War III already started. It blew up and continues in Syria, and now its sparks have Europe smoldering.

And everyone is all-a-tittering as to whether Putin will stop with the Crimea or move on to take Eastern Ukraine, other parts of Georgia, or other nations once under old Soviet Russia’s rule.  No question. He will advance forward as long as no one is there to stop him.

Alas. Even with wars and threats of wars around the world, Europe assumed it could continue to live in peace.  So it put its time and energy into building a unified economic force without national identity, non-economic purpose or military preparedness. Alas again! Europeans always assume the U.S. will fight their wars.

But that view both ignores history, as well as present realities that American citizens tire of war, and want war resources spent on needs at home.  As for history, as nation after nation in Europe fell to Hitler in World War II, the United States refused to enter the war. Only Japan bombing Pearl Harbor changed that position.

Yet Europe insists that the U.S. must take care of it. In ‘As U.S. Ponders Next Moves on Crimea, Experts Rethink NATO’s Defense Posture,’ Karen DeYoung quotes NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen:

“There is now no doubt that Europe has to invest more in defense and security.  And it is equally certain that many Russian bear over EuropeEuropeans would like a reaffirmation of the U.S. commitment to European security.” Translation:  U.S. must fight for us!

As of now, while it tightened the screws of economic punishment against Russia, the U.S. has not completely shut-out possibilities of participating in ‘hotter’ fighting.  DeYoung writes:   “The United States has sent 12 additional F-16 fighter jets to Poland to bolster a U.S. aviation detachment there.

“Six more F-15s and two air refuelers were sent to Lithuania as part of a long-standing air patrol mission to guard the borders of NATO’s Baltic members, and Britain announced . . . it would beef up its patrols when it takes over the mission . . . next month. The United States and NATO have promised to provide additional assistance to Ukraine’s military, and . . . the Ukrainians have given the alliance a list of resources—training and weaponry—that they want.”

Make no mistake about it. These steps are precisely the type of weapons and logistical support the U.S. gave Europe before formally entering World War II.  The U.S. as part of NATO only provides a cover of ‘reassurance’ for Americans.

To understand this blogger’s view on the inevitability of the next World War, a Biblical view is paramount:  Christian non-fiction prophecy books, particularly Daniel and Revelation, foretell: 1) Europe will eventually be reduced to less than 10 nations––which can happen if Putin continues taking parts of the continent;

2) Russian’s aggression will only be stopped when its present ally, Syria, turns against and defeats it; 3) At that time, Syria will be ruled by anti-Christ, the most wicked, thoroughly evil man who has ever lived on the face of the earth; and 4) The entire Body of Christ––i.e. true Christians–– will have been raptured to the third heaven, and God’s Final Judgement on nations and individuals will begin!

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Media/Governments Won’t Say Radical Islam Has Malaysia Flight 370

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
March 17, 2014

Flight-370-Hijacked        Only a British tabloid had the nerve the break the story that radical Islam could have provoked the hi-jacking of Malaysia Flight 370. Otherwise mainstream media and international governments keep jabbering about flight plan data. reveals that the main pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Zabarie Ahmad Shad was very upset because he had just attended the trial of one of his favorite Muslim politicians, and thus he hijacked the plane in protest:

“Hours before taking control of flight MH370, pilot Zaharu Ahmad Shah attended trial of jailed  opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, as FBI reveals that passengers could be at a secret location.”

That blog drew on stories from which summarizes: “Investigators speak of his ‘obsessive’ support for opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who was on trial for homosexual activities.  Anwar Ibrahim is a broadly popular democracy icon and former deputy prime minister whose prosecution on a charge of sodomy is seen by many Malaysians as political persecution,”

Apparently, Shah––who sported a ‘democracy is dead’ t-shirt––also moved his wife and three children from Ahmad-Shad-pilot-flight-370their home before his flight. Daily Mail adds:  “Investigators speak of his ‘obsessive’ support for opposition leader Ibrahim.
Police officers fear Ibrahim being jailed could have left Shah profoundly upset.”

As stated in this blog’s last post, main-stream media prefers to ignore the overwhelming possibility that radical Islam may influence the plane’s hi-jacking.
Even back in 2009, wrote:  “In Malaysia’s current political climate, it is no longer possible to distinguish Islamic radicals from Islamic moderates. Despite official boasting about the country’s diverse population and commitment to pluralism, Islam and the government have essentially merged.”

In that entry Maznah Mohamad explained that for 20 years––hoping to deflect radical Islamic demands––the ruling United Malays National (UMNO) government had put national resources into a network of Islamic institutions.

But those hopes failed resulting in an ‘over-Islamicized’ nation resulting in Sharia law, Sharia courts, and “extensive Islamic bureaucracy.” Maznah writes:  “After Iran or Saudi Arabia, Malaysia’s Sharia court system is probably the most extensive in the Muslim world, and the accompanying bureaucracy is not only big but has more bite than the national parliament.”

Moreover, in a series of blogs about radical Islamic practices in Malaysia, Robert Spencer of posits in ‘Interfaith Outreach in Malaysia: Muslims Break Crosses, Desecrate Graves in Christian Cemetery’: “The Christians in Malaysia have no one to speak up for them. Western Christian leaders ignore them, fearful of offending their Muslim partners in a futile and self-congratulatory ‘dialogue.’ ” This follows attacks against Christian churches there four years ago.

Spencer also delves into ‘Malaysia: Mufti Forbids Non-Muslims to Use 40 Words, Including “Allah,” “Qur’an” and “Sharia,” on Pain of Fines or Imprisonment’.  He quotes from Predeep Nambiar’s article in New Straits Times:

“ ‘SOLAT,’ “Surau” and “Masjid” are words non-Muslims in Penang are prohibited from using in their writings. The words are among the 40 decreed by the Penang mufti, as provided under subsection 48(3) and (4) of the Penang Islamic Religious Administration Enactment 2004, as exclusive to Muslims.” Non-Muslims are also prohibited from writing, publishing or emailing those terms.

Enough of this denial!  What is the problem with mainstream media and their state?  For weeks, they play ‘mystery’ games questioning what happened to this plane.  But historical Bible Books proclaim: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8: 32).” It’s time they start telling the truth!

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More ‘Disappearing’ Mysteries Than Just the Missing Malaysia Plane

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
March 14, 2014

Malaysia-Airlines-2        There are more mysteries around Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 than just the disappearing airplane? Answers to some of these questions have urgent importance for Americans planning to fly overseas through airports in smaller countries.

According to Wikipedia, Malaysia is an emerging developing country with a land mass of 127, 350 square miles bordered by Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei on land, and Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines on water.  Malaysia was not even established as a country until 1946.

So how could a country this small have an airport which is base for Boeing aircraft? What is its source of wealth. Again, Wikipedia reports:  “Malaysia is a relatively open state-oriented and newly industrialized market economy. The state plays a significant but declining role in guiding economic activity.

But then the same can be said of the Vietnam International Airport, the two Indonesian International Airports, the Thailand International Airport.  Brunei is the only one of these countries known for its wealth.  The Sultan of Brunei has imposed Sharia Law on his country just this year.  He probably has private airports.

“Malaysia has had one of the best economic records in Asia, with GDP growing an average 6.5 per cent annually from 1957 to 2005. In 2011, the GDP was about $450  billion, the third largest economy in ASEAN and the 29th largest in the world.” Of course, the exact number of planes owned by Malaysian airlines is unknown. Such information is not on the internet.  And why is that?

How can such a small country pay for such costly planes?  Are they privately owned, or did the country buy Malaysia-news-conferencethem? Did the U.S. authorize the sale?  If so, why? What kind of training is required for all airport and flight personnel in these smaller countries? Do U.S. government workers supervise such training?

Also, Malaysia is primarily a Muslim country with 61.3% of citizens claiming Islamic beliefs, 19.8% Buddhism, 9.2% christian and 6.3% Hinduism.  So with such a high population of Muslims, and possibilities of radicalization, why has the Malaysian government ruled out terrorism?  How do they know such?

Further, if such an airplane disappearance happened in the U.S., authorities would immediately search the houses of all crew members, beginning with the pilot and co-pilot.  Why has this not been done in this case?

In ‘Missing Malaysia Jet Pilots Described as “Humble” and “Safety-Conscious”,’ CBS News writes:  “Malaysians have rushed to defend the reputations of the pilots, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, and Fariq Abdul Hamid, [27].”

With just 2,763 hours of flight experience, Fariq is said to have been in charge of the plane. Yet having “just graduated to the cockpit of the Boeing 777,” he only recently started co-piloting the Boeing 777.  Mr. Shah even has a Boeing 777 co-pit simulator in his home on which he practices.

More questions:  Just graduated from what school of training?  Is Boeing in charge of that school? As a matter of fact, does Boeing supervise the training for any overseas airliners?  Why does Mr. Shah need a practicing simulator at home?

Lots of questions.  But international mass media provides few answers.  Right now all focus is on finding the plane which, truthfully, may never be found.  This conundrum requires the type of investigators seen in novels by Rex Stout. If not, one must apply God’s Word: “The fear of The LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction (Proverbs 1: 7.)”

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‘Alien Elijah’-Type Craft, ‘True’ Movie: What Swept Flight 370 Away?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:51 PM
March 12, 2014

malaysia_missing_flight_970-630x420    As journalist scramble to either explain the sudden disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, families and friends of passengers remain distraught, officials remain mystified, and several exciting possibilities have come forth.

The Health Ranger Mike Adams wrote apparently startling conclusions on Monday.  First he dismissed various possibilities thrown out by TV broadcasters:  1) Black box recorders cannot be destroyed; 2) That the black box has not been heard from means it “has either vanished, malfunctioned or been obliterated by some powerful force beyond the worst fears of aircraft design engineers;”

3)  Even the most floatable parts of the aircraft, such as seat cushions, have not been found; 4) Any missile attacking the aircraft is radar detectable; 5) Air traffic controllers know exactly where the plane was when it disappeared; 6) Even if transponders are missing, ground radar can still track the plane with ‘so-called’ ‘passive’ radar: “classic ground-based radar systems that emit a signal.”

Therefore Adams concludes: “Flight 370 did not explode; it vanished.”  He posits:  “The frightening part about all this is not that we will find the debris of Flight 370; but rather that we won’t. If we never find the debris, it means some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence.”

Adams theory brings to mind a 1982 movie, ‘Millennium,’ starring  Cheryl Ladd and Kris Kristofferson, in which Millennium-moviealien forces snatched several living people from a crashing airplane to save them for a future re-entrance in time. Based on the novel ‘Air Raid’ by John Varley, the story-line plays out on a smoggy pollution-filled earth to which the ‘gods’ dispatch Ladd to save.

Kristofferson, working as flight data engineer, tries to figure out what caused the crash and where the missing passengers are. Love saves the day as the two stars co-habit and form a child who will return to a ‘repaired’ earth in some future time.

Adams’ “mysterious and powerful force” could be a UFO.  Yesterday, UFO Sightings Hotspot ‘discovered’ a UFO “roughly 75 miles wide” that was hidden behind a hologram wave.  Could this explain why families and friends of Flight 370’s passengers say that still get cell phone responses from passengers?

As we go to press, after speculation that the plane made a reverse turn is dispelled today by Malaysian officials because it was some other ‘unexplained’ plane, now China claims to have found debris that may be the plane.  But then this could just be some trumped-up story major powers crafted to quell public hysteria.

Of course, more than even ‘Millennium,’ this event reminds this blogger of  the prophet Elijah’s journey away from earth as told in the Christian nonfiction book list:  “And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven (2 Kings 2: 11).”

In other words, the prophet was ‘raptured,’ in exactly the same way The Body of Christ will leave this earth.  It is not the fiction of ‘Millennium.’  It is the absolute truth of God’s Holy Word, The Bible!  And then, what will they report?

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Whole World Watches: Ukraine––Peace Settlement or World War III

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
March 10, 2014

US-War-Ships       U.S. sends ships to Black Sea; E.U., U.S. impose pressures of sanctions on Russia; Economists and Ukraine’s oligarchs weigh costs of war; Crimean stand-off sends oil prices up $ 2.00; Britain’s deputy premier says parties negotiating; Putin insists no cold war; U.S. demands he leave Crimea; Some analysts claim U.S. neocons instigated invasion; U.S. to send natural gas to E.U. and Ukraine; U.S. and Ukraine military in constant contact;  and the whole world watches what U.S. will do––obviously more crucially important information than one blog can detail!

Players on many sides of the issues have only points of view they want made public. Some people have their own news agencies and other abilities to issue news stories, seemingly intending to confuse, misrepresent or ‘twist’ the truth.

For instance, Ms. Liz Wahl, RT (Russia Today News) reporter, resigned on the air because of the extreme bias that news bureau has against the United States.  Wahl stated that “personally she cannot be part of a network funded Ukraine-Prepares-Warby the Russian government that whitewashes the action of [Russian President] Putin.”

Another RT reporter, Abby Martin, working in the network’s Washington, D.C. office also complained on air about bias reporting:  “I can’t stress enough how strongly I am against any state intervention in a sovereign nation’s affairs.

“Just because I work here doesn’t mean I don’t have editorial independence.  What Russia did was wrong. I will not sit here and apologize for, or defend, military aggression.” In presenting that story, Tyler Durden of ended with an outrageous assertion:

“And now back to the US mainstream media’s expansive coverage of the story of the day that it may well have been Kiev’s current post-coup and US-supported acting government ordering the murder of its own civilians in an apparent provocation to escalate the regime change. Wait what?” Again, is that just playful gossip or truth?  And why ‘play’ over such important issues?

Another example: American ships were dispatched to the Black Sea before the Sochi Olympics in case American athletes had to be evacuated. It ran aground by accident at a port in Turkey.  ABC News explains:  “The [USS] Taylor and the amphibious command ship USS Mount Whitney arrived in the Black Sea just before the start of the Winter Olympics and took up a position 20 miles southwest of Sochi in international waters.  The U.S. did not send those ships for Ukraine!

Some news sources wrote that nuclear aircraft carrier, USS George H.W. Bush, had passed through the Turkish Bosphorus in the last few days, but unnamed Turkey officials it was not that ship because it would exceed allowable weights.  The incomplete news story did not identify just what U.S. ship Turkey let through.

In these high-stakes financial power games––involving international oil, gas, military budgets, financial empire rule, etc.––truth is illusive. And above all Christians must pray that God will reveal the truth, that He will not allow forces of evil to send the world into WW3, that peaceful solutions to this stand-off be found.

As the Christian nonfiction book list instructs, pray that our leaders will be able to say: “I beseech thee, O LORD, remember now how I have walked before Thee in truth and with a perfect heart, and have done that which is good in Thy sight (2 Kings 20: 3).” This should be the Christian prayer for leaders as well.

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More Things Fall Apart: Venezuela Fights Legacy of Dead Leader

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:07 AM
March 9, 2014

Nicolas-Maduro-2Another country in chaos is Venezuela, where young people constantly demonstrate against the government led by President Nicolas Maduro, who after succeeding deceased leader Hugo Chavez, has amassed a 56% inflation rate, increased the nation’s deficit by 50%, and caused all lenders to downgrade its risk.

Because of its vast oil fields, before Chavez’s death, Venezuela dollar had an 8 to 1 exchange rate with the U.S. dollar.  Today that rate is 87 to 1, making it more difficult for private businesses to line shelves with food and other necessities.

Matt Essert of says “Venezuela [is] already one of the most violent places on Earth—a person is murdered every 21 minutes, and there were roughly 24,700 violent deaths last year—the country is in the throes of a massive shake-up.” Much of this violence stems from mourning Chavez’s death.

Maduro’s answer to these problems is to: 1) Clamp down hard with severe police repression on young demonstrators; 2) Deny economic realities; 3) Blame ‘fascists’ from the United States and other ‘parasitic bourgeoisie’; 4) Charge three American diplomats of conspiring to bring down his government, and expell them with only three days to leave the country; 5) Imprison Leopoldo Lopez, the main opposition leader; and 6) Shut down newspapers and all other media.

He has broken off diplomatic relations with Panama, accusing its president of interfering with Venezuelan affairs.  demonstrations-VenezuelaHe also distrusts the Organization of American States, refusing to allow its officials to mediate the problems: “It will not set food on Venezuelan soil.”  In other words, its everyone’s fault but Maduro’s.

To illustrate the extent of  Maduro’s repression, Harper’s Review writes:  “During political demonstrations in Venezuela’s central Carabobo state, Génesis Carmona, a 22-year-old marketing student and former Miss Tourism, was shot in the head by members of a progovernment militia, and Geraldine Moreno Orozco, a 22-year-old cytotechnology student, was shot in the head by national guardsmen.”

Chavez ruled the country for 14 years until he died last year. Maduro was his vice president. In ‘Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Died a Year Ago, but the ‘Eternal Commander’ Still Won’t be Silenced,’ Washington Post’s NIck Miroff insists:

“A year after succumbing to cancer at age 58, and with Venezuela left angrily divided and economically crippled after his 14-year-rule, Chávez is dead— but certainly not departed. His speeches and archived weekly “Hello President” programs are regularly rebroadcast on Venezuela’s airwaves. His visage is plastered all over government buildings, hats and T-shirts.” Maduro calls himself a “son of Chavez,” but the people know that he is not Chavez.

Miroff quotes homemaker Desire Gonzalez who visits Chavez’s tomb every Sunday. She says Maduro is “a good president.”  But, Miroff writes, he could not live up the man who has been virtually elevated to sainthood since his death. “I think the problem is that Chávez never taught us how to live without him.”

People must learn to put their trust in God, not in a man, no mater how great a leader he is, or may have been.  Axis and allies history world war proves God’s Word: “It is better to trust in The LORD than to put confidence in man.  It is better to trust in The LORD than to put confidence in princes (Psalm 118: 8-9).”

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Why No One ‘Believes’ A 19 Year Old Girl Killed 22+ People

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 14:28 PM
March 6, 2014

Miranda-Barbour-Serial-Killer    Why do law enforcement officials and journalists refuse to believe nineteen-year-old satanist Miranda Barbour when she admits, that as a member of a satanic organization, she killed 20 to 100 people in various states around the country?

Is it because they do not believe that groups of people serving Satan can roam the roads killing as they are instructed by secret organizations? Or is it because they actually know the number of individuals who turn up missing or dead in this country every year, particularly on specific high witchcraft feast days?

Now known as the ‘Craigslist Killer’ because she met her last known victim, Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton, Pennsylvania, through an internet ad for casual sex, Miranda claims “participation in slayings in Alaska, Texas, North Carolina and California” as a member of a Satanic cult. says further:

“Asked . . . how many people she had killed, Miranda Barbour answered:  ‘When I hit 22, I stopped counting.‘ I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them.” Her husband of three weeks, Elytte Barbour, 22, joined her in LaFerrara’s killing.  Miranda says they would not have killed LaFerrara had he not confessed to  being a child rapist. Her uncle had raped her when she just four years old.

When she was 13, Miranda joined a Satanic cult in Alaska, where she admitted to participating in several cult killings: “I wasn’t always there (mentally), I knew something was bad inside me and the satanic beliefs brought it out. I embraced it.” In their comprehensive article, adds:

“She left Alaska as a high-ranking official in the satanic world, leaving the father of her second pregnancy, a man named Forest, the No. 2 leader in their cult, who was murdered.” Police share Miranda’s claims with officials in other states.

Perhaps skeptics can be convinced with some historical context. In the 1980s two serial killers named of Henry Henry_Lee_Lucas_and_Ottis_Toole (3)Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole were convicted of killing 11 people, but were known to have been on a cross-country murder spree.  Wikipedia reports:  “Lucas would later claim that during this period he had killed hundreds of people, with Toole assisting him in 108 murders.”

These two traveled the country to kill assigned victims during heathen celebrations hidden in woods or underground basements on high witchcraft feast days, such as Halloween, which is New Years Day in the witchcraft world.

Other celebrated days in witch kingdoms include: Winter Solstice on December 21st, the Spring Equinox on March 21st, the Summer Solstice on June 21st, etc.   For example, probable sacrifice victim, Solcireth Liriano-Cruz, age 15, of Framingham, Massachusetts, disappeared Halloween night last year. Another child was found missing in the same area on the next high witchcraft feast day.

Ask the Center for Missing and Exploited Children how many known child kidnappings occur during those days.  Better still, ask local and national police forces.  They know. To avoid arousing the public, they just pretend not to know.

Satanism thrives when Christianity is weak, and its leaders feign ignorance. Accounts like Miranda’s will increase unless Christian leaders fight Satanism in the crucible ‘kneeology’ battle of prayer, especially for police who face such cases every day:  “For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil (Romans 13: 4).”

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