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The ‘Knife’ Lost the Battle for Now: East Ukraine Is Russia’s Too

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
April 29, 2014

masked-thugs-Ukraine        While Russia writhes over new sanctions from the United States and Europe, that nation’s masked thugs and secret service masqueraded as ‘pro-Russian forces’ seems to have accomplished President Putin’s goal: control over eastern Ukraine.

The same masked forces already ‘stole’ Crimea without firing a shot, and now realistically it must be admitted that they have taken the eastern third of the beleaguered nation with only discharging a few weapons.

As Putin stalled for time by promising the West that he would withdraw from Ukraine’s eastern border and call his faceless thugs back to Russia, instead he ordered them to take the headquarters of city after city in their coveted areas.

They don’t care if the rest of Ukraine holds free and fair elections next month, they will see to it that Ukrainians in the East don’t vote for unity.  And after the voting is done,  they will declare the autonomy of East Ukraine as a separate nation, or––as in the case of Crimea––as a rejoined part of Russia.

Putin’s stalling about withdrawals after his ministers signed agreements to do so, his wails about new sanctions from the U.S. and Europe, and Western media’s quickness to laud their effectiveness, all served him as distractions. Meanwhile, he has done nothing but take over city after city in East Ukraine!

Western media cannot continue to cloud over the obvious: Ukrainians have few weapons. Their ex-President, Yanukovych, stole over $32 billion dollars from Ukraine’s treasury, took it back to Russia, and gave the funds to Putin to start this take-over of East Ukraine, which was always Yanukovych,’s home base. (See Ida Well’s post in today.)  Putin’s troops on Ukraine’s borders are simply insurance to make sure it all happens as planned.

Unless the U.S. and E.U. will give Ukrainians’ arms to resist this take-over, or unless they will send troops Hands-off-Ukraine-Putinthemselves to root out this evil––and they have insisted they will do neither––Putin has accomplished his primary goal of further expanding Russia and re-taking ex-Soviet countries.

And what does it all mean?  As in the beginning of World War II, the U.S. and its European allies have behaved as distinguished diplomats should.  But at the same time, Russian aggressors have simply laid the groundwork for the start of World War III, although those same diplomats do not want to admit it is happening.

History proves that placing blind faith in evil leaders is the downfall of unprepared nations. (See ‘The King’s Speech’ illustrating that only Winston Churchill recognized that Hitler’s evil could solely be stopped by all out war.)

Putin’s vindictive cleverness has also kept media eyes away from: Syria’s civil war, Turkey’s rumbles toward fascist control and Egypt’s Nazi-like boot against protesters. But ultimately these are his axis. They march in step with him.

It may take some time for them to get parts of Europe, Asia and Africa in line through radical Muslim take-overs, but as Axis and Allies history world war stresses, only The Hand of God will end this Final World War:

“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He doth judge and make war.  And out of His mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it He should smite the nations: and He shall rule them with a rod of iron: and He treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God (Revelation 19: 11 – 16).”

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Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight? Is U.S./West Ready for Russia’s Thugs?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:15 AM
April 28, 2014

Pro-Russian activists take control of TRK Donbass television station in Donetsk, Ukraine   While the United States, some Western nations, and perhaps China, depend on far more advanced weaponry in the 21st century––i.e. drones, satellites, stealth air strikes, etc.–– Russia moves into Ukraine using thugs in masks with guns and tanks. How old World War II gosh! So who bears the knife in this gun fight?

The U.S. depends upon ‘economic logic’ to stop Putin, but the Russian President doesn’t seem to listen. Today, his thugs ratcheted their own pressure by seizing a television station, as the U.S. moves to lodge more sanctions against Putin’s friends.  According to, “The penalties will hit seven Russian government officials, including two members of Putin’s ‘inner circle’ . . .

“All 17 companies are owned or controlled by Putin allies.  At least eight of the companies have ties to Gennady Timchenko, a Russian billionaire living in Switzerland with ties to Putin,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney.

The Hill adds that the Department of Commerce will impose restrictions on 13 of the companies to prevent their export of U.S. manufacturing.  The State Department is also denying the export of license applications for any high-technology items that could contribute to Russia’s military capabilities.

Other members of the G-7 have not announced their sanctions, but they are expected to be lighter than the U.S.’ Ida Wells of blogs that European businesses join Russia in stopping sanctions from Europe.

While Putin had his foreign minister negotiate with the U.S. on withdrawal, he pours masked men with more of his ‘primitive weapons’ into Ukraine, and lines its borders with thousands more troops. Western Europe moans to him: “We are at peace, We are prosperous (compared to you). No one wants or has time for war?”

“But we don’t fight wars like this any more,” the U.S. cries. “You don’t but I do,” Putin responds.  “Because even in RulesforaGunfightthe 21st century, thug war still works. While you tried to entice me with ‘partnerships,’ I planned this against you while smiling in your face all the time.” So who has the knife and who has the gun?

But this pseudo-war isn’t over yet. Putin may be winning the battle in Ukraine, but he may be losing it at home. In ‘Russian Markets Take Fright on Putin Threat to Ukraine,’ Lidia Kelly and Oksana Kobzeva of Reuters write:

“Russian stocks and bonds plummeted on Monday and the central bank hiked interest rates, burning its way through as much as $12 billion of its reserves to prop up the ruble. Investors were ditching all Russian assets alike.

“The market capitalization of the Russian ruble-dominated MICEX stock index fell some $60 billion since Friday, more than the $51 billion Russia spent on the Winter Olympics in Sochi last month.” So Putin lost money on the Olympics too? My my, does Putin’s Russia really have that much money to lose?

The LORD Jesus Christ, known to be the wisest man alive, raises an interesting question in Luke 14: 31-32 of Bible inspired writing:  “Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand? Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace.”

To paraphrase it in modern parlance for this particular type of war, when picking a fight with an unknowable enemy, one should ascertain who has the knife and who has the gun, and which weapon is correct for winning all resulting wars?

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Resurrection of ‘Star Trek’: The ‘Fiction’ of Science Fiction Film

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
April 23, 2014

20130515-bc-x600-1368627031    Unfortunately, in this post-modern age in America, for too many reality is conceived from fiction and fantasy, not from the dictates of God’s Word to a Christian nation. Even within this often cynical culture films––such as ‘Lincoln,‘ ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,’ and ‘The King’s Speech,’ etc.––can be educational because historically true, emotionally uplifting because they present the best people are capable of and enjoyable––primarily because they spring from facts.

Because so many among today’s population have strayed away from a Bible-based culture, they often depend upon movies to give them a ‘true’ sense of reality. Such habits of looking for suggestions from such cultural icons lend opportunity for dangerous misinformation, and lies presented as possibilities.

Such is the case with the latest fiction-fantasy attempts in two recent ‘Star Trek’ films. Certainly all fiction is supposedly based on some reality.  But these two films, set supposedly at least 300 years from now in the 2250s when flights to distant planets is commonplace, leave realms of reality into phantoms of fantasy.

First, the seemingly immortal character Spock assumes to have lived over 160 years, and is thus able to communicate with himself as a younger man who lives in an alternate reality.  The younger Spock, played by Zachary Quinto, is a co-star in both movies, while the elder is Leonard Nimoy, from earlier versions.

Their point being that people can bounce to different spheres of space and time and remember a different past than that in present consciousness.  Chris Pine, playing a younger Captain Kirk, from the beginning finds believing in such fantasy too much for even a veteran space man, but he goes along with the gag.

In the second film, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ a villain named Khan, played by Benedict Cumberbatch  is to have Star-Trek-Into-Darknessput himself and his space ship’s crew to sleep using cryo-genetics––another popular myth fostered by Google co-founder, Larry Page, that through certain combinations of vitamins and food additives man can live indefinitely, and then put himself to sleep in a ‘frozen’ state for a later time.
Knowing susceptibilities of today’s youth, one must assume that the films’ purpose, like that of Larry Page, is to convince viewers that such fantasies are indeed probable. However, regarding present realities:  1) People today do not live 150 years; 2) No combination of supplements can extend life for such decades; 3) Cryo-genetics is an absolutely unproven ‘science’; 4) Most people have no known realities other than on this earth––a very few, such as Apostle Paul, have visited the third heaven, and he doesn’t know if he was in a human body or not:

“I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven (2 Corinthians 12: 2).”

5) The only alternate about time is that it is constantly moving, never to be revisited; 6) Life on earth will not last even another century, as this planet rushes to a violent climax; 7) Only a small minority of human beings who have ever lived will be able to visit other planets:  “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever (Daniel 12: 3).”

This and every generation must understand this crucial promise in God’s Word:  “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment  (Hebrews 9: 27).”  That is true reality.  Each person has one life, one time. There are no do-overs.  Only repentance for one’s sins and redemption through faith in the blood of The LORD Jesus Christ can erase those sins for viewing or non-viewing at God’s judgment seat.  Don’t be fooled. These movies are fantasies, lies, make believe! For more realistic fiction try novels by Rex Stout.

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Ukraine: Easter’s True Meaning Eludes ‘Crucifying’ Deceivers

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:28 AM
April 20, 2014

262756-an-orthodox-priest-blesses-easter-eggs-after-a-religious-service-in-ru    It is difficult to celebrate Easter in these times when man’s rule over earth is coming to an end. By their gesture to lay down their arms during this Easter Week, Ukrainian leaders show the Spirit of Christ’s Resurrection. But while Russia’s Orthodox priest ‘bless’ pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine, President Putin continues offering the world evil schemes of deception and lies.

About Russia’s signed agreement with the U.S. to disarm militants occupying eastern Ukraine, writes: “The Ukrainian government pledged on Saturday not to attack separatists in the eastern part of the country over Easter as the Russian government justified the buildup of its forces at the border.

For example:  “The Ukrainian foreign ministry promised ‘the suspension of the active phase of the anti-terrorist operation’ among a list of government initiatives to defuse the crisis. . . In Moscow Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, said that an increase in troop levels near the border was caused by concern over instability in Ukraine.”

While masked pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine refuse to disarm and remove barricades, and 40,000 Russian troops stay on Ukraine’s borders “ . . . senior diplomats from Ukraine, Russia, the U.S. and the European Union issued a statement calling for an array of actions to defuse tension, including the disarming of militant groups Ukraine-Priest-Crossand the freeing of public buildings occupied by separatists.”

The term ‘pro-Russian’ means that Moscow is in complete charge of masked mafia henchmen (identified as such in Ida Wells’ recent earthend-newbeginning.
com posts) occupying government buildings in Ukraine, not some out-of-control militants. And Russian diplomats promising to disarm had Putin’s full approval.

The Russian President lies on all counts:  He had his diplomats lie about disarmament; He has the mafia chief of the rebels lie about being in charge; and he lies about wanting anything other than Ukraine’s complete surrender (as well as that of other ex-Soviet nations, if not all of Europe).

His trickery goes beyond the pale of ‘normal diplomacy.’  It is the mark of a malevolent despot intent on joining Syria’s start of World War III.  And it is shameful that Western Europe co-ops those lies for the sake of some heating oil!

What The LORD Jesus Christ went through before His death was betrayal, desertion, torture, sacrifice and excruciating pain.  These are exactly the factors which all on Mother Earth will continue to go through before His soon return.

As Bible inspired writing foretells:  “And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames (Isaiah 13: 8).”

With these present factors in mind, please celebrate the holiday with faith, knowledge and prayer.  But as some insist upon saying, “Have A Happy Easter.”

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Ukraine and European Union: Few People There Want War With Russia

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
April 16, 2014

Putin-in-churchClearly few want to go to war over Ukraine, except Russia’s President Putin, and he has been planning this for year––not only by undermining stability in Ukraine, but in the European Union as well.  People cannot go to war when they don’t know who they are, and what they are fighting for.  For instance:

Now reports emerge that many in Europe’s Far Right conservative movements support Russia.  Charles Hawley writes for “Right-wing populists stand to gain seats in the approaching European Parliament elections––which is good news for Moscow. Russia and the European right have been courting each other recently as mainstream Brussels has kept Moscow at arm’s length.”

As Hawley points out, in the World War II era it was thought that liberal left-wing parties were arduous supporters of Russia, but not today:  “Times have changed. While relations between Moscow and the West are tense due to the tug-o’-war over Ukraine, Europe’s right-wing parties are showing an affinity for Russia.

“I think we can be a good partner for Russia in the European Parliament. And Russia sees us as a potential partner,” says Filip Dewinter, a senior member of the right-wing Flemish party Vlaams Belang in Belgium.

Hawley’s article explains that Russia welcomes such a union with Europe’s right wing for several reasons:  1) Both entities are against the European Union and hope to abolish it; 2) Both groups also hold particular animus against the United States; 3) YouGob polls show that a majority of the British, German and French do not agree with sanctions against Russia, and even less want to support Ukraine;

4)  The Political Capital Institute issued a report––’The Russian Connection: The Spread of Pro-Russian Policies on the European Far Right’––that Moscow has initiated relationships with “Eastern European right-wing parties for several years.”

Going even deeper into European reticence about Ukrainian support, Christian Hoffman writes: ‘How Western Is Germany? Conflict with Russia Raises Buried Questions of German Identity.’  “Many Germans feel a special bond to Russia. This makes the Ukraine crisis particularly dangerous for Berlin because it raises important questions about the very nature of German identity.

“Germans and Russians maintain a special relationship. There is no other country and no other people with which Germans’ relations are as emotional and as contradictory. The connection reaches deep into German family history, shaped by two world wars and the 40-year existence of East Germany. German families still share stories of cruel, but also kindhearted and soulful Russians. We disdain the Russians’ primitiveness, while treasuring their culture and the Russian soul.”

Such conflict of identity is clear when Ukrainian troops easily switch flags to join pro-Russian forces.  It is the reason that Ukraine turns to its army because its police forces appear unstable against masked rag-tagged Russian-talking semi-soldiers. Some Kiev troops do not know what to believe in or who they want to be.double-headed-eagle

Those who feel conflicted about ‘the Russian soul’ should consider its two-headed eagle emblem.  Intended to show Russia’s East and West power, it also reveals that soul’s schizophrenia.  This double-mindedness is reflected in Putin, who can murder hundreds, while holding tightly to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Well does Bible inspired writing ask “Can two walk together, except they be agreed (Amos 3: 3)?” They cannot fight together either. This kind of confusion about national and ethnic identities, and moral principles of ‘Christian nations’ led to two world wars, and will do so again if people don’t stand for righteousness!

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Ukraine, EU & U.S.: Enrich Russia for Oil or Prepare for World War III

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:00 AM
April 14, 2014

Civil-War-Ukraine        After Russia’s masked secret service continued to overtake government buildings in towns on Ukraine’s eastern border, national leaders in Kiev finally had enough! Acting President Oleksander Turchinov labeled the intruders terrorists, saying if they don’t leave state buildings this evening, his army will oust them.

And ah, surprise! Russia blames the United States and Europe for the whole thing. Reuters reports today:  “Russia’s foreign ministry called the planned military operation a ‘criminal order’ and said the West should bring its allies in Ukraine’s government under control.  It is now the West’s responsibility to prevent civil war in Ukraine,” the ministry said in a statement.

Turchinov was reacting to the murder of a Ukrainian security officer and the wounding of five others yesterday.  But Russian news agency makes the unproven claim that a ‘pro-Moscow activist’ was also killed in clashes.  In one city, Russian militants have built road blocks with rubber tires to secure control.

But why––after taking Crimea without Ukrainian resistance––is Russia still pushing to start a civil war in Ukraine.?  Is it more than that oppressor’s obvious desire to re-establish rule of the Soviet Union? But what? Here are some reasons:

1)  This blog has already established that native Russians are leaving that country in record numbers, and that Putin seeks to supplement that population lost.  Crimea gave him thousands, but he wants all of Ukraine for millions.

2)  Even more so, Russia’s wealth and income is in oil and gas and little else. Even Putin knows the days of that type of energy are numbered.  So Putin is soaking Ukraine and the rest of Europe for all the money he can get.

3)   Moreover, Putin knows that the world is shaken by Global Warming, and that his type of carbon polluting oil-based wealth must end.  New York Times commentator, Thomas Friedman, strongly hopes that Putin does cut off energy pipping through Ukraine into Europe. Friedman writes:

“A Putin embargo today would be even more valuable because it would happen at a time when the solar, wind, Hands-off-Ukrainenatural gas and energy efficiency industries are all poised to take off and scale. So Vladimir, do us all a favor, get crazy, shut off the oil and gas to Ukraine and, even better, to all of Europe. Embargo! You’ll have a great day, and the rest of the planet will have a great century.”

Admitting that an embargo would be disruptive in the short term, Friedman cites the Arab oil embargo in 1973, which “led to the first auto mileage standards in America and propelled the solar, wind and energy efficiency industries.” If indeed the world turns to alternative energies, where does that leave Russia?

4)  Putin knows that Europe doesn’t want war. He wretches in jealous that Germany has organized Western Europe without firing a shot, and has prospered while doing so. China has pretty much done the same with its vast territories. The only way he figures he can catch up with them, and the United States, is by war!

Indeed he joins Syria in this desire for war.  He fermented it in Crimea and continues now in Ukraine.  He planned this for years, lulling the West to sleep, as he planted provocateurs to spread propaganda, along with deceptive media outlets.

Christians in Ukraine are praying in front of buildings Russia’s goons have seized, and believers around the world must join them to prevent this initiation of World War III. As Christian non-fiction prophecy books celebrate, prayer can stop the imaginations of evil men: “This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage of oppressors, which they shall receive of the Almighty (Job 27: 13).”

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Re-‘Hitlertizied’ Genetic Engineering & Destruction of Human Identity

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:57 AM
April 11, 2014

humanembryo-300x225    Even in a world gone mad, one would think that Hitler’s failed attempts at genetic engineering would not be retained––much less lauded––nearly a century later.  But in continuous attempts to further separate man from godly principles, ‘mad’ science proves such optimistic thinking anachronistically wrong.

Those who believe that reproductive methods millenniums old should not be tampered with––as God intends men to follow methods making human beings in His image and likeness––are seen as old-fashioned ‘Scientific Regressives.’

Post-modern man now invents new ways to contaminate age-old processes of love, marriage and sexual reproduction. Setting aside such notions as surrogacy, or a third sex identity (as expounded in Australia and Germany), some scientists insist that people should be ‘genetically engineered’ like vegetables or fruits.

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was taken aback a few weeks ago to find out that GMO (Genetically Modified) human beings “have already been created via ‘in vitro’ experiments,” according to

“Specifically, the FDA is discussing the genetic manipulation of human eggs and embryos in order to prevent three-parent-family-300inherited mitochondrial disease and treat infertility. The GMO techniques under consideration include manipulation at the mitochondrial level to replace or augment mutant rDNA and methods that could create babies with three parents.”  Please see opening statement––world gone mad!

Yet this distinguished group of government overseers were not so shocked to  avoid admitting that 44 other countries have already banned this kind of genetic manipulation.  These professionals only want to ‘set guidelines’ for human clinical trials that might take place, so that ‘experimenters’ can determine “potential risks” for children born from such experiments. Wasn’t the whole point to avoid risks?

“For now,” proclaims: “The desired genetic outcomes discussed will be limited to the prevention of inherited mitochondrial diseases (e.g., LHON) or infertility due to abnormalities in the quality and quantity of mitochondria in female eggs.” Do they think people are that stupid?  Errant genetic scientists have conducted such experiments long before FDA decided to ‘approve’ them.

Even Darwinist Wesley J. Smith joins Biblical ‘Regressives’ in opposing human genetic engineering: “Neo eugenicists and would-be genetic engineers often claim that those of us who oppose their intention to engage in biological alchemy do so for strictly religious reasons. Not me.

“I oppose eugenics in all its forms because it violates the fundamentals of human exceptionalism by assuming that some people can be better than other people based on heightened capacities. The new eugenics merely deploys a kinder, gentler lexicon for the same inherently invidious distinctions described in the vile distinctions that used to be made between the so-called ‘fit’ and ‘unfit’.”

These far-gone experiments speak nothing but continuation of Hitlerian Darwinism’s creation of the ‘demigod’s perfect man’––the mad world’s new Frankenstein.  As Aldous Huxley predicted in his anti-Christian fiction, ‘Brave New World,’ this genetic perfection may only produce a race of soul-less individuals who will bring societies nothing but murderously destructive dystopia––the same as Hitler brought to Germany by the end of WW2.

This blogger often repeats John’s prayer at the end of his Revelation:  “Even so, come [quickly] LORD Jesus (22:20).”  But now, we don’t have to urge His soon return.  In a world filled with more of these ridiculously looney ‘experiments,’ God will indeed send His Son back much sooner than He may have intended.

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Guess Which Side We’re On: The Other ‘Almost’ War: China vs. Japan

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:46 PM
April 9, 2014

330px-Battle_of_Songhwan_improved    It may only be traditional bluster, or the need to justify rising military costs, but U.S. officials express genuine concern about China and Japan’s preparations for war. Both Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel made clear the U.S. would back Japan. Such a war is a giant step toward WW3.

First, understand that these two countries have a long history of hatred and war. Historically Japan labels itself a superior empire and gave itself the right to rule over China militarily in order to confiscate that country’s extensive economic resources.  Known as the Sino-Japanese War, the first one occurred from 1894-95.

After several localized ‘fights,’ the Second Sino-Japanese War  began in 1937 after Japan invaded Manchuria and instigated the Marco Polo Bridge Incident.  When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, their war with China morphed into Europe’s World War II, and China and the U.S. became allies.

According to Agence France-Presse, before he visited China last month, Kerry met with Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida “and reaffirmed the 1960 treaty that commits the United States to protect its ally against attacks.”

Secretary Hagel recently spoke with even more sternness toward Japan when visiting Toyko this week:  “All nations deserve respect, no matter how large or how small.  I think we’re seeing some clear evidence of a lack of respect, and coercion and intimidation with … what the Russians have done in Ukraine.”

He backed his words with promises to send Japan two more Aegis missile defense warships. These will join a second early warning U.S. radar, P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft and plans to bring unmanned Global Hawk drones already deployed.  Hagel also included North Korea in his warnings against war.

Hagel is now in China advising China leaders that their dispute with Japan over some rather ‘useless’ islands should be solved by diplomacy, not by war or posturing for war.  But China avers that Japan’s conservative government started the dispute by:  1) Nationalizing those islands in the fall of 2012; 2) Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s pilgrimage to the Yasukuni Shrine honoring 2.5 million Japanese war dead including convicted war criminals; and 3) Justifying the use of Chinese and South Korean women as ‘comfort women’ or sex slaves during WW2.

Justified or not, Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News insists: “China is practicing for a “short, sharp war” with Japan.” 180713_kienthuc_05_china navy_URMPCapt. James Fannell, deputy chief of staff intelligence and information operations for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Fannell added:  “We witnessed the massive amphibious and cross-military region enterprise.

“We concluded that the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) has been given the new task to be able to conduct a short, sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea following with what can only be expected a seizure of the Senkakus Island or even a southern Ryukyu Island.”

Minnie Chan of writes:  “China and Japan moved closer to armed conflict after Beijing established its first air defence identification zone last November in the East China Sea. Ex-PLO officer Luo Yuan tells Chan that Capt. Fannell’s analysis is accurate: “. . . a war with Japan over territorial disputes is becoming increasingly likely . . . China is more than capable of defending itself.”

Surely Christians on all sides of Axis and Allies history World War pray with Apostle John: “ . . . Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (Revelation 22: 20);” for     “He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire (Psalm 46: 9.”

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West: Weak & Blind? Think Russia Stops With Crimea? Think Again!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 20:34 PM
April 7, 2014

Russian-forces-flag        Russian President Putin hoodwinked the United States and Western Europe into believing that all problems can be solved by patient diplomacy. Thinking the Cold War over, the West concentrated on financial successes, while Putin peppered Russian spies into Ukraine and other former Soviet nations to move on his word.

This weekend, those spies, claiming to be Russian-speaking Ukrainians, took over city governments in three eastern Ukraine cities––Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv––all which border on Russia.  While he lulled the West to sleep, Putin planned these take-overs for years––in both military and underground networks.

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said he would restore order without using violence.  And because Ukraine’s ousted president Yankovich has a political base in Donetsk, Avakov said Yankovich is working with Putin:

In ‘Pro-Russia Protesters Seize Ukraine Buildings, Kiev Blames Putin,’ Lina Kushch and Thomas Grove of quote Avakov:  “Putin and Yankovich ordered and paid for the latest wave of separatist disorder in the east of the country. The people who have gathered are not many but they are very aggressive.

“Around 1,500 people protested in Donetsk on Sunday before breaking into the regional administration building, where they hung a Russian flag from a second-floor balcony, a Reuters witness said. Protesters outside cheered and chanted “Russia! Russia!”  He promises to disarm the rebels by peaceful means.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk told FXStreet News:  “An anti-Ukrainian plan is being put into operation, under which foreign troops will cross the border and seize the territory of the country. We will not allow this.”

By manipulating heating gas prices, Russia is also conducting an economic war against Ukraine, as well as western Europe. But FX Street claims: “ . . . during the weekend Ukraine announced that it would not pay the higher price for gas set by Gazprom last week, at 485.50 dollars per 1000 cubic meters. PM Yatseniuk said that they would continue purchasing it for 268 dollars per 1000 cubic meters.”
A careful study of historical Bible books––particular Daniel and Revelation––reveal that AntiChrist will take full possession of the eighth and final Syrian––Babylonian––Holy Roman Empire (i.e. European) kingdom, only after a series of various intra- and inter- national wars take place.

Russia is now aligned with Syria in that country’s civil war, but in a few years, the final Syrian anti-Christ will unrest-Ukrainehave defeated the newly-formed ten nations of East and West Europe and Northern Africa. At that time Russia––believing it is his right to rule these nations––will move against the anti-Christ and be defeated as foretold in Daniel 11: 44 – 45:

“But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many. And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”

In chapter 35 of his work, ‘Revelation Expounded: Eternal Mysteries Simplified,’ Finis Dake reveals these steps in explaining the three steps to Russia’s defeat: 1) First, Russia was defeated without a shot when the Soviet Union was dissolved; 2) Russia will be defeated by its ally, the Syrian anti-Christ; and 3) Russia will be finally defeated when Christ returns to earth with his angels and all true Christians put down all such rebellions in just one day!

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Sign of End Times: Egypt’s New Repression Sentences 529 to Death

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
April 4, 2014

Egypts-demonstrationsApparently Egypt’s embraces of extremism on all sides render the country’s problems unsolvable: One side of the population, with the military’s help, pushed out President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood; and now his followers retaliate by rebelling against the take-over military’s repressive rule.

That repression came to light recently when––after only two court sessions and without defense testimony––a judge sentenced 529 defendants to death, because a police officer was killed during a demonstration against Morsi’s ouster.

As Juan Cole writes in ‘Egypt Shocks the World With Plan for Mass Execution of Over 500 Muslim Brothers,’  “Only 147 of the suspects are actually in custody. The rest were sentenced in absentia.”

David D. Kirkpatrick’s extended article, ‘Hundreds of Egyptians Sentenced to Death in Killing of a Police Officer,’ exposits everyone expected a wholesale riot in reaction to the verdict, but: “After nine months of escalating repression that culminated in the extraordinary verdict, the military-led government . . .

“ . . .appears to have finally cowed his supporters into near-silence here in Minya, perhaps their greatest stronghold. The city was the heart of a fierce Islamist insurgency [of Morsi supporters] just two decades ago, and threatened to rise up again, against the new government.”

Kirkpatrick claims Egyptian lawyers call this the “harshest mass conviction in modern Egyptian history,” because it sets legal procedures and history aside.  Most Egyptians are afraid to speak out, regardless of their political leanings.

In Cairo, 20 journalists––including four foreigners and nine workers for AlJazeera News Service––are charged with supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.  This and other legal actions indicate that Egypt’s judiciary––once known as the country’s most liberal body––is totally on the side of the repressive government.

Moreover, several student demonstrators were sentenced to 17 years in prison.  In Minya, 600 more defendants brotherhood-courtroomawait their verdict.  Mohamed Badie, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is one of those 600.

Explaining the severity of the 529 convictions, Cole adds:  “Among Middle Eastern countries, the most execution happy is Iran, with over 300 a year.  With just one trial, Egypt has made itself more Draconian than Iran.”

Showing that Egypt has stepped into a darker side of evil, Kawther Salam of Europe & Middle East News insists: ‘Egyptian Security Forces Invent Bogus Terrorist Cells to Serve Their Political Agenda:’

“Arab Organization for Human Rights received a number of complaints from the families of students forcefully disappeared by security forces. Shortly after their disappearance, their families were shocked to see them on state-owned and pro-coup television channels confessing to crimes that could carry the death sentence. The families later learned, through their lawyers, that the detainees had been brutally tortured to extract these confessions.”

The social construction of reality in God’s Word identifies Egypt with the darkest of Satanic evil.  In Revelation when The LORD’s two witnesses holding off Satan’s destruction in the last days are finally murdered:  “And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also Our Lord was crucified (11: 8).” When they rule Jerusalem in the final holocaust, these two Gentile nations will exhibit the worse Satanic evil imaginable.

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