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Shade of World War III Raises Its Ugly Head: Europe’s Anti-Semitism

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:28 AM
May 26, 2014

Anti-Semitism-Europe    As the far right-wing prepares for a huge win in European Parliament elections this weekend, and amidst complaints from Jewish people on the continent about rising Anti-Semitism there, a shocking attack on the Jewish Museum in Belgium has resulted in three murders, and severe injuries in a fourth victim.

A passer-by got the license number of the car that supposedly sped off with the shooter. The driver may have been arrested, and the shooter still at large. But stories conflict on this detail. Reuters News quotes: “The Israeli foreign Ministry that “[T]wo of the dead, a man and a woman, were Israeli tourists from Tel Aviv.” Another woman, said to be non-Jewish, was also murdered at the scene.

The massacre may have been triggered because, as Andrew Higgins of The New York Times reports, “Belgian authorities banned opponents of Israel from holding a conference in Brussels that Jewish groups condemned as anti-Semitic. The conference, known as the European Congress of Rebellion, had been organized by a far-right member of the Belgian Parliament.”

The shooting is the first terrorism against Jews in Belgium since World War II. Higgins adds: “Far-right groups, some of which are tainted by a history of anti-Semitism, are expected to perform well in voting for the European legislature . . . of the 28-nation European Union.

“In Belgium and most other European countries, however, anti-Semitism has in recent years been rooted more on the left and in Muslim immigrant communities than on the right.” Raya Kalenova, from the European Jewish Congress says: “anti-Semitism had grown much worse in Belgium over the past decade, because of a rise in hostility toward Israel, and authorities had ignored the danger.”

Groups, from the left of the political spectrum, who support Palestine were holding a concert and rally to denounce Israel at the time of the shooting. They are said to organize around growing Muslim populations in Europe.

Bethany Bell of BBC News claims all types of anti-Jewish symbols now pop-up near synagogues and other Jewish Anti-Semitism on the Risesites.  A 2012 Fundamental Rights Agency survey of  eight nations said to be home of 90% of the EU’s Jewish population reported: “. . . 5,847 Jewish people said 66% of those who responded considered anti-Semitism to be a problem. Three out of four respondents, 76%, believed anti-Semitism had increased over the past five years.

“There was particular concern about anti-Semitism online. About three-quarters of respondents considered that to be a problem which is getting worse. The survey found 29% of those surveyed had considered emigrating because of concerns about safety, with particularly high figures recorded in Hungary (48%), France (46%) and Belgium (40%). In France 52% of people surveyed described anti-Semitism as a “very big problem, in Hungary the figure was 49%.”

Christian non-fiction prophecy Books commands Christians to pray for the peace of the Jewish capital:  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee (Psalms 122: 6).” Presumably this would include all Jews.

While obedient Christians must follow His instructions, it is urgently vital in this pre-World War III era, as persecution of Jews in these last days of heightens and includes coming persecution of genuine Christians.

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Ethnic & National Identities Define ‘Christianity’ in Ukraine & Russia

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:19 AM
May 21, 2014

Ukraine-church    As he attempts to re-shape Crimea and Ukraine in his image and likeness, Russian President Vladimir Putin also brings a split between those churches serving populations in Christian service and those serving Putin’s political will.

Voice of America (VOA) reporter, Michael Eckels, writes:  “The current conflict in Ukraine may be causing a schism between the Russian Orthodox Church and its Ukranian affiliate. The Russian Orthodox Church, which has close ties to the Russian government, would not comment for this report.”

Much of the contention started during this year’s Easter holidays.  While Ukrainian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches called for a cease-fire from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, Russian Orthodox pastors were silent on the issue.

In ‘Ukrainian Crisis May Split Russian Orthodox Church,’ Sophia Kishkovsky quotes Andrei Zubov, a historian and expert in church-state relations:
“. . . if events spill into war, a split between the Moscow and Kiev churches is inevitable.  Putin has started an uncontrollable process.  Calls have been growing for an independent church that would unite all of Ukraine’s Orthodox churches.”

However, Jamie Dettmer, another VOA reporter, reveals that background on the potential church split goes back to the fall of the Soviet Union: “The politics of revolution and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have widened a religious rupture that first emerged during the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Primate Filaret broke with the Russian Orthodox Church. He argued that an independent Ukraine deserved a national church truly independent of Moscow.”

Dettmer adds that while the Moscow Patriarchate has more parishes than the Kyiv Patriarchate in Ukraine, many Ukranian worshippers are switching loyalty to the Ukrainian church because their pastors were most supportive during Maidan protests which saw the ouster of former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych.

Cultural historian Vladyslava Osmak explains: “Because they greatly helped the participants of Maidan campaign, [for] those people who needed protection and shelter, priests of this church were always together with people on barricades praying and fighting with them.”slide_334675_3356249_free

The transparent problem is that the head of the Russian Orthodox Church is a fellow-colleague of Putin’s from his days in the murderous KGB secret service, which was well-known for persecuting Christian leaders in Russia.

In ‘Orthodox Church Unholy Alliance with Putin ,’Adrian Blomfield, reporting for, insists that Alexei II, head patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, is, like Putin, an ex-KGB agent:  “Although he has never confirmed it, the patriarch, like the president, is a former KGB agent codenamed Drozdov, according to Soviet archives opened to experts in the 1990s.”

Wikipedia agrees:  “Patriarch Alexy II was alleged to have been a KGB agent according to multiple sources,including Gleb Yakunin and Yevgenia Albats, who both were given access to the KGB archives.”

Indeed Bible Historical books stress God’s love as the binding force between Christians: “There is one body, and One Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism,  One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all (Ephesians 4: 3 – 6).”

But such unity is under the assumption that God’s love is exchanged among genuine Christians, not deceiving political appointees. Such is one mission of anti-Christ: to appear to be like Christ, while in fact, being exactly the opposite!

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Even in Ukrainian ‘Democracies’ People Look After Themselves First!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
May 19, 2014

Pro-Ukrainian-self-defense       A wealthy oligarch sends his laborers to take a city hall back from pro-Russian militias; Putin moves a few inches away from the border; the ‘legal’ Ukraine on the ‘free’ West side of the country still plans to hold ‘actual’ elections to decide the nation’s direction in a few days; no news from EU or USA., etc.

Confusing? Does Putin really know what he wants? Has he lost control of the rebels who claim they want to join his country? Or was he just kidding when ordering them not to hold elections, since they didn’t listen to him anyway?
Are those U.S. and EU sanctions working, and giving Putin second thoughts?

Supposedly Ukraine is a civilized nation. Yet these militia barricade themselves behind stacks of old tires and set up self-appointed police patrols on roads entering those towns they claim to control, where they got ’90%’ of voters in a hastily arranged, sham election that Putin told them not to hold.

But in Mariupol, one of those so-called 90% towns, local miners and steelworkers, without guns and wearing only hard hats, ran pro-Russian separatists out of City Hall and retook control of their city.  They were sent there by their boss, Rinat Akhmetov, a 47-year old multi-billionaire industrialist.

The Los Angeles Times asserts: “Akhmetov, believed to be Ukraine’s richest man with a fortune estimated by Forbes at $11 billion, owns steel, coal and energy enterprises concentrated in Ukraine’s Donbass Rust Belt that employ about 300,000 workers in the restive eastern regions.”

The Times says Akhmetov has always issued statements in support of Ukraine unity.  His spokeswoman, Elena Doyzhenko, insists: “Mr. Akhmetov is determined to do whatever is necessary to get rid of weapons and restore peace to the region and ensure that Donbass remains in Ukraine. Mariupol is only the first operation to help bring an end to the crisis.”

Moreover, when pro-Russian separatists tried to get the Donbass miners to join their side, the workers would not in The-minersfear of losing their jobs and pensions, in the same way their counterparts in Crimea now suffer without paychecks.

Akhmetov warns of “‘economic “catastrophe’ if the eastern regions secede from Ukraine and become cut off from international financing and trade institutions, as has happened with Moldova’s breakaway and impoverished pro-Russian region of Transdniestria.” Oh, other poor people Putin ‘threw away’?

While Putin promised Crimea’s workers he had set aside seven million dollars for their salaries and pensions, his cabinet revolted: “Funding of pensions in Crimea is currently impossible,” telling them to apply to continental Ukraine.  So Putin––although proudly marching through Crimea in great fanfare a few days ago to celebrate Russia’s World War II victories––has deserted the Crimean people too?

“Finance Minister Anton Siluanov and others responsible for economic policy in the Kremlin have been critical of the new burdens taken on with the seizure of Crimea, a net drain on the Russian budget with its aging population and large community of military retirees. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been silent on the future of the separatists in eastern Ukraine.”

Wait!  What’s that?  Putin’s own cabinet put the breaks on his wayward aggression? Impossible! Supposedly, he controls them all too. Hmm, remember the last quote from historical Bible Books in The Gospel of Luke about a king who went to war with 10,000 troops only to find his enemy had 20,000 warriors?

There’s another part of it:  “For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?  Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, Saying, This man began to build, and was not able to finish (14: 28-30).”  Hmm.  Looks like Putin didn’t count the cost for his military take-overs. But workers throughout Ukraine are counting their own interests first.

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Naming of Two Popes to Sainthood: Part of the Plan for the U.S.?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:28 PM
May 13, 2014

WorldWar3_550x550    Considering the end of the last blog on this subject, the slaughter of millions, an accompanying explanation is necessary.  What will the United States do––that country with the largest military hardware in the world––while this goes on?

That answer is possibly three fold:  1) The U.S. will be destroyed from within by confusing interior gun battles––authorized military and police against thousands of Catholic and other secret warriors; 2) Severe crippling from Global Warming; and/or 3) Betrayal by political forces aimed at its destruction.

By far, various individuals and organizations are now preparing for those gun battles, which is why it is so difficult for political officials to enact gun control, or even gun safety, laws, when clearly 70-80% of Americans want them.

The Catholic Church has thousands of organized militia and affiliates around the U.S. and world. They go by such names as: Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Knights Templar, Priori of Sion, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Foresters Society, Knights of Pythias, Ordo Templi Orientis, Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia,etc., but by far the largest and most powerful is the Society of Jesuits!

Jesuits are first among war-ready Catholic organizations. The present Pope Francis is a Jesuit, which means even he is ruled by Superior General, Reverend Father Adolfo Nicolás, also known as the Black Pope. Jesuits identify themselves as an armed military organization dedicated to protecting the Pope at all times. claims the Black Pope is the most powerful man on earth: “He controls the banking system, Freemasonry and the Secret Services (CIA, FBI, NSA, SIS, MI6, Scotland Yard, Mossad, CSIS, DGSE, FSB); The Illuminati, Zionists,globalist Elites, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg group, Freemasons, Council of 300 and the evil Council of Trent. The Jesuits have infiltrated all governments & leaders,” etc.

In ‘The Jesuits and Other Secret Societies Planning Three World Wars,’ J. Haines argues that in 1870 Illuminati jesuits_oath-175x281leader Guiseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike, 33-degree Freemason outlined the world wars necessary to create the One World Order. confirms Haines conclusions about those plans:

“The First World War: To overthrow the power of the Czars in Orthodox Russia and bring about an atheistic communist state. The Second World War: To originate between Great Britain and Germany. To strengthen communism as antithesis to Judeo-Christian culture and bring about a Zionist State in Israel.

“The Third World War: A Middle Eastern War involving Judaism and Islam and spreading internationally.” Their purpose was to “eventually every nation would be willing to surrender its national sovereignty to a world government.”

Chick Publications’ visuals in ‘The Godfathers: Alberto, Part Three,‘ which argues that the Catholic Church was the paramount force, especially in World War III where Communism fought Nazism. A former Catholic priest who now writes his Catholic experiences for Chick editors. He agrees with Haines conclusions.

These discussions will continue in future posts. As Christian non-fiction prophecy books promise, that whore (i.e. posing as masculine) of Babylon (i.e. idolatry) will soon be punished: “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:  And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. . . .  the ten horns upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire (Revelation 17: 5 – 17).”

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Naming of Two Popes to Sainthood: Deserved? Political? or Shameful?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:03 PM
May 8, 2014

Pope-John-Paul-sainthoodOn the surface, the recent naming of Pope John Paul and Pope John XXIII to the status of ‘sainthood’ in the Catholic Church seems somewhat justified––one for his efforts against Communism and the ultimate fall of the Berlin Wall, and the other for bringing the Catholic Church out of Medievalism with the Second Vatican Council, which aimed to make church worship more relevant for modern man.

However, the problem with ‘surface’ studies is they prohibit analysis of what lies beneath.  First, understand that in Bible historical Books in both the Old and New Testaments God calls “saints” all those who have accepted Him in their hearts by either looking forward to or back upon the sacrifice of His Son as payment for their sins. So the Catholic Church’s deification of sainthood is meaningless to God.

As for church politics, Sandro Contenta of writes that Pope Francis is giving a double message “to unite conservative and progressive factions,” while asserting the ‘legitimacy’ of the Second Vatican Council.

Contenta rightfully points out John Paul turned “a blind eye” to the many sex abuse cases brought to light under this watch, including that of “Mexican priest Marcial Maciel Degollado, a drug addict who sexually abused seminarians, fathered several children from different women, and ran the powerful Legion of Christ, a staunchly conservative movement that had John Paul’s firm backing.

“Reformers in the church also criticize him for centralizing power in Rome, and for cracking down on high-profile dissenters who questioned church doctrine. They included proponents of liberation theology, a movement he rejected as communist-inspired. . . after 27 years in office, he left a church deeply divided between reformers and conservatives, a split that grew larger under his successor.”

In his journal, Steve Van Nattan asserts “The popes of the twentieth century have generally been recognized by informed Roman Catholics as the agents of International Freemasonry. These traditional Catholics abhor the Vatican II reforms of Pope John XXIII and the Teshuva (Repentance) of John-Paul II . . .

“The Masonic connections of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (John XXIII) and Karol Woytla (John Paul II) have been well-documented in the Roman Catholic periodical, Sodalitium [which states]: . . . of ‘Roncalli and Freemasonry which quotes Virgillo Gaito, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy:

“John XXIII was initiated into Masonry when he was the Nuncio in Paris. I’m only reporting what I’ve been told. In john 1his speeches, I have noticed a number of intrinsically Masonic concepts. I’m moved to tears when I hear him say that it is necessary to emphasize man.” (Note ‘man’ not God, secret handshakes, finger symbols).

Elsewhere VanNattan adds: “. . . the mentor of John Paul II, Adam Mickiewicz, was also a disciple of Towianski, an adept of “messianism, a movement begun by Hoëné-Wronski who believed that he was charged with announcing ‘the end of Christianity.’ . . .

“. . . the Masonic takeover of the Vatican is an important fact in the prophetic scheme of Scripture, which describes both the annexation and subsequent violent overthrow of Mystery Babylon [the Roman harlot] by the Antichrist system [International Freemasonry] in Revelation 17.”

Thus, instead of upholding The Body of Christ on earth, these men scheme to abolish it, thus preparing for the first-half of anti-Christ’s reign when that ‘Church’s’ Holy Roman Empire will slaughter Jews and newly-converted Christians by the millions. Present Christians, to be raptured at Christ’s return, must open their spiritual eyes so they may now see (Ephesians 1: 18).

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Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas: U.S. Prepares for World War 3, Pt. 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:32 PM
May 5, 2014

Weiter blutige Gewalt in der OstukraineAnyone for War?  Would you like that Cold or Hot?  Agreeing that Russia is using this semi-invasion to start World War III in Europe, Ukraine’s Acting Prime Minister Yatseniuk dispatched his troops to the eastern third of his country to fight pro-Russia forces. Indeed that War may have already begun.

In ‘Arseny Yatseniuk, Ukraine Prime Minister, Says Russia Wants To Start World War III By Occupying Ukraine,’ Pavel Polityuk and Alastair Macdonald reporting for Reuters write:  “Yatseniuk accused Russia of wanting to start World War Three by occupying Ukraine militarily and politically.

“The world has not yet forgotten World War Two, but Russia already wants to start World War Three. . . Russia’s goal is to wreck the election in Ukraine, remove the pro-Western and pro-Ukrainian government and occupy Ukraine.”

Europeans are particularly shaken by Russian President Putin’s refusal  to honor Geneva agreements to pull Russian forces out of Ukraine and away from its borders. Spiegel’s news staff in ‘How the Ukraine Crisis Is Stoking Fears of War in Europe,’ reveals the continent’s shock and unpreparedness for war––especially in Germany.  Most find the thought of World War III unimaginable.

An ex-soldier, 94-year old German Otto Fausten can’t watch the news any more. Fausten lost a leg in Ukraine during Anti-government protesters carry an injured man on a stretcher in Independence Square in Kievthe war. “Fausten didn’t think he would ever again witness scenes from Ukraine hinting at the potential outbreak of war.”

Spiegel reporters reveal that this week, “Russian long-range bombers entered into Dutch airspace,” as if to signal a larger war.  “Europeans are currently rattled by that very possibility––the frightening chance that a civil war in Ukraine could expand like brushfire into a war between Russia and NATO,” Spiegel says.

“Hopes that Russian President Vladimir Putin would limit his actions to the Crimean peninsula have proved to be illusory––he is now grasping at eastern Ukraine.  Efforts at diplomacy have so far failed and Putin appears to have no fear of the economic losses that Western sanctions could bring. As of last week, the lunacy of a war is no longer inconceivable.”

According to Spiegel, Europeans no longer think of refugees pouring over borders as a problem between Syria and other Middle East nations, but as something very possible in Europe:  “After 20 years in which it was almost unimaginable, it seems like a major war in Europe, with shots potentially being fired between Russia and NATO, is once again a possibility.

“The irony that these developments and this new threat of war comes in 2014––the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I and the 75th of the start of World War II––has not been lost on anyone.” Memories of those two wars led Europeans to de-emphasize military preparedness, instead––through formation of the European Union––opting for peaceful negotiations and economic growth.

Moreover, western Europe has put little resources into military spending. Putin is aware of these weakness and now takes full advantage of them. Russia and both sides of Europe all claim to be Christian nations, but much of that claim is not more recently based on Biblical knowledge, especially Bible prophecies.

As Christian non-fiction prophecy books foretell, Putin will ultimately struggle with resurgent Holy Roman and Greek Empires, neither of which he will have the power to defeat. Daniel 11: 40 – 44 explains that soon anti-Christ from the revived Grecian Empire––Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Greece––will defeat both Russia and Germany, only to be defeated Himself by the return of Jesus Christ and His army of saints and angels, as seen in Revelation 19:11-15.

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Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas: U.S. Quietly Prepares for World War 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:12 AM
May 2, 2014

UKRAINE-RUSSIA-CRISIS-POLITICS    In many ways, various moves by American leaders––in addition to public statements and sanctions against Russia for its actions in Ukraine––may indicate the U.S. is preparing for World War III.  This is especially so when one attempts to look beyond veils of news reports, to surmise what leaders know in secret.

For instance, one can easily assume that during his recent travels to Asia, ostensibly for trade negotiations, the President not only warned China about a few disputed islands, but also stealthy advised that nation not to following Russia over the abyss of world war.  Nick Simeone of American Forces Press Service writes in ‘Obama: U.S. Treaty Commitment to Japan is “Absolute”:’

“President Barack Obama, making the first state visit by an American president to Japan in nearly two decades, made clear today the United States would be obligated to come to Japan’s defense in any confrontation with China over islands both nations claim in the East China Sea.” He stressed the same about North Korea’s recent nuclear missile tests.

A few days afterward, U.S. Defense Secretary Hagel also visited Japan for joint meetings with pro-American regional defense officials.  Cheryl Pellerin, also from American Forces Press Service, reports:  “The leaders discussed a range of regional security issues [including] Chinese military activities.”

Before going to Tokyo, Secretary Hagel met with defense ministers of the 10 countries––Burma, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam––in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) because “it represents the collective interests of the region.”

Hagel added:  “When you add to [this] the ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting-Plus members [which consists of the 10 ASEAN defense ministers and defense ministers from the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, New Zealand and Russia] … that’s a significant representation of this part of the world.”  Of course, now, because of Ukraine, Russia would not be in the group.

Just last week Ministers of Defense for the U.S., Canada and Mexico issued a joint statement following the ‘Second Mexico's President Pena Nieto gives a speech during a news conference at the North American Leaders' Summit in TolucaMeeting of North American Defense Ministers’: “Our three countries are closely connected through common geography, strong links between our peoples, and comprehensive trade relations. As such, we share many mutual defense interests.

“Threats to North America and the hemisphere are increasingly complex and require coordinated responses. . . . we remain committed to enhancing our common understanding of those threats and developing effective and efficient approaches needed to address them. . . our countries continue to work together to address the security and defense challenges that our continent faces.”

What could be a threat to North America, beside those countries in South America (i.e. Brazil, Venezuela, etc.) that have allied themselves with Russia? The  next blog will cover the first U.S. troops in Eastern Europe, NATO, more of Russia and China’s significant stakes in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

By necessity, in order not to unnecessarily rile the public, political and military leaders often speak in opaque coded language. However, The Commander of First World War angels of The Lord instructs Christians to “be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves (Matthew 10: 16).”

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