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It’s The Last Days: Still Don’t Believe Christianity Is Under Attack?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 20:06 PM
July 29, 2014

Removing-the-cross        In China, the Sudan, Iraq, etc.––around the world, Christians suffer attacks, death, displacement from centuries old-Christian villages, burning churches . . . while many ‘believers’ in the U.S. yawn, play politics, and attend church picnics.

Between staid services and campaign rallies, are American Christians aware that Communists countries and radical Muslim groups destroy churches, muffle Christian voices, and even slay Christians? As political activists, where are their outcries over the deaths of Christians and destruction of their homes and churches.

Andrew Jacobs of The New York Times writes in ‘China Moves Against 2 Churches in Campaign Against Christianity’: “In another sign of the authorities’ efforts to contain one of China’s fastest-growing religions, a government demolition campaign against public symbols of the Christian faith has toppled crosses at two more churches in the coastal province of Zhejiang.

“On Friday, congregants at the Wenling Church. . . faced off with as many as 4,000 police officers but ultimately failed to prevent the removal of two crosses from atop their building. . . as many as 40 people were detained during the standoff . . . [A]uthorities in Zhejiang Province have issued demolition notices to more than 100 churches, saying their structures violated zoning regulations.”

And The Times’ Didi Kirsten Tatlow writes in ‘Christian Pastor Sentenced to 12 Years in Chinese Prison’, Pastor Zhang Shaojie now sits in jail for the ‘crime’ of  “gathering a crowd (i.e. a church) to disrupt social order.”

In Russia, rather than to fight genuine Christianity, alive in that nation for hundreds of years, killer Vladimir Putin puts one of his fellow KGB secret service agents, Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyaye, or Patriarch Krill, at the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Krill claims Putin’s reign is “a miracle of God.”

In ‘ISIS Torches 1800-Year-Old Mosul Church After Expelling Christians,’ Adam Chandler writes: “ISIS, which recently rebranded as the Islamic State, has solidified its control over Iraq’s second-largest city by imposing Sharia law and expelling Christians who won’t convert to Islam. The end of last month marked the first time a mass wasn’t held in the city in more than 1600 years.”

Christian families were told to meet ISIS’s demands: “Convert to Islam, pay an anachronistic Islamic tax for non-Muslims, leave Mosul, or be killed. . . the order [was soon limited to] convert, leave, or die.” The last 1500 Mosul families were robbed at ISIS checkpoints and ISIS set fire to an 1800-year-old church.

However, more subtle satanic tactics reign in U.S. churches: Many churches are headed by unChristian pastors church-love-of-moneywho, commit unseen moral decadence. Some churches serve as a cover for criminal activities. And too many American churches succumb to the worst corruption of all––love of money, love of race, of ethnic culture––preference for any force that drives out the love of God and of man.

Yea, in Bible inspired writing, Christ yells to such churches:  “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent (Revelation 3: 15 – 22).”

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TheDowningOfFlightMH17      “A War Against the World” is how Ukraine president, Petro Poroshenko, referred to separatists shooting down Malaysia Flight M17. Just as they do not want the world to know the truth about their blowing Malaysia Flight 17 out of the sky, pro-Russian separatists in East Ukraine do not want the world to see their faces or know their real names! In no way do they want to be held responsible!

But why hide behind masks?  Remember months ago when Russia overtook Crimea with soldiers wearinh masked faces?  Then finally Russian President Putin admitted that Russian soldiers, not Crimean citizens, were behind those masks?

Well, what is to prevent the masked men in Eastern Ukraine now from being Russians as well.  That way, they do not need Russian instructors to help them shoot off those massive air missile rockets, because they are the Russian teachers.

Of course––as they block international safety experts or Ukrainian officials from getting to the crash site––Russia and the so-called separatists say the accident was everyone’s fault but their own. But responsible officials know that rag-tag ‘volunteer’ rebels do not have capability of firing off such massive weapons. They need technical assistance, or––as native Russian technicians––they already know.

As of today, the crash site is a mess! Rebels have taken black boxes from the train, even disputing as to where are.  Some say they have already shipped them to Russia. As Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, head of the Ukraine Security Service, tells The Washington Post: “The terrorists are trying to hide the crime.”

Nalyvaichenko even claims “Ukrainian intelligence services also observed rebels trying to move back into Russia a Buk launcher that had fired two missiles.” His office released recordings of phone calls between separatists “in which the voices describe being in possession of and moving the Buk missile launcher.”

Meanwhile, CNN’s Ivan Watson reports that pro-Russian rebels are preventing a team from the Organization for MalaysiaFlight17DisasterSecurity and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) from fully examining the crash site:
“We had expected unfettered access, that’s the way we work. Unfortunately the task was made very difficult. Upon arrival at the site . . . we encountered armed personnel who acted in a very impolite and unprofessional manner. Some of them even looked slightly intoxicated.”

OSCE’s Michael Bosiurkiw adds they were greeted “with hostility at MH 17 crash site, victims’ bodies decomposing, lot of chaos.” It gets worse: Various news outlets now report the rebels––covering their noses to hide the stench of death––are removing cash, wallets, credit cards and other valuables from unburied victims.

Again, does anyone doubt that WW3 has started as Putin takes off another mask––i.e. that Communism is any different from Hitler’s Nazism. As he cowardly hides behind his own mask, Putin has plunged the world again into the hell of war.

‘The Brotherhood of the Rose’ agrees with what The LORD Jesus says in God’s Word about the perpetrators of such evil:  “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it (John 8: 44).”

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How World Wars Start: Russia’s Ukraine ‘Game’ Kills 298 Innocents

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 12:01 PM
July 18, 2014

Malaysia-Flight-17-shot-down    War begets war.  This is what happens when careless politicians hell-bent on smoldering a minor skirmish turn over advanced sophisticated military equipment to unprofessional, untrained gang-like rebels. Thus, yesterday, rebels or Russians, in ‘East Ukraine’ shot down Malaysia Flight 17 blasting 298 people out of the sky.

At least 100 of the passengers––dedicated to saving lives, not ending them–– were on their way to an AIDS conference in Australia. The Los Angeles Times lists nationalities of passengers as:  Netherlands, 154; Malaysia, 43 (including 15 crew members and two infants); Australia, 27; Indonesia, 12 (including one infant).

Michael B. Kelley of Reuters News Service writes: “An adviser to the Ukraine Interior Minister said pro-Russia separatists shot down the passenger plane with a Russian-made Buk ground-to-air missile system. And residents in the area—a stronghold of pro-Russian rebels who are fighting the Ukrainian army—said one of those systems was nearby.”

The Kyiv Post translated a transcript between two pro-Russian militants in what they claim is their self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’:  “It’s 100% a passenger aircraft, . . . Absolutely nothing. Civilian items, medicinal stuff, towels, toilet paper. . . It fell in the area of Grabovo, there is a sea of corpses of women and children. Now the Cossacks are looking at all this. . .

“They’re broadcasting on TV that this is apparently an AN-26, a Ukrainian, a transport plane, but “Malaysian map-Malaysia-Airlines-crashAirlines” is written on it. What was it doing on the territory of Ukraine? . . . That means they were bringing in spies, I don’t know. You see. . . What the *** were they flying in here for, there’s a war on.”

No.  This wasn’t a war. It was a few scatter-brained immature miscreants insisting on following rules of their own, rather than obeying Ukraine’s leaders––with help and advanced missiles from Russia––who now make it a major war!

As Brett LoGiurato of Business Insider writes:  “Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer said the incident has the potential to significantly destabilize the situation. . . More countries could get involved . . . There could be a new push by the Ukrainian government to get military support from the U.S., which has so far resisted, as well as more nonmilitary aid from the European Union.”

Does everyone know that World War I started because one man, demanding that his country be freed from Australia, killed another:  “Gavrilo Princip, an ethnic Serb and Yugoslav nationalist, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria”? As Wikipedia writes:  “The assassination led directly to the First World War.”

Moreover, does everyone know that Hitler started WW2 because he was angry that Germany lost WW1? So ultimately Princip started two world wars. And, most important, Russia was heavily involved in the precipitation of both wars.

Now rebels in East Ukraine, inspired by Russia, may have started WW3. And this time, the war will not be among nations only, but among non-attached rebel groups who feel no obligation to follow international rules of war––such as ISIS in Syria-Iraq, or Boko Haram in Nigeria, or criminal gangs in Latin America!

This is why Christians must pray from Bible inspired writing in two ways:  1) LORD please give us one more revival, one more massive outpouring of Your Holy Spirit, Who Alone can quell these flames of war (Hosea 6: 2); 2) “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (Revelation 22:20),” and take Your children out of this world-wide mess!

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Face Facts! For Those Who Still Don’t Believe World War III Is Near

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:31 PM
July 14, 2014

storm-1 (3)    Those who still don’t believe that all nations in one way or another now prepare for World War III, certain undeniable facts should be self evident:  1) Consider the murderously formed new radical Muslim nation of ISIS wretched from Syria and Iraq; 2) New ground and air war between Israel and Hamas in Palestine;

3) Now millions of refugees or displaced persons running away from war or criminal activity around the world; 4) Russia’s continuing war in East Ukraine, along with its take-over of Crimea, and the fears of other post-Soviet countries that they will be next; 5) Japan’s re-militarization readying itself to face China, and other Far East destabilization, as in Hong Kong and North and South Korea.

6) Growing antiSemitism in Europe, while Muslim populations there expand; 7) Western Europe’s total unpreparedness for the coming  War as in the days before World War I and World War II.

8) Western and Northern nations in Africa under constant attack from Muslim extremists continually fermenting civil wars through kidnappings, village and church destruction, undermining already weak governments;

9) Fragile economies in the U.S. Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and elsewhere, where 2011-top-10-defense-budgetsmiddle-class families struggle to stay out of poverty, while the wealth of a few continuously grows––all possibly leading to economic depression––another historical trigger point of world war, while at the same time Russia and China wage economic and trade wars against the U.S.

(10) The U. S., Western Europe and most countries are morally unprepared for war. Downfalls of military leaders for moral indiscretions, celebrations of extra-sexual identifies, increasing idolatrous worship of sports and movie stars, and weakness of true journalism reporting; 11) Unrelenting, and often vicious, political divisions in the United States and Europe weakening national readiness;  12) Attacks on Christians in the Middle East, Far East, Africa and the U.S.

This Blog will cover most in these issues in the coming weeks.  One may say, “Well all these things have happened before.” Yes, some of them have, but never have presented such turmoil all at the same time. To deny that this world is facing another World War, is no different from those who deny that Global Warming is real, and that it will likewise destroy the earth.

Thoughtful pundits know these are the most dangerous times in history. And many write about it. On, Cory answered a reader’s question ‘Is world war 3 near?’:  “So to answer your question we are close to war, Is it inevitable ? I don’t think so, Is it likely? Yes I think it is.  Although I think World War 3 will happen in the next 10 years, I don’t think it will be a nuclear conflict.

“So if war breaks out the nuclear nations will probably sign a treaty that agrees not to use them. But you can’t really know what a nation that is about to be beaten or destroyed will do, especially a country like North Korea.” And ISIS!

As Scriptures foretell in Axis and Allies history World War, only Almighty God can prevent such wars:  “The LORD of Hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is Our Refuge. Selah [i.e. pause and think of that]. He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; He burneth the chariot in the fire. Be still, and know that I Am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth (Psalms 46: 7 – 10).” So Pray to Him!

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Barely Publicized in U.S.: ISIS Crucifying Christians in Iraq & Syria

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
July 8, 2014

Al-Qaeda-Attacks-Christians       Most American Christians remain unaware that throughout the Middle East and Africa Christians are driven out of homes and villages where their families have lived for generations, otherwise persecuted and even killed.  Nowadays ISIS rebels taking over Iraq kill new Christian converts by crucifixion!

Christoph Reuter, in his general news story, ‘Contradictions Emerge in Relative Quiet of ISIS Ruled Iraqi City,’ takes pains to detail ISIS’s painless take over of villages throughout most of Iraq. Taxi drivers tell him:  “Everything is peaceful there, normal. . . . Hospitals, the municipal administration — it’s business as usual everywhere. . . ISIS isn’t even enforcing its smoking ban.”

The same cannot be said of Christian families in the same region. Reuter continues: “But in Iraq, ISIS has left the Sunnis alone and has instead killed Christians. . . . a whole convoy of cars [with identifying crosses on windows] from  the Christian suburb of Mosul, begins making its way towards Kurdish territory.” Christians complaining of grenades join thousands fleeing in a chaotic frenzy.”

In ‘ISIS Crucifies 8 Christians in Syria for Apostasy From Islam,’ Dennis Lynch of International Business Times confirms:  “We have received independent confirmation from our sources inside Syria that these men were former Muslims that had converted to Christianity.  They were not ‘..rebel fighters from a rival faction..’ as many news 8-Christians-murderedoutlets are reporting.

“Each of the 8 men were charged with the crime of apostasy for renouncing Islam and converting to Christianity.  When confronted by the ISIS members, they refused to “revert” to Islam.  This is the ‘only’ reason they were crucified. According to Islamic jurisprudence, crucifixion is a method of death reserved for Christians. They do not crucify other Muslims.”

J. Scott Bridger, with Islamic Studies at Southern Seminary tells S. Craig Sanders of SBTS News: “We need to raise our voices much louder on behalf of Middle Eastern Christian communities that have basically existed for 2,000 years.

“The ideology of ISIS is based on the belief that state and religion go together and ‘Islam is the solution’. What they’re wanting to establish is Islamic states throughout the world and to replace what they see as decadent democratic regimes with Islamic regimes—that’s an Islamist ideology.” adds:  “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, considered to be the most ruthless of the Sunni Islamic militant groups fighting in Syria, has ordered a Christian community in Raqqa, Syria, to pay nearly 38 pounds of gold as a ‘guarantee of their safety’.”

In addition to taxes or death, ISSI videoed: “Christians are prohibited from renovating their churches, ringing church bells and praying in public. ISIS forbade Christians from possessing weapons and selling pork or alcohol to Muslims.”

As promised in Christian non-fiction prophecy books, persecution of true believers starts in Christian communities dated back to time of the apostles, but it will soon reach others. The rapture will stop it for those alive now, but it will continue afterwards for new converts during the reign of the anti-Christ: “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution (2 Timothy 3: 12).”

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Preclude to WW3: Germans Blindly Slipping Into La-La Land Again

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
July 7, 2014

World-Map-GermanyMost Germans simply did not see World War II coming. Thanks to Hitler’s thievery from fleeing and incarcerated Jews, and wealth stolen from other nations he invaded, the country’s economy had recovered from depressive losses of World War I. In a relatively few short years, ethnically pure Germans lived on easy street.

Through his stealthy preparations for a new war, Hitler had factories booming building cars, tanks, etc. All things were neatly in order, and a decade before he invaded Austria and Ethiopia, German’s wildly celebrated the Fuehrer.

Then Germans proudly declared war against the world, fully believing they would win against England, France, Russia and eventually the United States. Back then, the German people had been lulled to sleep into La-La Land––a Never, Never place of restful delusion unwilling to cede to reality. But reality soon crashed in!

That country may well be slipping into similar states of delusion today.  Recent national and EU elections saw Russian-dollsfar-right groups––financed by Russia’s Putin and his public relations outreach––excel to prominent representations. And the leaders of these groups laud Putin for his stand in Ukraine, and against the U.S.

Now some scholars point out that even political thinkers on the left are enamored with Russia as well, and also want less of a relationship with the United States.  In ‘Part of the West? ‘German Leftists Have Still Not Understood Putin’,’ Christiane Hoffmann and René Pfister explain:

“Many Germans still have sympathy for the idea that Germany can exist as something like a large Switzerland in the middle of Europe. Many in Germany would like to see their country strive for equi-distance between the West and Russia.” The two interviewed German historian Heinrich August Winkler who insists “some Germans have romanticized Putin.”

Like hardliners on Germany’s political right, those on the left question the nation’s “memberships in NATO and the European Union.”  Further Winkler explains:  “Their sympathy for Putin comes largely from their antipathy for America. And this anti-Americanism is what binds them with the far-right.”

So now both ends of Germany’s political spectrum are against America––the same America that broke down the Berlin Wall and united the nation. The same America that insisted Germany be handled with kind mercy after World War II.

Perhaps all in the nation have slathered into the maze of this stupor, because they refuse to build any military might, preferring to profit from domestic industrial output and the interest payments pouring in from the rest of Europe.

Germany cannot see she is losing her youngest generation to militant Islam, because they yearn for something to believe in, they same way their parents want to believe in Russia. Perhaps a few grandparents remember the real Russia. On the other hand, empty churches and rising decadence may also drive the young away.

Now in the prize pearl of Europe, Germany’s people do not show interest in Islamic threats in Nigeria, pending wars between China and Japan, or the pathetic cries of Ukraine as it struggles to get away from Russia to join the EU. In La La Land, one cannot be concerned about the realities others face.

As historical Books of the Old Testament teach: “For the idols have spoken vanity, and the diviners have seen a lie, and have told false dreams; they comfort in vain: therefore they went their way as a flock, they were troubled, because there was no shepherd (Zechariah 10:2).” Germany, like every other nations, needs Jesus, The One True Shepherd of every flock!

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Sudan Wife & Mother Arrested Twice Because She Is A Christian!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:04 PM
July 3, 2014

Meriam-Ibrahim-imprisonedThose who confess Christianity in America can only imagine living with real anti-Christian persecution, with neighbors, police officials and governments hating you because of your faith.  Well, this example should give gratitude for the U.S.A.

Meriam Ibrahim, a 27-year old Sudanese woman, had been sentenced to death for apostasy, because she married a Christian.  During her four-month prison sentence, as she awaited death, Meriam gave birth to her second child, a girl she named Maya, while her 18- month-old son, Martin, stood by her side.

Associated Press reporter, Mohamed Osman exposits:  “Ibrahim, whose father was Muslim but who was raised by her Christian mother, was convicted of apostasy for marrying a Christian. Sudan’s penal code forbids Muslims from converting to other religions, a crime punishable by death.

“Ibrahim married a Christian man from southern Sudan in a church ceremony in 2011. As in many Muslim nations, Muslim women in Sudan are prohibited from marrying non-Muslims, though Muslim men can marry outside their faith. By law, children must follow their father’s religion.”

But last week the Sudan Court of Cassation cancelled the death sentence and ordered her release.  However, that release came after months of international outrage. “The U.S. State Department said it was “deeply disturbed” by the sentence and called on the Sudanese government to respect religious freedoms.”

American politicians had hoped that the couple and their children would then be free to come to the United States. Sudan, to the North, has been under Shariah law since the 1980s, when Christian South Sudan split from Sudan. Osman adds: “A number of Sudanese have been convicted of apostasy in recent years, but they all escaped execution by recanting their new faith.”

But Meriam refused to renounce her faith in Christ. According to Harriet Sherwood of, “ . . . she was given three days to renounce her faith or face a death sentence. She refused to recant, telling the court: “I am a Christian and I am not an apostate.” Now, that’s a true Christian.

Then, as they were at the airport waiting to board a plane to the U.S., one day after her release, Meriam, her husband and her two children were detained by 40 armed security officers! “Men claiming to be Ibrahim’s relatives, whose allegations against her triggered the court case, had threatened to carry out the death sentence if she was released from prison. Ibrahim denied knowing them.”

Her husband, Wani, an American citizen, told Sherwood:  “ . . . those who had triggered the case against his wife were trying to get their hands on her business interests, which include a hair salon, mini-mart and agricultural land.”Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan

Finally, this weekend, the family was released “under orders that Meriam stay in Sudan,” which claims she attempted to travel with an ‘illegal’ South Sudan passport. Apparently the family waits for resolution in the American embassy.

Hmm. How many Christians in America would willingly die for their faith in Christ?  As Christian adult fiction books cite Apostle Paul: “If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him: if we deny Him, he also will deny us (2 Timothy 2: 12)!”

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