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The World Is Too Much With Us: West’s Anti-Muslim Reactions

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:10 AM
December 31, 2014

008507-protest-banner    Whether in England, Germany, France or Australia, the Western world seems  uncomfortably stifled by millions of ‘different’ Islamic believers now flooding their shores. Political leaders may defy those who react against such intrusions, but in democracies human expression cannot long be suppressed.

Callum Wood’s discussion, ‘In Denial: Sydney Terrorist Attack Proves Australia Is Radicalizing,’ explains that Australia’s immigration policy allows thousands of Middle Eastern refugees to flood that nation, many of whom refuse to assimilate into Australia’s culture. Some even seem determined to destroy it––i.e. those who leave Australia to fight for ISIS and then return more radical than ever.

Astounded by anti-Muslim reaction, often non-European newcomers do not understand such rejection. Only history can somewhat explain it: Within two generations, Western nations have been through two world worlds, several undeclared wars, along with economic upheavals and continual social adjustments.

In western Europe, people of many nations still struggle to cope with this ‘new’ formed European Union, often resenting forced language and cultural meshing. Now they are being asked to immediately accept people who are even more foreign, from different cultures and religions.  It is a wonder there has not been more revolt against this unseen future.

Few understand––especially newly arriving immigrants to Europe’s shores––that western Europe never healed from World Wars I and II. In the British television series ‘Foyle’s War, starring Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks, both civilians and return soldiers––all of whom endured unbelievable suffering and loses during WW2––say repeatedly that the war cost them everything––jobs, homes, incomes, businesses, etc. and gained them very little.

The utter confusion of that war and its continuing influence as Europeans killed Europeans over political differences and Hitler’s and Stalin’s continuingly vicious geographical and psychological thefts are well illustrated in the German film, ‘Two Lives’ starring Juliane Kohler and Liv Ullmann.  Again the problems of unstable realities and ethnic identifies pits European against European.

So to expect those of similar racial, cultural and Christian backgrounds, who still fight to maintain sane xmas-offends-muslimsfootings, to calmly accept thousands, if not millions, from entirely different cultures, religions and racial identities asks Herculean tasks.

Through control of public rhetoric––i.e. “attacking Muslins are not terrorists, just a few deranged killers” and “such reaction against them is extreme right-wing Nazism,” etc.––leaders in Germany, Australia, England and France say and do everything possible to stifle this ‘Nazi-type’ resistance. But they fight a losing battle. Forces will see to it that the ‘enemies’ Nazism and Islam unite as in WW2.

For one thing, Europe’s turn towards secularism and away from Christianity weakens any argument against fanatical followers of Islam, some of whom indeed want to take over the West as a stepping stone to the Islamic part in the coming World War III––i.e. consider ISIS just a few hundred miles away.

These are spiritual battles. They cannot be won with cultural, political or even military weapons alone. As Apostle Paul instructs in, for him, the social construction of reality: “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6: 11-12).”

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‘Innocent’ Putin Blames Others for Russia’s Financial Crisis

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
December 22, 2014

sanctions-Russia        As usual, Russian President Vladimir Putin blames everyone––i.e. other leaders and nations––for his nation’s financial collapse other than himself. He says American and E.U. sanctions cripple Russia, and that Saudi Arabia and OPEC joined them by collapsing the price to oil just to ruin him and his country.

Within secrets of international intrigue, this could be true. But Putin annexed Crimea and still attacks Ukraine. He will get no help from Europe, and he won’t ask for it either. His bombastic pride, constant warmongering and foolish gamble that oil prices would remain high has done nothing but diminish his nation’s size.

In ‘Russia’s Economy Has Shrunk So Much It’s Now Only As Small As Spain,’ Reuters says: “The decline in the price of oil, Western economic sanctions against the nation following its invasion of Ukraine, and the collapse of the Russian ruble that resulted, has decimated Russia’s economy.

“Russia has lost its ranking as the world’s eighth biggest economy, shrinking in just nine months from a $2.1 trillion petro-giant to a mid-size player comparable with Korea or Spain.” That’s quite a fall for an egotistical man and his nation.

As Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes in ‘Capital Controls Feared as Russian Rouble Collapses’: “The currency has been in free fall since Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states vetoed calls by weaker Opec members for a cut in crude oil output, a move viewed by the Kremlin as a strategic attack on Russia.”

But why didn’t Putin and cohorts in his government see this coming?  As Evan-Prichard explains, Russia has a history of declines involving oil, its major export: “Protracted slumps in crude prices crippled the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, and caused Russia to go bankrupt in the late-1990s.”

However, responsibility lies deeply within Russia’s borders.  Kingsmill Bond from Sberbank says that failing Russian companies expect the government to help them: “Most Russian companies have been shut out of global capital markets since Western sanctions, following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. They are forced to pay back debt as it comes due, seek support from the Russian state or default. The oil giant Rosneft has requested $49 billion in state aid.”

Other commentators point out that Putin spent years silencing oligarchies who would resist his rule by giving them vast amounts of wealth. Now that too has come home to bite him. In ‘Putin’s Bubble Bursts,’ Paul Krugman explains that even with all its problems, Russia should still have money. So where is the money?

“Well, [by] walking around Mayfair in London, or . . . Manhattan’s Upper East Side, especially in the evening, and Venaja-Rueplaobserve the long rows of luxury residences with no lights on—residences owned. . . by Chinese princelings, Middle Easheikhs, and Russian oligarchs. Basically, Russia’s elite has been accumulating assets outside the country—luxury real estate is only the most visible example— and the flip side of that accumulation has been rising debt at home.”

Neil MacFarquhar details in ‘Putin, Acknowledging Financial Turmoil, Assures the Nation It’s Temporary,’ the staunch leader still defiant, in his end-of-year speech, warns of dangers for those who would attack a wounded bear.  “. . . he was determined to thwart plots by the West in general and the United States in particular against Russia.”  So it’s still everyone’s fault but his own.

But even bears know to run away from fights they can’t win. As historical books of the Old Testament foretell:  “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16: 18)” again and again and again!

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Is U.S. Planning to Restore the Military Draft System?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:31 PM
December 11, 2014

Army_Recruit2    It will come as a shock to most Americans––especially those under 40 years of age––but the government strongly considers reinstating military draft service. And a possible plan is to include women, as well as men, over the age of 18, as eligible for involuntary inclusion into immediate military service.

Why on earth would politicians consider such an unpopular move?  Surely this legislation will cause an uproar in the country. But jointly both sides of the political aisle will enforce this action, because this country is preparing for WW3. Indeed, by the time this law is enacted, the country will probably be at war.

No less than long-time in office, N.Y. Congressman Charlie Rangel has introduced a bill to reinstall the military draft with urgency:  “For a decade I have been calling for the reinstatement of the draft because our military personnel and their families bear a tremendous cost each time we send them to fight.

“Since 2001, nearly 7,000 soldiers have paid for these wars with their lives. More than 52,000 have been wounded, many narrowly saved by the miracle of modern medicine. The 3.3 million military households have become a virtual military class who are unfairly shouldering the brunt of war.”

Rangel’s bill also calls for enactment of a War Tax that will further involve all Americans in the costs of war:  “In addition to the significant number of precious lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have accumulated too much debt to finance these wars. The United States has borrowed almost $2 trillion to fund our military engagements on foreign soil.

“It is estimated that the total cost would be close to $6 trillion; we continue to pay a heavy toll for these conflicts. Each dollar spent on war is a dollar not spent on education, energy, housing, or healthcare.” As for compelling women to serve in the military, Rangel tells USA Today:

“Reinstating the draft and requiring women to register for the Selective Service would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. We must question why and how we go to war, and who decides to send our men and women into harm’s way.”

While not directly agreeing with Rangel, outgoing Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, tells TV internet commenter Charlie Rose:  “The world is dangerous. It is damn dangerous. We live in this imperfect, dynamic, changing, threatening, dangerous, interconnected world that we have never seen before,” implying the U.S. is not ready for this more dangerous world.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno agrees. He tells the Wall Street Journal that world poses: “Security threats to obama-dhs-homeland-security-preparing-for-war-private-army-march-26-2013America as the Islamic State (ISIS) is rapidly growing in size while Moscow is acting like it wants to reignite the Cold War. . . . The world is changing in front of us. We have seen Russian aggression in Europe, we have seen ISIS, we have seen increased stability in other places . . .”

Those two men complain about forced cuts from the Sequester. The military claims not to want reinstatement of the draft system, but when WW3-inducing bombs drop on U.S. soil, they and the American people will quickly change their minds. Forced war does such, and forced war is what Russia and ISIS want.

However––seeking those who will fight to sustain either good or evil––the heavens have draft systems in place as well. In God’s Word, the social construction of reality says His side wins the final war: “These shall make war with The Lamb, and The Lamb shall overcome them: for He is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful (Revelation 17:14).”

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A Knife In A Gun Fight? Is West Ready for Russia’s Thuggery?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 21:04 PM
December 3, 2014

Pro-Russian-activists       While the United States, some Western nations, and perhaps China, depend on far more advanced weaponry in the 21st century––i.e. drones, satellites, stealth air strikes, etc.–– Russia moved into Ukraine using thugs in masks with guns and tanks. How old World War II! So who bears the knife in this gun fight?

If the battle is an economic one, according to Ida Wells blogging for, Russia is loosing. In ‘Is Russia Signaling Defeat in It’s Economic War with U.S.?’ she writes:  “Various theories as to what caused gasoline prices to lower across the globe flood the internet. But it could well be that U.S. leaders are ‘crazy like a fox’ in orchestrating oil price declines because it brings Russia to its economic knees.”

Since Putin invaded Crimea and then Ukraine, the U.S. has depended on ‘economic logic’ to stop him––but the Russian President doesn’t seem to listen. Today, East Ukraine thugs apparently subsidized by Russian troops, still harass Ukrainians, and rumors persist that Russian troops line Ukraine’s borders.

But while Putin threatens hot––or even cold––war, the U.S. continues its economic war against Russia. “All 17 companies [imposed with U.S. sanctions] are owned or controlled by Putin allies.  At least eight of the companies have ties to Gennady Timchenko, a Russian billionaire living in Switzerland with ties to Putin,” a White House press secretary said recently.

The Department of Commerce imposed restrictions on Russian companies to prevent their export of U.S. manufacturing, while the State Department denies the export of licenses for high-technology items contribute for Russia’s military.

Other members of the G-7, as well as European businesses, have been adding additional sanctions for months. As a result, Wells blogs Russia has slid into recession, and in fact that Russia is broke. But does this mean that the U.S. has won the economic war?

The U.S. and Western Europe moans to Putin: “We are at peace, We are prosperous (compared to you). No one wants or has time for war?” “We don’t fight wars like this any more,” the U.S. cries. “You don’t but I do,” Putin responds.

“Because even in the 21st century, thug war still works. While you tried to entice me with ‘partnerships,’ I planned Knife-gun-fightthis against you while smiling in your face all the time.” So who has the knife and who has the gun in this fight?

But this pseudo-war isn’t over yet. Putin may be winning the battle in Ukraine, but he may be losing it at home. In ‘Russian Markets Take Fright on Putin Threat to Ukraine,’ (like Wells) Lidia Kelly and Oksana Kobzeva of Reuters write:

“Russian stocks and bonds plummet . . .  the central bank hikes interest rates, burning its way through as much as $12 billion of its reserves to prop up the ruble. Investors ditch all Russian assets alike.” Putin lost money on the Olympics too?  Does Putin’s Russia really have that much money to lose?

The LORD Jesus Christ, known to be the wisest man alive, raises an interesting question in Luke 14: 31-32 of Bible inspired writing:  “Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand? Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace.”

To paraphrase it in modern parlance for the particular type of wars the U.S. and other Western nations against Russia may wage, when picking a fight with an unknowable enemy, one should ascertain who has the knife and who has the gun, and which weapon is correct for winning all resulting wars? Obviously, these battles are not over. But is it really so obvious as to who will win them all?

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