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Spiritual Battles Between Greece, Germany and the EU

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:24 PM
August 5, 2015

eurozone-greeceAs we warned readers in, the two blogs have been under heavy attack for most of this year.  But Praise God! we seem to be pulling out of it.  I Just wanted to drop these loyal blog readers this note about what is really going on in the obviously grueling treatment that European Union (EU) negotiators, and especially Germany, have dished out to Greece, as that nation tries to survive another horrid economic shut-down.

As shown by their overwhelming  60% majority vote, Greek citizens did not want to remain in the EU.  They were weary of Germany’s insufferable austerity treatment and its every increasing shadow against Greek culture and national identity.  Only two institutions in the nation wanted Greece to stay with the EU: the banks, which urgently need EU and International Monetary Funds loan capital to survive; and the Greek Orthodox Church.

Please understand that the Greek Church is a reflection of Christian churches around the world–all of which are either undergoing persecution or are in an enormously dangerous backslidden condition–both of which are shown in Revelations chapters 2 and 3, both chapters of which shout urgent messages to churches today.  Understand that most of the churches in those chapters were in Greece when they were written.  While some Bible scholars place them in Turkey, the truth is that the churches rest on borders between the two countries, and their territories were in Greek hands when Apostle John wrote the seven letters.

Moreover, when Apostle Paul founded the churches in Corinth, that city was the capital of Greece.  And it was only a few blocks away from Athens, which was the capital for Greek intellectual thought and institutional pagan religions. Such is the history of the ancient history Greek Orthodox Church and it is fighting tremendous battles to maintain that history:  1) Low church attendance by back-sliding Christians; 2) Strong advances from Muslim immigrants and new native-born Greek converts; 3) Violence against church pastors and bishops; and 4) Open destruction and burning of churches. (By comparison, please start keeping tabs on the growing number of churches being bombed, set fire to, etc. in the U.S.).

In The LORD’s letters to the seven churches, He warned the either Jewish traditions of law-keeping rather than living by God’s grace, or lurid pagan practices of sodomy, adultery, astrology, etc. were sneaking into Christian churches and would devastate them.

Today Greek Orthodox churches, as well as the nation itself, struggle to withstand invitations to join Greek-Orthodox-churchRussia and thus the Russian Orthodox Church.  Russia has no such strong ties to the New Testament, nor does Germany. Thus, in the atmosphere of spiritual warfare, angels and demons within Satan’s kingdom battle one another for dominate control.  Right now Germany has economic control over all of Europe, and thanks to Hitler and one of three popes still governing the Catholic Church, the German Catholic Church still has a strong hold over the continent as well.

But Greece is the keystone of that battle, because once Greece breaks away from the EU she will reunite with Turkey, Egypt and what is left of Iraq and they will constitute reestablishment of Alexander’s Empire, from which the anti-Christ will emerge. In Ephesians 6 (also written to a Greek church) Apostle Paul also tells Christians that the end is nigh and The Body of Christ must be ready to fight. So church as, as Nero Wolfe advocates in one of his novels about World War II, ‘let’s get ready to go to war! When Greece leaves the EU, World War III will begin!

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